Today is a break from any kind of helpful blog post. :-)

Instead, I am very busy trying to ready a manuscript for the Golden Heart. Not the rejected one, but an older (probably worse) one. What can I say? I'm a masochist.

Okay, not really, only with writing. I just have to try. I have to know. And last year I promised myself I'd enter this year.

Ever do anything like that? Stick yourself out there, hoping, hoping, hoping but 99% sure nothing will come of your fantasies?

Maybe that percentage is a bit on the high side. I have to keep some faith in my work. You know Alicia Keys, her song "I Keep Falling In and Out of Love?"

That's me with my writing. How about you?


Kristen Painter said…
Yep. I've done it 3 times with the GH and finaled twice. Go for it!
Hi Jessica -

I entered a contest once at a writers' conference. Zip, nada.

Maybe I'll try again someday. Right now, I'm more interested in sprucing up my book.

Susan :)
Terri Tiffany said…
What is the Golden Heart? And yes, I stick stuff out there all the time knowing it doesn't have much of a chance but you have to try! I hope yours does well!
Anonymous said…
Hey Jessie,

Good for you!!! I know a few people who are brave enough to enter this contest. Not for me though. Good Luck!

Well I think that putting yourself out there for rejection - sometimes brutal rejection - is a right of passage to becoming a writer.

And seceretly, don't you think every one of us doubts - in some small/big corner of our mind - that we'll ever attain our dream? But we press on, because nothing would be more satisfying than attaining that 1% - yeah you went a little extreme on the percetages. lol.

We have one of the most rewarding yet devastating aspirations/careers out there. To set yourself up for that continual punishment in hopes of the end reward. Do you think they have therapists that cover rejection slip junkies? LOL.

Kristen, I didn't realize you'd been a GH finalist. Go you!
Hey Susan,
It's all in the judges. I entered one contest that I didn't find helpful at all, and even kind of hurt because all three judges did not have one single nice thing to say. I can take criticism now, but it was my first contest and they really didn't make nice comments. Even kind of sarcastic.
But now that I've entered more, most judges are extremely helpful.
Thanks Terri!
The Golden Heart is RWA's biggest contest in terms of prestige. Yeah, we have to try. Have you entered a lot of contests?
I always love when you make time to comment. :-)
I definitely doubt it. You're right. We need a shrink.
I wonder if any author comes out of the publishing industry as sane as when they entered. LOL

Thanks for stopping by!
Hi Jessica

Yes, I won second place! Check out my earlier blog post today to see more and a picture! Thanks for asking!
Sarah said…
I always have doubts on everything I submit. I'm like you though, I submit them anyways!

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Good girl, Jessie! And BTW, your word count on your WIP ROCKS!

As to your earlier pondering, "I wonder if any author comes out of the publishing industry as sane as when they entered?"

SNORT. We're not sane to begin, or we wouldn't be such gluttons for punishment. Heh. And I'm right there with you on the GH awards, so we'll both be in the same leaking boat very soon. :-)

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