Thank You for Awards, and a Contest!

Thank you T. Anne for the Humane Award!

And thank you Jill and Elana for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Now, I'm supposed to list seven things about myself so here they are:
1. Eat chocolate every day
2. Have three different men I consider my dad
3. Married two days after high school
4. Can walk and read, can drive and read *wink*
5. Always have a book I'm reading
6. My tongue doesn't work when I'm nervous
7. I don't have any special talents (not saying I'm not special y'all. I mean there's no specific, physical thing I'm really good at. :-) Although I used to be able to play the piano by ear a little bit.)

Okay, now for a mini contest!!!

One of the bloggers on my followers list just finaled in a contest! Woohoo! If you can guess who she is, I'll enter you in a drawing to win a gently used copy of Ted Dekker's book Saint. You can guess up to three bloggers.

*****HINT***** This follower is on the very first page of followers, or is it the last? You just keep hitting next and she's on the last one.:-) *******

Have a great weekend! :-)


anita said…
Love the list Jessie! You're quite an interesting gal. Heehee

Oh, but I've a bone to pick with you. It takes a pretty special talent to be a mother of three little boys and still manage to write, read, and post on this blog every other day without falling to the ground exhausted! So there. :-)
Stephanie Faris said…
I don't know anyone around here since I'm so new but congrats to your friend for finaling!
Keli Gwyn said…
Congratulations on your awards, Jessie!

I knew you married young, but I didn't realize your wedding took place just two days after your high school graduation. Talk about young love. Aah! So, are your heroines quite young too?
Congrats! How bout Katie???
Jessica said…
Hey Anita,
LOL Not sure it's a talent, there's just not much else going on in my life. *snicker*
Thank you for the nice thoughts!:-)
Jessica said…
Thanks for the congrats Stephanie! She's a very good writer and I'm hoping one of her finals will snag her a contract. :-)
Jessica said…
Thanks Keli. :-) You know, I wouldn't say my heroines are young. Only the one in my historical, and that's because it was necessary to the plot.
My other heroines are older than me but younger than 35.
Jessica said…
Good guess Marybeth! But nooooo (not that I know of, at least, lol). You can have two more guesses! If you want. :-) They don't have to be separate comments or anything.

Katie didn't final, did she? LOL Now I have to go check out her blog and make sure I didn't miss anything. *grin*
T. Anne said…
I love that you eat chocolate every single say (I aspire to be you)! BTW, I think your writing gift qualifies as a special talent ;) Gosh, I don't know anyone except Eileen and Jody who have had great contest news... but if no one guesses I's still like the book lol! Also, my tongue doesn't work half the time regardless....
Diane J. said…
Walking and reading is a talent. I know, I do the same thing and I can actually walk better with a book to my nose than when I'm "watching" where I'm going. LOL.

I'm a new follower, so I don't have the foggiest clue in regards to the question, but I always try to participate so I'm just going to go with...Tina M. Russo.
Warren Baldwin said…
Congrats on the award!
Jessica said…
Thanks for the congrats Warren.

Maybe I should just enter anyone who plays along? Hmmmm....
Keli Gwyn!! Not sure if she is one of your followers, but I know she finalled for a second time recently. I'm shouting wooops of happiness for her!!
Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on all those awards! You deserve them! I'm having trouble multi-tasking myself--walking on treadmill while blogging. I need some practice with this it would seem. I'm not trying the reading and driving thing though! LOL
Diane said…
I am going to guess Jeanette Leville since I know good things are happening for her! Congrats on your award and all the progress you've made.
Cindy said…
Congratulations on your award, Jessica! Number 2 and number 6 are the same for me. I didn't get married until a year and a half after high school, though.
Hi Jess -

Congrats on the awards!

Susan :)
Tabitha Bird said…
Congrats on the awards Jess. Two in a row! :)
Jessica said…
Hey T. Anne,
Think more recent... *grin* As for talent, maybe I should've said skills? I hope I have writing talent. LOL We'll see.
You can eat chocolate every day too. It's a wonderful habit to get into. Haahaa!
Jessica said…
Good guess Diane! I'm going to post a hint, I think. :-)
Jessica said…
LOL Eileen, you mean you're trying to read as you exercise? It'll come. :-) I don't know about typing though. Hmmmm.
Jessica said…
Thanks Susan and Tabitha!
Jessica said…
Hey Cindy,
interesting about the father figures in your life! So you know how it is. :-)
#6 is awesome, right? Def. comes in handy. LOL
Jody Hedlund said…
I'd say Keli Gwyn for the final in the contest. Not sure, but I know she did final in the past couple of months!

And congrats on the awards!! Love learning a little more about you!
Are you sure it isn't Keli, Jessica? I put that up there a while ago and you never responded on whether I was right or not.
ElanaJ said…
Congrats. And no idea on who's in a contest. But congrats to them too!
Linda Kage said…
Congrats. And like you, I can't talk (not with understandable words, anyway) when I'm nervous either.
Genny said…

Driving and reading?! Oh my. You are!

Congratulations to your friend for finaling in a contest!

Congratulations, Jessica. You earned those awards; I'm proud of you.

I think it is Rita Gerlach or Jody Hedlund or Eileen.

What a fun idea!
jody and eileen!

and i love dekker......
I think you are quite talented - your writing is intelligent, and warm, and witty, and wise -

And to play piano by ear? Dang, that impresses the heck out of me!
Jessica said…
LOL Kathryn! I didn't say I played well. Heeheee. I'm willing to bet that my pacing would be messed up, but I just don't know since I haven't played in such a long time.

You haven't read my writing, have you? Or are you guessing? LOL I hope it's everything you said. :-)
sherrinda said…
I think it's Keli Gwyn too!!! :)

I love, love, love chocolate and eat it almost everyday. That and a Diet Dr. Pepper. :)
Congrats on your award!

I am a huge fan of chocolate.
Driving and reading...that's a special talent! The cops don't seem to think so, but I'm impressed.

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