Comic Heroes

We watched Batman: The Dark Knight last night. It was very good. I couldn't help but contrast Batman to Ironman.

Not the movies, but the heroes.

In Batman, in his normal state, the hero comes across as suave, sophisticated and somewhat serious. (I thought) In Ironman, our hero is completely different. Rakish, a charmer. Hilarious too.

Different personalities and yet both undeniably heroic.

Have you seen these movies? What kind of heroic traits do you like to see in the male protagonist of a story?


Angie Ledbetter said…
Vulnerability and good manners. :)
My hubby added The Dark Knight to the watch list yesterday. Should see it soon! And though I've heard good things about Iron Man, we haven't seen that one yet, either. Maybe we'll get it, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
Terri Tiffany said…
I loved Ironman because of his humor!!
Kristen Painter said…
For further comparison, what about Spiderman? Guilt-ridden, lacking in confidence, almost pitiable.

Or Hulk. Intelligent, hunted, desperate for normalcy.

All different, but all heroic. And we root for them, because they are heroic.
You're the opposite of me. I kind of like the ones whose manners aren't so great. But mom and I were talking about my men preferences and we decided I may be warped from my fatherless childhood. LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
Hey Janna,
I'll be stopping by again. :-) Both movies were really good. But different. Iron Man gives a lot of laughs and I loved, loved the ending.
I'm with you. And the way they played the romance between him and Paltrow was awesome, I thought.
You know Kristen,
I haven't seen Hulk, though I want to. True about Spiderman. Peter is almost invisible sometimes, because of his personality. But it definitely works.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Jessica -

I'm not a big movie person, so I'm unfamiliar with these characters. Of course, I've heard of them and even caught brief snippets. LOL.

Susan :)
Sarah said…
This is tough. I like a sarcastic type like Iron Man, but I also like the quiet, brooding Batman. Throw in the Hulk's sensitive scientist and you've got the perfect hero!
Hey Susan,
I'm not into comics but some of these movies are really, really good.
Ooh, Sarah! Why didn't I think of that? You're soooooo right. :-)

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