My Booty Hurts

Too much information? LOL

It hurts because I've been working out at the gym. I just started last week and I'm probably not as sore as I should be, but there is a twinge here and there, just enough to tell me something is getting exercise.

Do I like to work out? NO WAY! But I do it because I want the end product: toned muscles and a strong inside (you know, whatever is supposed to get better because I'm exercising, lol).

I read many, many blogs. Especially yours. One thing we all have in common is our frustration with fitting writing into our busy schedules.

And sometimes, we just plain don't want to write. I'll confess: the other night I watched two shows on my computer instead of writing. No busy schedule there, just a lazy writer. :-)

The thing is, if we want the end product, if we want to finish a manuscript and pursue publication, then we need to force ourselves to write.

It's not always fun, passionate or exciting. It's work. And like work, when well-done, it will pay off. Even if only with a sense of accomplishment.

Do you sometimes find writing painful? As if stretching your creative juices is like trying to do the splits?


Angie Ledbetter said…
Writing is a pleasure. Time is the killer. :)
I agree with Angie that it is time that is the killer of the pleasure of my writing.

Since I've been suffering for weeks with fibromyalgia pain, whining, lying around on pain meds, I've wondered if I'd ever write again. But then a writing buddy of mine said, to take this time to rest and renew. Jot down notes of what you're feeling and doing during this time. All of it, including the boring soap operas are fodder for future stories. So now I'm feeling better about being in "time out" and not about the time not writing.
Unknown said…
Now that I am in the editing phase, I find it very difficult to "find time" for my writing. But after this week (spring break) I am vowing to spend hours upon hours getting this manuscript ready to go!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL! I feel bad now that sometimes I don't want to write. You're a much busier woman than me and I can totally see how you just don't have the time to sit when you want.
Jessica Nelson said…
I'm so sorry about the pain you're in. I hope you gets tons of wonderful ideas during this time. ;-)
Jessica Nelson said…
YOu go, girl! :-) I need to get on the hustle too, though it's harder for me to get the rough draft out then to edit.
Let us know how you do with the revisions!
What an amazing analogy. Splits. That torturous, muscle straining, burning, oh so painful act of stretching that no 43-year-old body of mine will ever accomplish.



That explains how writing is for my some days. As hard as I try, some days the strain is too much, the flexibility just doesn't exist. Some days are meant for pondering, growing the story in my far more flexible mind, than physically writing it down. I try to follow His lead, sometimes I fail, sometimes, praise God, I succeed.

May we all have a great workout coming up soon!

Happy Easter!
Kristen Painter said…
I'm going to be lazy for a little bit this morning, but I'll get on it this afternoon and get my writing done.
Jody Hedlund said…
Some writing days are indeed like a torturous workout. But it helps to keep writing everyday, just like it helps to keep exercising every day. Then I think we just keep building up our writing muscles and our writing stamina. Eventually what used to seem so difficult becomes more effortless. Then we need challenge ourselves with more, maybe more wordcount, different writing projects,etc.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Eileen,
I actually used to be able to do the splits. Sigh. No longer though.
I like what you said about having a flexible mind.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Kristen,
It was so great to meet you last night!
I have no doubt you'll get your writing done. :-)
Yikes! The visual of me doing the splits makes me want to cry and laugh hysterically all at the same time! And oddly enought, sometimes writing is that way for me. I can laugh off my "lazy" tendencies and call it my addiction to blogs and TV, but then after the day goes by and I haven't made any progress on my WIP, I could just cry and kick myself in my ever widening booty. (No soreness here, girl)

But, I will prevail. And you will too. Someday we'll both be pubbed authors recalling the days of writing woes. (We will be passed all the writing woes once we're published, right?....tongue in cheek)
anita said…
Hey Jessie! I love the parallel between exercise and writing. And you're right. Sometimes it's every bit as hard to make myself write as it is to make myself go to the park to rollerblade. Although I LOVE to do both ... sometimes I just want to be lazy. :-)

But honestly, with writing, it's more of an anxiety thing with me. At the start of every new chap or scene, I almost always suffer this trepidation that makes me procrastinate if I'm not careful.

I basically have to stand at the peak, shut my eyes, and let myself free fall. It's a good thing I like to ski, because it's that same sensation of "I'm here, there's nowhere to go but down, so dig in the poles and shoot straight for the lodge."

The one consolation is, I don't have to avoid trees along the way. With writing, you're always given the opportunity to chop them down (editing) as you go along without having to worry about breaking your neck. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Exactly Jody! I really think you're right about that.
Jessica Nelson said…
You just made me laugh out loud!
I believe you're right. Someday...
Jessica Nelson said…
Oh boy, I forgot you ski, Anita! Talk about scary! And trees? LOL With my sense of direction and balance, I'd better never step out on a slope.
What a great analogy though.
Like you, I love to write, it's just sometimes harder than others.
*sigh* -- right now I'd give my right pinkie nail to be able to have the time to write! All the "wasted" time I had before could have been spent on the second novel that is drafted out---very roughly---and needs to be done by summer's end...

The writing is what I love - that first draft - and then the first go-through of it when it's still fresh and new -- as I keep polishing further down, I get restless with it...

As for working out - I used to be a personal trainer! You don't do that unless you are one of those who actually enjoys working out -teehee--
Dara said…
It's just getting the motivation to start that's painful. If that makes sense :P
Discipline is my biggest foe. *sigh* I work hard to make it mine.

And I know I've already said it another place or two, but last night was so awesome!
Cindy R. Wilson said…
I enjoy writing most of the time. What I find difficult is editing and getting back into a book once I've been away awhile. It's a struggle sometimes, to find the rhythm again. Then when it comes, yay! Fun and creativity and satisfaction at the progress, even if it's less than the day before.
Yes, yes, and of course, yes. Who was it who said "Writing is easy. You just stare at a blank page until blood oozes from your pores."?
This is a great analogy, though. You have to do it if you want the end result, whether a toned body or a book that sells.
Love your blog!
Jessie Oliveros said…
Good analogy. I don't exercise anymore, so way to go! And I feel the same way about writing. Especially if I am stuck on an especially difficult scene. It's work. And like working out, you don't see the results right just feel the pain.
Jessica Nelson said…
Ooh, Kathryn, you've got a deadline now! Give a pinkie? I'll bet you don't have a pinkie nail left. LOL
That's so that you were a personal trainer. Sigh. I need you. Can you come to Florida and help me push myself? Heheee.
I'm like you. The first draft is tough to sit down, but once I get going I love it. I do tend to get restless though, after awhile.
Jessica Nelson said…
It totally makes sense. Sometimes if I just get started, then the words flow. But first we have to get in front of the story, and sometimes it's the getting there that's toughest.
Jessica Nelson said…
I know Janna. I'm the type who has trouble with discipline. I'll read a book in a day and neglect everything. Or I'll eat a pint of ice cream 'cause it's so yummy. No discipline. LOL

It was very wonderful! I'm going to e-mail you.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Cindy,
That's true about having to get back into the book's rhythm or mood. It's wonderful when we can get into it though, right?
Jessica Nelson said…
Jen, I love that quote. I wrote a really emotional piece the other night and I literally felt drained. I tend to feel what my characters do. Do any of you do that?
Anyways, thanks for stopping by!
I hope you're protecting your poor husband from the kitties.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Jessie,
That's where that time-honored cliche comes in: No pain, no gain. LOL
Jessie: In re-reading my comment, I didn't mean to say "the END result!!" ahahahahaaaa!
My husband does NOT need protection from the kitties, but from me!!! He just likes attention! But, don't we all?
Happy Resurrection Day!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Jen. I didn't even catch that pun. Truth be told, I don't mind a little "end" results. LOL
Danyelle L. said…
I used to think writing was fun. I wrote a lot, but I never finished anything and none of it was very good. Then I got serious about writing. Like anything else, it has its painful moments. Sometimes long, painful moments. But such is life. As you said, if you want an end product, you must be willing to *grimaces* work for it. Having a daily word count (and watching the word counter as I type) has really helped my discipline.
Jessica Nelson said…
Windsong, my counter does the same thing for me too! I think it helps because it's a visual representation of what we're working towards and that it shows our progress.
Hi Jess -

All of my efforts to find writing time this week were frustrated. Life simply got in the way.

Of course, I could be writing instead of commenting on your blog. Not.

Susan :)
To answer your question, absolutely! It is often painful when I have so many other things in my life to do! But it's always rewarding so I keep doing it. Like working out. :D
Pen Pen said…
I felt that way when I was unhappy with WHAT I had in my mind to write. I get angry when I feel a piece is sub-par----I set my own bar too high tho, and that can be limiting and painful because u always see urself as second rate. For me, connecting my writing to myself is important--example: I don't do well with TOTAL fabrications in stories(pure fiction)--Most of my pieces are taken from a moment or an experience that I went thru or saw and feel needs to be re-worked until I feel at peace...Almost like writing the piece is my exercise in understanding my world and manipulating to what I wish it could be--making it more fantastical in the process.
yes. writing is painful at times...but no pain, no gain! i jsut wrote about how hard it is to carve out time to write (or workout, for that matter) when there is so much else to do. that's painful for me, too. anyway...hope your booty pains subside! :) happy easter!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Susan,
That's kind of how my week has been; busy and overwhelming. Hopefully we'll get some writing in after Easter!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Lady Glamis,
Yep. We just have to remember the reward when we're going through the pain. Tough sometimes, though. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Pen-Pen,
That's a very interesting insight about being satisfied with what we write.
Have you ever thought of writing memoir? I know they need to be truthful, but I also think there's an element of fantastical to them that you might do well with.
Thanks for stopping by!
Jessica Nelson said…
Heehee, thanks Jeannie! I'll have to pop over and check out your post. :-)
Jennifer Shirk said…
Ugh, sometimes sitting down and starting is downright painful. But then once I get in the groove, I could kick myself for putting it off for so long. LOL!

Jessica Nelson said…
Me too Jennifer! Sitting down is painful, sometimes getting started, but most of the time once I'm there the story flows and it's awesome. :-)
I was going to comment on your comment, but I see up there where you say sitting down is a former personal trainer, I never wanted my clients to be that sore -- it just means you have to delay the next workout until you aren't as sore - if you work out the sore muscles on top of sore - they can't "repair" -- besides, it just feels like crap *laughing* -- if you are too sore, you don't want to feel that way again....a little bit of soreness is to be expected - esp about 48 hours after - but, too much soreness: not good says Personal Trainer kat!

Oh wait! LAUGHING!! I think I mis-interpreted the comment HAW HAW! oh well, I'm leaving it!
Katie Ganshert said…
Hi Jessica - I wrote about something similar today. WRiting those scenes that are just incredibly painful to write. We all have them. In fact, I'm avoiding writing one right now. I should be typing away on my WIP, but instead, I'm looking at blogs!
Terri Tiffany said…
I told my daughter who BTW is a year younger than you are about all your accomplishments--being a mom of three little boys and then having some manuscripts out there already! She was impressed as am I. I wouldn't have known what to do at your age so I think you do great with finding the time.
I'm learning to prioritize and make myself write in chunks cause that's the only way it's going to happen if I do it!!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Kathryn! I was referring to sitting down to write. Heehee. This is why I need a personal trainer, because I would never push myself to be that sore. LOL
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Katie,
I'm gonna check out your post. Yeah, I just hopped on from my wip to do a tiny bit of research and guess what sucked me in? MY BLOG! LOL
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Terri,
Well, we all fill our time with something so I'm not sure I'm a great prioritizer rather than I'm just not very busy. LOL I don't go out too much so I'm home alot with a chunk of naptime everyday. :-) Thank you for your encouragement!
Rita Gerlach said…
When writing flows, it is a joy. Time is what causes me to agonize. When I cannot fit in a day without interruptions, I feel frustrated.

One thing that has helped me is I've come to the point that I accept the fact that there are other things I need to attend to in when the phone rings and it is a friend in need.
Karen Hossink said…
Good encouragement here, Jessica. And good for you - for going to the gym! Feeling a little sore today myself...but the pain reminds me I'm getting stronger.

Personally, I want my "end" product to shrink up a bit, and that isn't going to happen if I don't put forth the necessary effort. As it is with writing...

But at the moment I am not working on a book, and writing is mainly pleasure - on my blog mostly, plus some devotions for my speaking ministry team. So there's no pressure - and that, quite honestly, means there's no pain. But no pain is fine with me. *grin*
Jessica Nelson said…
Oh Rita, I know what you mean about interruptions. :-) You're so right about putting our priorities first. When someone wakes up from a nap early, I've learned to swallow my irritation and try to give love to those who matter the most. I love writing, but I only have my children young for so long. Thanks for commenting!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Karen!
I'm so excited to hear you speak and to check out your book! I definitely want to get Confessions Pt. 1, but look forward to looking at the others too.
Those 'end' products are so touchy. I wish mine would firm up...*sigh*
Katie Salidas said…
Congrats on taking yourself back to the gym. It is so hard to get motivate to get out there and get into shape. It's so easy to be sedentary and avoid working out those muscles. And you are so right. The same applies to writing. The brain is a muscle too right?

I need to stop being a "computer potato," and get off the blogs, hulu's, and youtube's, and start focusing more on writing.
Jessica Nelson said…
Ha! LOL about Computer potatoe. I should've title this post that. Heehee.
Anonymous said…
I am glad your feeling your workouts. That is great and I know it is hard work to write and am so proud of your self-discipline. Love Mom
Jessica Nelson said…
Awww, thanks mom. You know I learned hard work and self-discipline from you, so another thank you! :-)
"I read many, many blogs. Especially yours." LOL! Sorry, I was behind on my reading and just caught up ... when I should be writing.

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