Use Caution When Jumping Out of Trees

There was a tree with a rope (and most of you probably know my weakness for trees)so I had to climb it and jump, along with other family members. Somehow I jammed my typing finger in a horrible way, so I'll try coming back to blogging next week, when I can actually make comments on your blogs. :-)

What's the worst injury you've ever experienced? Was it your fault?


Terri Tiffany said…
Oh no!! Get better:0
Worst injury? ran into a boy on the playground and ended up with a concussion:)
Ouch! That hurts! How it feels better soon!

My worse injury was a broken left ankle when I fell coming out of a restaurant.
Oh no! did you get it on tape? you could win 10,0000 bucks on AFV *laugh* ... oh wait, I'm not supposed to be laughing -you hurt yourself *bad kat* -- feel better soon!
Linda Kage said…
Sorry, but I'm with Bad Kat because your blog made me smile. Truly, though, get better soon.

I can't think of any big injuries I'v experienced. Well, I guess there was that time when I was learning to walk and tripped, diving headfirst into some concrete stairs. They had to sew a crack in my head back together. But I really don't remember that. I was only 7 or 8 months old!
A fellow tree climber!!! Love it. Hope your injury heals.

Once in college I just had to climb one and I hoisted myself up just in time to see my major crush strolling down the path. My friend who'd been cheering me on thought it would be funny to take off.

So there I was.

Alone in a tree.


I felt cool. ;)

Needless to say we never dated.

Worst injury...hmm...non-surgical stuff...broke my toe.
~ Wendy
Jennifer Shirk said…
Oh, no. Heal soon!

Worst injury? Fell out of a bunk bed (not even. it was a bed suspended between two desks) in college and broke my wrist.
Yeah, it was totally my fault.
Diane said…
Ouchie! Hope you're feeling better. Giveaway week at my blog if you are up for a visit... :O)
kathy taylor said…
Hope your finger gets better fast. My trigeminal nerve was injured after a dental procedure. It changed my life.
Sarah Forgrave said…
Oh no! Of course it had to be your typing finger, right? :) Hope it heals fast!
Erica Vetsch said…
:( Painful and frustrating! I hope it heals soon.

Worst injury? I broke my ankle...wish I could say it was while rescuing a child from a burning building, but I tripped going down the stairs.

So clumsy...
Angie Ledbetter said…
Being a free spirit, bet you'd do it again! :) Hope the finger gets better SOON.
Hi Jess -

Praying for a quick recovery.

The worst injury? I fell a couple of years ago and broke my elbow. My cheekbone was also fractured. The elbow required surgery and months of therapy.

I can empathize with not being able to type. It's hard work using one hand.

Jolene Perry said…
I used to compete in horse jumping so the list is long...
all of which were my fault to some degree or other.
Dara said…
Recently, it was spraining/bruising my ankle. It was when we were going to Hilton Head and we were staying at my friends' house overnight in West Virginia. We took our dog with us and of course because it was a new place he had to get me up at 5:30 in the morning to go potty.

Going outside I slipped on a step and my ankle bent in a way it shouldn't have. :P I was limping all that weekend...and walking in sand was NOT helpful. I think I'm still healing from it and it was more than two months ago; if I walk a certain way it hurts. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up having a tiny fracture in it. I probably should've gone to the doctor after I got home but meh. It's seems to be OK now.
Ouch! I'm a bit of a clutz myself.
Unknown said…
Oh no! My husband dropped a flashlight and broke my toe.
Get the finger healed, Jessica! BTW--one of your crit partners has a new blog--smile!!!
Ouch, hope it heals asap!

I slipped and tore all knee tendons and cruciate ligaments. Surgery and 12 months healing process. :(
Nancy said…
The worst accident like that was when a horse stepped on my toe. Was it my fault? If standing close to a horse is wrong, then yes, I deserved it. Believe me, I paid for it.
Kelly Freestone said…
no broken bones.

Praise the Lord.

spraining my ankles in basketball.

5 times total...never at the same time, but I figure it was one for every year I played for a team lol.
Deb Shucka said…
Ouch! Was it fun until you hurt yourself?

I've been pretty injury free. I cut my index finger while washing a very sharp knife almost a year ago. It still feels funny and looks different. I consider it a blessing that it wasn't worse. Yup, my fault for letting my mind wander.
patti said…
Wow, Jessica, I've never realized how blessed I've been.

Hmmm. I guess a car injury WAY back in the 80s when I kinda hurt my back.

Come to think of it, NO one in our family have been hurt.
God has blessed us.
Karen Lange said…
Hope you are feeling better. My worst? Dislocating my knee back in high school. Ouch.
Rest up!
Jessica Nelson said…
Oh man, I'm cringing for all of you! And some of you I'm laughing at. *grin*
Thanks so much for popping by and commenting. The finger is healing up and I hope to be back to my normal typing soon, as well as blog reading. :-)
Susan DiMickele said…
Very funny! The worst self-inflicted injury that comes to mind is when 2-year-old Nick shut the car door on his hand.

Hey, thx for your comment, and best of luck to you at the bank. Motherhood is hard. Period.

Are you on Twitter? Just learning it this week :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks for stopping by, Susan. No twitter. Not yet. :-)
Jody Hedlund said…
Bummer about your finger!! Hope your new job is going well! Have missed seeing you around! Are you going to ACFW this year?
Jessica Nelson said…
No ACFW this year. :-( I've missed getting around the 'sphere too. The job is great! I'm getting used to my new schedule...
Ohh, I'm so sorry. Sounds both painful and annoying!

Missing you. Hope all is well!

I'm accident-prone. As a kid I was always twisting knees, and spraining ankles and wrists. (No broken bones, though!) Those are what I remember hurting the most.
Julie Dao said…
Ouch - hope you're ok! Get well soon, Jessica!
Jill Kemerer said…
Ow, ow, ow!! Sorry about your fingers. I sliced my finger open earlier this year and it was so hard to type! (Glad your job is going well!)
Elana Johnson said…
Who knew you loved jumping out of trees? So funny.

I got hit in the head with a metal bat. And yeah, I was standing too close. Ouch.

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