Positively Green

Does anyone else feel green with envy that they're not at the RWA conference????

On a side note, today's my oldest's birthday. Four years old. Boy, time flies. He's so precious!

Anyways, maybe I'll go to the conference next year. This year I'll just read people's juicy tidbits.


Julie Weathers said…

First off, happy birthday to boy child. They grow up so fast.

I'm with you about RWA. I would so love to be there. Perhaps next year. This year, I am just thrilled to be going to Surrey.

I'm adding this here instead of in the proper place regarding plotting and pantsing. I am both, I'm afraid. I know where the story is going, but my characters take over and go on detours. Somehow, we miraculously wind up back on the path, but I have no idea how.

I'm convinced, and this sounds insane, my mind knows the story completely before I start. I mean I will add characters and events to make things work out, but sometimes I add things and don't really know why. I almost take them out and decide to leave it for a while. Much later in the story, that odd orphaned event ties in precisely like it was planned.

I do get a lot more done when I have a definite idea of what I need to accomplish.
Me, too. While I don't usually put anything down on paper except maybe a one paragraph characterization, I do know the ending scene most of the time. And when I write one scene I try to think of what will come next. But I didn't do that with my first or second works. Just the newer ones, now that I know how much a little plotting ahead works. :-)

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