Very Naughty Blogger

Okay...I confess!!!

I've been horrible. But it's a new year and that will change. It seems like blogging in general is going through some changes but it's my first choice still so I'll be keeping at it.

My manuscript is submitted!! Complete with synopsis and query (so hard! blech). Now I'm faced with two choices: Begin my next WIP or take a manuscript that is already done but has been rejected by traditional publisers and test the waters of self-publishing with it.


Speaking of publishing, two lovely ladies have wonderful news.

Heather Sunseri has a book coming out soon called Mindspeak. The cover is spectacular! If you like YA, you might want to check this out.

Also, Susan Reinhardt just announced the sale of her first book (and the acquisition of an agent)!! Go, Susan!!!

How is your January going? What choices do you face today? Any awesome news to share?


Julie Dao said…
Congrats on submitting your MS! And totally get you on the blogging thing... it's so hard to keep up sometimes!
Sandra Orchard said…
Good to see you back, Jessica. If I were you, I'd get started on your next ms, rather than getting sidetracked with the learning curve of self-pub. You've got a great start with Love on the Range. Just my opinion. I have a few rejected mss that I day, but as long as editors are still asking to see something else that's where I'm investing my time.
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Julie!! Life is just hard to keep up with, right? LOL
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Sandra! I do appreciate that advice and will definitely be thinking about it. I love my new idea for my next historical. :-)
Unknown said…
Fun stuff! Congrats on submitting your manuscript. That's got to feel like a relief. Congrats to Heather and Susan, too!
Lindsay Harrel said…
It must feel good to have submitted your ms! Congrats! My January is good so far...still revising my ms. Hoping to submit to agents in March/April. Wish it could go faster but I have this pesky thing called a full-time job(though I just started a new one, and like it a lot). Hehe.
Janet said…
My fingers are crossed! I have received my first rejection of the year and I am getting my MG manuscript ready for submission.
Congrats on the submission, Jess!

I love Heather's cover. What is the story about?

Thanks for the announcement about my agent (Joyce Hart, at Hartline Literary) and my publishing contract (Helping Hands Press). January has been GREAT so far. :)

Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Melissa! It's a HUGE relief. :-)

LOL Lindsay! That does sound pesky. Heeeheee!

Good for you, Janet! *hugs* on the rejection!

Hi Susan, I'm so excited for you! The book leans toward paranormal or fantasy, I think. Maybe some futuristic overtones? Not sure, but I've heard good things. :-)
Terri Tiffany said…
Good to hear that you submitted it! I hope it is well-received!My January is going cold....brrr...but soon will be down there to heat up again!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Hmm..I have a new book that came out last Monday. Oooh, and one of my older books is going digital tomorrow. That's all the excitement I have for now. LOL
Loree Huebner said…
YAY for you! And YAY for Heather and Susan! It's been an awesome beginning to the year!
Beth K. Vogt said…
Brava, Jessica, for submitting that ms and synopsis. (I'm a bit odd in that I like writing the synopsis.)
It's always fun to celebrate with other writers -- and I'm doing a mini-happy dance for you today.
You're right: Heather's got a great cover there.
Nancy said…
So great that Heather and Susan have books coming out.

I vote for you trying self publishing. See how that works for you.
Congrats on submitting your newest baby! I'm with you on the synopsis and query. I have no use for people who enjoy that kind of mind-twisting exercise!

My editor is done on my newest book, The Heart of Humor. I'll start revisions soon.

Love you,
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Terri! Maybe I'll get to see you?? *hint*

Wooohooo, Jennifer! Sounds like plenty. :-)

I agree, Loree.
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Beth!!!

Nancy, maybe I'll do both. *grin*

LOL Jeanette! Congrats on your WIP. ;-)
Unknown said…
Woo-hoo! Way to go, Jessica!
Delving into the paranormal, eh?

Glad to hear you're venturing into my neighborhood!

Can't wait to clap my purple clapper for you at the next meeting!
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Karen Lange said…
Congrats on getting the manuscript submitted! You had chocolate to celebrate, right? :)

Congrats too, to Heather and Susan!

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