Too Bizzy

Yep, the fresh ideas I want to post take time I don't have right now. So I'm directing you to other people's genius blogs.
Seekers have a good dose of reality today.
Agent Chip Macgregor posted some interesting facts about the biz the other day.

If you know any other helpful recent blog posts, feel free to mention in the comment section. Otherwise, have a great day!


Hi Jessica -

Whew! I'm pretty tired and ready to call it a day.

The Seekers article was excellent. I'm keeping it for future reference.

Talk to you soon.

Susan :)
anita said…
Great links, Jessie! And good for you for taking time out to work on that sub.
Chatty Kelly said…
Thanks for entering my blog make over contest! How's the book going?

Remember you can enter every day through Friday, so enter again, if you'd like!

See ya. Keep writing!
Jessica said…
Susan, Anita, and Kelly, thanks for coming by. Yikes, I am so busy with this manuscript. I'm at the point where I just want to get it DONE.
Kelly, I'm not sure how many more poems are in me. LOL, they're not my strong suit.

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