Whew, went out of town and am just now getting back into the flow of things.
So I was thinking about rejection. I have two finished manuscripts that I keep working on. I began to wonder if perhaps I'm afraid to actually send them out into the big, wonderful world of publishing. Then I decided no, they just need work.
But it's important to never let fear rule you. Let it speak. Consider what it is saying. Weigh it. Then make a decision and move forward.
So I'm revising one manuscript and getting beta readers for the other.
This is definitely a scary thing. Writing is subjective and I know some people won't like mine. But what if everyone doesn't? That would be a bitter pill.
And yet, I would still write. I'm not sure there's anything that could stop me. In sixth grade my class did a book project and I wrote my first story. I've never stopped writing since and if no one else likes it . . . well, I do.
Writing is a pleasure. Most of the time, lol.
I've been hearing this quote alot lately and I think it bears repeating.

"Nevah, nevah give up."
So said Winston Churchill.


Anonymous said…
Good ol' Winston. :-) He's right. You shouldn't give up. And go you for already writing two MSS! That's awesome!

And you're right about not letting fear get the best of you. It IS scary sending your work out there. This is your heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, but also your thoughts and fears. All rolled up into a 85,000 or more conglomeration of characters, plot, and setting. When people shoot it down, it's like kicking out your teeth and telling you "now, go grow some new ones."

Never worry, though. You'll find readers that like your stuff. That's a given. Someone is always going to like it, because taste is subjective. My stuff is REALLY different, but still some people like it. So I believe it's that way for every writer.

All this to say, don't hesitate when you get those works polished to send them out and get the rejections rolling in. Ever heard that line in that Goo-Goo Dolls' song, "you bleed just to know you're alive..." Well, that's what rejections are for writers. They're the bloody gash in the heart that lets you know your work's alive and kicking.

Good luck!

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