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Obluquy: Abusively detractive language; calumny. Or the condition of disgrace suffered as a result of abuse or vilification. I did a drawing and Anita is the winner. :-)

Ever wonder about voice? Camille Cannon Eide wrote a post and you wouldn't believe who showed up to share their opinions in the comments section. Check it out to read publishing professionals' advice on Voice.

Yesterday Agent Rachelle Gardner cracked us up with some super funny analogies.

And finally, more laughter to take you through the weekend. The fun starts at a minute and a half, so if you're short on time just move the bar forward on the video. :-)

You all have a great weekend!


Angie Ledbetter said…
Lotsa weekend laugher to you. Have a good one!
Anonymous said…
I won? YAY! You just made my Friday. ;)

Thanks for the great links. I read that "voice" post and the comments and there are some great insights in there!

I did notice that you commented about your historical and contemporary voices being different, but I don't agree that that means you haven't found "it". I can hear your voice in your stories.

If you're following your characters and letting them speak through you, your voice will sound somewhat different in every book you write. I think what makes voice stand out is the way your mind weaves sentences and thoughts together. That's what makes it uniquely you. :-)
Ohhhhhhhhhh! *wipes tears* I love his laugh!
Wow, Camille sure attracts the big wigs. After all those wonderful replies, sadly, I'm still not totally understanding voice. If I go by Mary, I guess I still have another seven years to find mine.

Hey, do you know if people get published before they find their voice? If so, do they regret doing so once they do find it? Maybe I shouldn't attempt to submit until mine somehow seeps into my work.

Or is voice something that continually evolves? As they say, it's such a part of you, and afterall, we're constantly growing and changing, therefore it would stand to reason that our writerly voice changes along with us.


Makes me think that confidence may have more of an impact on this voice thing that I ever believed before.

You're making me think too hard on a Friday morning, Jessica.
What? What? Anita, are you saying I have voice? LOL Awesome. Now you made MY weekend.
Janna, wasn't that a hoot? Hubby and I watched it this morning, just laughing away. LOL
Sorry Eileen, for putting your brain into overdrive. LOL I get confused on the voice thing too, because it's in a way a vague concept.
Everyone has it though. From reading your book, I'd say yours is there. Esp. when your heroine grieves for her husband.
Be careful of rewriting too much. I've heard that can actually dull your voice.
I'll be it does evolve. Great point, not something I'd thought of.
Now you've made my day, Jessica, saying I've got one.

You're totally right about losing what you've already got in rewrites, especially if you go with all your critique partners suggestions. I don't think I've found my strong voice yet, but with each story I tackle I think it's getting a little stronger each time.

I wonder if it's like boiling water. It takes a long time to get to that boiling point where you know it's solidly there, and then it just alters a little with each roll of the water, still adjusting, but the essence is continually there.

Back to reaching that boil.
Terri Tiffany said…
Wow--some great information on voice--I guess I have never read so much before on it and have come away with a better understanding and also fear that will I ever find mine??
Hey Eileen,
That's what they say, that the more we write the more we get our voice.
I get worried about finding my voice too. LOL It's so elusive.
Sarah said…
Great links! Thanks!
Hi Jess -

LOL! I wasn't even close on the definition. Congratulations, Anita.

Have a great weekend!

Susan :)
Hey Sarah and Susan,
I hope you two have a nice weekend too. :-)
Susan, I know you wanted to read this book so I hope you're able to get it somehow. :-)
Kevin said…
What? You had a contest? How did I miss that? Wah! I am a sucker for prizes! Next time around...
Jessie: Thanks for the links, especially the one on voice. I am a non-fiction gal, but I think the same principles apply. I know I am in my voice when I make myself laugh, or get goosebumps, or cry even. I think it is something inspired by the Holy Spirit; it's almost like looking at the sentences and word choices and saying, "Oh my!" You know your littel peabrain couldn't have invented such things.
Just my little opnion.
Kevin said…
Oops! Make that "little," which proves the size of my brain! haahahahahaaa!
Karen Hossink said…
Abusively detractive language, huh? That definition helps me in my pronunciation of the word!
Am I smarter now that I know what obluquy means? Thanks, Jessica. You're the best! *grin*
Hope you're having a great weekend.
LOL Jen!
Interesting take on voice. I really don't know about how non-fiction is, but I think from reading your query that you have a strong one.
Love the spoof with littel. LOL!
Karen, we're all smarter for knowing that word. *snicker*
I hope you have a great weekend too! :-)
Morgan Mandel said…
That guy does have a funny laugh!

Morgan Mandel

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