Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Use Caution When Jumping Out of Trees

There was a tree with a rope (and most of you probably know my weakness for trees)so I had to climb it and jump, along with other family members. Somehow I jammed my typing finger in a horrible way, so I'll try coming back to blogging next week, when I can actually make comments on your blogs. :-)

What's the worst injury you've ever experienced? Was it your fault?

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Have Another Job

Well, I got another job at a bank (yay!). I'll be working Mondays and Fridays, so my new blogging day will be Wednesdays for a while. I like responding to your comments and hate when I miss you all from being too busy.

I'm going to be out of the blogosphere for the next two weeks because I have training.

Will miss you all and look forward to diving back in the blogosphere later on! Pray for me, if you would. :-)

And in return, do any of you need prayer for anything? I'll be getting an hour lunch, plenty of time to talk to God. :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When At A Signing

A few things I thought about as I wallowed in a room full of books and writers at RWA's Literacy Night.

For the buyers:

1. Bring a set amount of money. I wanted to read almost every single book I saw and the only thing that stopped me was the cash in my purse. :-)

2. Don't be rude in your enthusiasm. I was looking forward to meeting a major bestselling author, but I was so excited that as I look back, I seriously think I may have overwhelmed or, worse, offended her with my yapping.

For the authors:

1. Postcards and bookmarks are okay. I don't really use either though.

2. Don't scowl. Seriously, it was only a few people and as a writer I realize they were probably scared and nervous in their booths, but a reader might not know that. No smiling is no-no. Fake your joy, if you have to!

But the majority of authors I saw were peppy and happy and wonderful to be around!

If you've gone to book signings, what do you think works? What doesn't? If you had a book signing, what would you do there? Would you have to fake a smile?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Book TV

Yes, there is such a thing.

I babysat for my sister yesterday and was able to watch some TV (don't have channels at home). When I saw Book TV I thought, boring. But when I was flipping through channels I just happened to see a book on the screen that I'd looked over at WalMart.

I wasn't sure whether this book was fiction or not when I looked at it in WalMart, but after listening to the end of the author's speech I realized it was a political book. I liked what she was saying about the government needing more ordinary people (like teachers, mothers, business owners) to be involved, so I stayed on the station.

Then an interview with an author in his home came on. Being the nosy type, I had to watch.

T R Reid might write nonfiction, but from what I can tell, a writer is a writer is a writer. He showed off where he works, his computer, a poster he had on his wall to inspire him to finish his book (been there!) and then he shared his amazing bookshelf-lined walls with the camera guy. This was like the writer's version of Cribs. Fascinating stuff.

So I was hooked last night into staying on the Book TV channel. I watched one more show, a speaking event by author Matt Gallagher. He's a soldier, my age, who started blogging about his experiences in Iraq. When he published a post that was too personal, the government shut his blog down. That got the attention of news media and before he knew it, literary agents and publishers were calling him up. (every writer's dream! lol) Anyway, I loved listening to him speak about his experiences. He was both nervous and casual, young and old.

Have you ever watched Book TV? Would you? What's the strangest station you've ever found yourself interested in?