A Book Called By Any Other Name

I always said I'd only read REAL books. You know, the ones printed on paper. :-)

Over a year ago my sister gave me a Nook and I find reading on it pretty easy. In fact, my favorite thing is to eat and munch and the Nook allows me to accomplish that without needing a napkin to wipe my fingers so I can turn a page.

Not only that, but there's a free iBooks app on my iPhone. I never thought I'd read a book on a phone...but I do. And it's easier than I thought it would be.

Reality came crashing in the other day though.

I was at school, waiting for my son's lunch to eat with him. I picked up my Nook to read...and got an ERROR message.


And suddenly I remembered why I love paperbacks so much. They're dependable. Resilient. Not reliant on batter power or software.

While I appreciate the electronics and will use them, I'm sticking with my first love. Paper and ink.

How do you do most of your reading? Why?


Sandra Orchard said…
Oh yes, the dreaded error! I do a LOT of reading on my Kindle, but it's a few years old and some days get downright cranky, rebooting itself every few minutes or freezing. Extremely annoying. Then it will be fine again for weeks. No clue what provokes it!
Still paper, though my Kindle Fire keeps growing on me.
Lindsay Harrel said…
Yep, I still love paperbacks for the simple reason I can loan them out as often as I like, so I feel like I get more use out of them. I might be more likely to buy Kindle books more often if they were significantly cheaper, but usually they seem to be the same as paperbacks.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Nope. Electronic is my preference. Isn't that weird?
I put the kindle app on my phone but I don't like it. It's too small. Still like the ereader.

I would be bummed with that error.
Katie Ganshert said…
Another problem with e-readers is that you have to turn them off when a plane is taking off and landing. Not cool when you're really into the book!!
Sandra, that would really bother me!! lol

Wendy...until you get that error message! Haahaaaa! :-)

Lindsay, that's true. My family and I love to share books.

not weird at all! I was totally cool with mine until The Glitch. Now...it's back to reality. (for me, ha!)

Katie, good point!! I didn't know that.
Julie Dao said…
Oh wow, an error message?! I hope you get that fixed soon! I do love my Nook, too, but I will always love paper books more. Plus, it annoys me when you can see your fingerprints and smudges on the screen. (Probably why I don't yet own a smartphone!)
Hey Julie, well it seemed to resolve itself...so far. lol
I hate those smudges too!
Unknown said…
I'm pretty much 50/50. There are books I'm ALWAYS going to buy in hard cover...but I love how I can have like 85% of my library with me at all times on my Kindle and iPhone. I love reading my Kindle while on the elliptical. So yeah...I really love both! :)
Loree Huebner said…
I've got a Kindle but still love paper and ink the best.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your beach background!!!
Julie Jarnagin said…
I love my Kindle. If I can't read it on my Kindle, I'll read it on my iphone. I've read entire books on my iphone. :)
Patti said…
I love both, what I love about the kindle is that I can have a bunch of books on my purse to read for whatever mood I find myself in.
Nancy said…
I just pick up a book and read it. I love to munch and read, too. I guess I need a napkin sometimes.

My computes gives me enough errors so I don't need another devise doing that.
Brandi Boddie said…
I like both forms, though I am leaning more towards ebooks. When it comes to the big scifi/fantasy tomes, I usually get those in print. Same with autographed books and those I want to reference or keep and display on my shelves. Otherwise, you can't beat the deals you find in the Kindle store.
Ah, blast those new fangled contraptions! LOL.

You well know why I love my real books ... I'm a sensorial junkie: scent of the ink, slickness of the cover, crinkly pages that smell like paper and gust air into your hair and face if you flip through them fast. Yeah. There's no Nook or Kindle that has been able to cature the visceral experience of a book for me. Until they do, I'm old school all the way. ;)
Beth K. Vogt said…
Reading: A little bit of this and a little bit of that ... some on my e-reader and some the good, old fashioned way. I'm a hybrid reader.
Warren Baldwin said…
Books, books, books. I've read some books on the internet, but prefer books. Think I always will.
Hi Jess -

I don't know why it has to be an either/or situation. We have the best of both worlds.

I have several bookcases filled to capacity and just looking at them makes me smile. Yet, when I'm at the gym or dashing around town, there's nothing like stowing my Kindle in my purse.

Susan :)
Karen Lange said…
I've always preferred a real paper book, but I have however, enjoyed reading on my tablet's Kindle app much more than I would have expected. I know, I was surprised how quickly I adapted. Real books will always be my favorites, though.
Mia Hayson said…
Paperbacks mostly, although sometimes Kindle for travelling.

The one good thing I can say absolutely about Kindles is when you drop them on your face in bed it doesn't hurt quite so much. But! They aren't waterproof so there is that (neither are books, but at least books I can dry). :)

Linda Kage said…
Ever since I started reading my Kindle app on my iPad, I've been addicted to ebooks. It actually feels strange to read a real book now. But sometimes you have to resort to them when the ipad isn't availabe, or charging, or the book is only written in print! It's just nice to have ALL your books right there, you can flip through them as your mood changes and it lets you know when you have an email while you're reading. Plus you can highlight passages you like and share with other people on Amazon or Shelfari...and if you drop it (or your kid snatches it out of your hand), you don't lose which spot!
Linda, that's true. I didn't know you could share passages online! Very cool.

Susan, lol, it doesn't need to be either/or. You're right. :-)

Melissa, now hardback is something I never buy! Thanks for commenting. :-)
Loree, thanks!! Sometimes it doesn't show up. In fact, when I chose this background I didn't know there was a beach, I just thought it was purple. LOL

Me too, Julie!

Patti, that's so true. It's like we can carry our library with us! :-)
Hahaa, Nancy, sorry to hear about the computer. Wouldn't it be funny if they invented an electronic napkin?

Brandi, agreed!

Anita, such an old fogie. *wink*
Beth, I like that term: hybrid reader. So apt!

lol Warren! You're not alone. :-)

Karen, I was surprised too.

Hi Mia!!! Sorry to hear you've dropped it on your face. LOL I don't think I'd like that! And the "no bathtub" is definitely a drawback.

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