Proof of Desire

One of my pastors said something on Sunday that resonated with me. Speaking of the Christian life, and following Jesus, he said:

"The proof of desire is in the pursuit."

Writers love to write. Some of us are content to hide our stories away and write for our own pleasure. Some of us want to be published though. Our desire can be reflected in our pursuit of publication.

How can editor buy our book if he never reads it? How will an agent represent us if she never sees our query?

What are you doing to pursue publication? How do you get your work out there? Is your fear of failure greater than your desire to be published?


Unknown said…
So true. Thanks for sharing it!
I'm learning and trusting in God's timing and putting my feelers out where I'm hoping they will be grabbed up. ;)
~ Wendy
Terri Tiffany said…
I'm doing it and like Wendy,trusting God more in His timing not mine.
Laura pauling said…
I'm trying to write the best book possible! I'm trying to write what I would love to read! And beyond that there is only so much I can do! And no, my fear of failure is not greater than my desire to make a career out of this whole writing thing.
Thanks for popping by, Julie. :-)

LOL Wendy, I just had a mental image of "feelers". Great way to put it!

Terri, this is so true about His timing. It doesn't do any good to rush things or worry.

Yay! Good for you, Laura! :-) I have to keep telling my fear to get down and out of my way.
Linda Kage said…
Perfectly said!! You can't sell your book if you don't even submit it anywhere. And honestly, I don't think the taste of victory (in book selling) is quite as sweet without tasting the bitterness of rejection first.
Diane said…
I'm sure in many ways my pursuit is not as hot as it can be in writing and many other areas of my life. Good thoughts. :O)
Tamika: said…
Love your Pastor's words. So true. I'm listening to Lord and writing feriously in the meantime. Publication is the goal!
Linda, I'm inclined to agree with you. :-)

Diane, that's why it resonated with me. My pursuit is not arduous or intense, which makes me question if my desire is there.
Amen to that, Tamika! lol
For years, fear of failure didn't exist. But lately it's been hounding me more and more. Still, I keep hammering away and seeing what turns up. Crazy? Quite possibly!
Hahahaa, yes, writers definitely get a crazy streak. I feel you!
Patti said…
If you want to be published, eventually you need to take that plunge.
Melissa said…
This is a great point. Your pastor is smart! ANd go you for internalizing it and sharing the wisdom with us!
Patti, yep.

Heehee, Melissa! Thanks for the sweet comment. :)
I like that. It's very true.

I'm trusting God and my agent to pitch to the right houses, and preparing for a conference. I hope to meet some editors and other writers who can help me get to the next level.

Thanks for asking!

P.S. Book drawing on my blog this week!
Great post Jessie! And yep, I desire publication enough to rake myself over the fiery coals of rejection. Guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. ;-)

Sending up prayers that our determination will pay off some day soon. For all of us.
Hi Jess -

Hmm, good questions. I'm thinking about my next step right now and trying to decide what editors/agents would be interested in my manuscript.

Susan :)
Tana said…
Oh I love that sentence!!! I could think for hours about how it applies to the many different areas of my life. I think I'm going as fast as i can. As fast as he'll let me.
I love that quote! And it's very true. Thank you for sharing it.
Hey Jeanette! Your plans sound exciting!!

Well, Anita, hopefully those coals will lose some heat pretty soon!

Susan, that's so exciting too! I pray God will give you wisdom and favor. :-)
Tana, excellent point! As fast as He'll let that!

Hi Kathy, thank you for commenting. I appreciate it. :-)
Bobbie said…
I love that quote and it's so true. thanks for sharing!
Rita Gerlach said…
I learned several years ago to commit my work unto the Lord and wait on his perfect timing. Once I did this my life changed.

I've written an article on this subject under 'Encouragement for Writers'. If anyone would like to read it follow this link.

Blessings on all our writing careers,
Rita Gerlach
Karen Lange said…
Such a great truth! One to live by, in all areas, for sure.
Dara said…
I don't think it's fear of failure...I think for me, it comes down to laziness. I do love writing, but then when I have to do all the research to make the book shine and stand out, I get overwhelmed :P I guess I need to re-evaluate that desire, because I know it's probably not as strong as it should be if I ever want to be published.
Angie Muresan said…
Your pastor's words are so true. I need to keep them in mind because right now I am not doing anything to get me to my goal.
Nancy said…
Enjoyed your insight on this.
Sarah Forgrave said…
Wow, great quote! I'm slowly overcoming my fear of the send button. :)
Warren Baldwin said…
Fear of failure - a BIG issue. Congratulations to all those who persevere and overcome that enemy.

I like your minister's quote.
Stephanie Faris said…
Persistence and perseverance...two things that separate the writers who never make it from those who do. Let's face it, there are PLENTY of talented writers out there...but only those who really feel that fire and keep at it even when they feel like it'll never happen are the ones who will be successful.
Great point, and I have to say at this moment, the only publishing I'm pursuing is for my poems. My big fiction is under revision in a big way, and my short stuff just isn't good enough for me to send out yet either. Hmm. Someday.
Thanks for chiming in everyone! I love reading your comments. ;-)
For me it's lack of self-discipline to make time for my writing right now that is holding me back, sadly.

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