Book Trailers

Until recently, all the ones I've seen have been boring. Nothing like a movie trailer, nothing to hook me. So I figured I'd never bother getting one made.

And then I saw Marie-Claude's. I recommend that you check it out. It's for her paranormal novel, Ancient Whispers, which also happens to be a finalist in Dorchester and Romantic Times' American Title V contest. I don't read paranormal but her trailer is incredible. I'm completely impressed. Also, on the sidebar of her website is a list of her crit partners. They have also created book trailers you might be interested in.

Anyways, the amazing thing is that she made this trailer on her computer. Free.

So now I'm working on mine.

Have you thought about creating a book trailer for your manuscript? Do you think it's an effective marketing tool?

Oh, Kristen left the first comment with a link. That was a good one too. It gave me chills.


Kristen Painter said…
Nice! Check out this one for a friend of mine's book: I think it's pretty cool too.

I make book trailers for friends and probably will make one for my own stuff, if I ever sell. I mean when. Yeah, that's what I mean.
Jessica said…
You'll sell. You already have an agent, right? I definitely believe you'll sell. :-)
I'm going to check out that book trailer right now.
So you make them? Do you know if there's a way to get my songs out of my itunes and into my media player?
Inspire said…
I have Movie Maker on my computer. I could easily add pictures, but I'm with you. Most of the book trailers I've seen are boring. I always try to think outside the box. There must be a better way, a more gripping way to do a book trailer. Haven't figured it out yet. I just don't want mine being like everyone else's.

I will check out those links.


P.S. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that you visit my blog so regularly. I enjoy your posts very much.
Hi Jessica -

I've only seen one or two book trailers. They were okay.

You're brave. I'm still getting this whole blogging thing down. I did an interview with Linore Burkard, which will post on December 17th. I learned how to get text to wrap around a picture. Yay!

Susan :)
Jessica said…
That sounds cool! Her story is so unique, I think I'll have to point people over to your blog to read it.
Mary Connealy said…
I made one for myself once, a long time ago.

I've seen a couple that were pretty cool, but I don't believe I've ever bought a book because of a cool trailer...which seems to be a sticking point to me, to paying to have one made.
anita said…
Great trailers, Jessie! And the one from Kristen was cool, too. I can't wait to try my hand at this ... once I make that first sell. Heh.

You'll have to post yours when you're done with it! Oh, and I checked out your new website. It's going to be pretty!

WEll, time to go to work...Bye!
Jessica said…
Hi Mary,
I kind of wonder if they'll be like movie trailers. People will pay ten bucks to see a movie based on that. But then again, a trailer says nothing about the writing. If the writing stinks then it doesn't matter how good the trailer is, as opposed to a movie, where you can actually see the actors and the scenes.
I'm with you. I wouldn't pay for one to be done. But hey, a free one? :-) It's fun to play with.
Jessica said…
Thanks Anita :-)
It really is fun finding pics and music to go with things.
I will post it, probably with an excerpt or something.
Rhonda McKnight said…
Both really good trailers. I think I'll repost one on my blog as an example of how they're supposed to be.
Jessica said…
I thought they were excellent too. I'm looking forward to making mine. :-)

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