Winner and a Little Sniffle

Okay, the winner of Ted Dekker's book Saint is Eileen! Congrats, girl!

Keli Gwyn is the writer who just finaled in another contest, so congrats to her! But many of you picked Eileen or Jody because they finaled in the Genesis recently. Woohoo! Lots of finalists here. :-) I can't wait to see what happens in your lives.

On a different note, today is my eldest's first day of kindergarten. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The years just slipped by and now he's school age and I'm so excited and sad it's not even funny.

Well, I guess you can laugh. Most of you have gone through this, right? LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Tabitha Bird said…
I sobbed when my eldest started school. Over here the first year of school is called prep. He was fine, waving a nd blowing kisses and I just totally lost it on the way back to the car. It just seems no having him at home with me... this isn't helping you is it! Sorry. I hope it all goes well. I am sure you will both be fine:) If not, just know you are not alone:)
Jody Hedlund said…
It's amazing how quickly the years go! My oldest is starting 7th grade and getting taller and I'm realizing I don't have many years left with him in our home!
Katie Ganshert said…
Wow! Kindergarten....I think I'll cry when that day comes!! Congrats to Eileen and to Keli!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Tabitha,
Well, your story helps a little. If I do cry I won't feel silly. :-)
It does seem final...*pout* but I have the other two to keep me busy. LOL
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Jody, is that your oldest then? Don't worry, :-), seventh grade isn't too old. Wait until he gets his first car. I don't remember being home too much after I had mine. LOL
They do grow fast. It'll be weird when mine are taller than me too.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Katie,
You have time! :-) I'm sure you're enjoying every moment too.

And I understand how big a day it is. I think you can feel exactly how you want to feel, not how you think others expect you to feel. *hug*
Jill Kemerer said…
When my youngest went to kindergarten, I cried all day. All day.

By day three, I was fine!

Good luck :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Thank you Janna! I really like the warmth of your hug. :-)
Jennifer Shirk said…
Oh, I was a complete MESS when my little one went to kindergarten!

It's a sad time but also a proud time. *sigh*
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Jill! Poor you. :-) I think I'll probably cry with my youngest too, just because he'll be the last one and I'll be all aloooonnnneeee. :-(
Jessica Nelson said…
Jennifer, you're right that it's a proud time. I keep thinking of Matthew and how he walked right up to the classroom, shy but ready to start. *sniff*
Congratulations to Kelli; what an honor!
And to Eileen for winning the book. One can never have too many of those...
I am not laughing at you crying, Jessie. I understand. It does get easier as time goes by, but I would wonder at you if you didn't shed a few tears and have an achey heart. Did I spell achey right? Oh well, you get it. Go ahead and blub a little!
i think i will be a wreck on my little one's first day of kindergarten! i hope you get through the day with the minimum of tears.
Jessica Nelson said…
Well, I'm not a blubberer, lol, but my heart sure feels achy (and I don't know how it's spelled, lol)
Thank you Jeanette!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Jeannie,
You might. I think the pre-K has actually helped me a little. Also, I have the others at home. Are you planning to have more?
Terri Tiffany said…
I hope you took pictures! It goes so fast!
Cindy R. Wilson said…
Congrats, Eileen and Keli!

Kindergarten was tough for me, too. Then the whole year went by so fast and that one who started Kindergarten what felt like yesterday just started second grade yesterday. Oh, how quickly they grow up!
Stephanie Faris said…
I'm not a mom but I've seen a lot of moms on here going through this, so you're definitely in good company!
Jessica Nelson said…
Terri!!! NO, I forgot pictures *cyberslap* Well, thank you for the reminder! I'll def. get those this afternoon. :-)

Cindy, wahhhhh! LOL I don't want him to grow so fast. But of course you're right. I still remember his birth so well, and all those new feelings, and now he's five. Man.

Thanks Stephanie! I'm very blessed to be surrounded by all of these kind and generous women. :-)
Katie Salidas said…

We just did Kindergarten first day too.

Its a special yet bittersweet day. We are so proud to see them grow, yet cannot believe how fast they did it.
Jessica Nelson said…
And your little girl is adorable! *hugs back at you* ;-) Bittersweet is the perfect word.
Keli Gwyn said…
Jessica, hugs to you. The first day of Kindergarten is a toughie. I got all misty-eyed. The principal was so nice. Mrs. Morgan positioned herself on the path to the Kinder classrooms and offered encouraging words to students and parents alike. To this day, she remembers my anguished expression as I gazed back at the building after leaving my only child in Mrs. Starr's capable hands.

In just four weeks my hubby and I will driving away from our daughter's college and returning to our empty nest. At this point I'm feeling good about the process and excited about seeing the Fashion Queen embark on this new adventure. However, I'll be sure to have tissues with me.

Thanks for all the congrats on the contest final. I'm quite excited. And congrats to Eileen for winning your drawing.
Deb Shucka said…
What a big transition this is for you. I hope he loves his teacher and school. I hope your excitement wins out over the sadness. Each new step brings its own gifts. Love.
Danyelle L. said…
Congrats to all the finalists!

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? It's hard on one hand, but a wonderful adventure on the other. :D
Elana Johnson said…
Kindergarten is fun! I hope he has a great day. And you too.
Tana said…
Aww.. I hope you snapped many a picture! I remember crying when my oldest went to school. (I brought him a candy apple when I picked him up ;)
Oh, so long ago - *sniffle* - mine is all grown and gone.....

(as to your comment on TG blog -Laughing! oh, I am horrid at math - horrrrriiddddd!)
oh and congrats to the winner!
anita said…
It's because most of us have gone through that we AREN'T laughing. I hope it went well and he had TONS of fun with his new little friends. And I hope your mommy heart made it without too much crimping. :-)

Congrats to those winners, BTW!
Jessica Nelson said…
You guys are so sweet! Thank you for your hugs and stories. :-) I made it and was SO happy to pick him up. He had a wonderful time and I think he's going to do awesome with school.

Keli, that's so exciting that she made it to college! I'm glad you're excited. :-)

Thank you everyone!
Keli Gwyn said…
Jessica, I actually have four weeks until the BIG parting when our DD starts college. That's one day this writer hopes she doesn't create a scene. :)

I'm glad you and your little guy survived the day and that he had such a good time at Kindergarten. Hope tomorrow is less stressful for you.
Congrats, Eileen and Keli!

Aww, I hope your son enjoyed his first day. I'll bet he's tired.

Dara said…
Haven't gone through it yet (no kids yet!) but I remember my mom crying like crazy when I got on the bus for kindergarten. That was nearly twenty years ago!

I'm sure I'll be pretty close to the same.
Jessica Nelson said…
Wow, Dara! I can't believe you remember that. How amazing! :-)

Thank you Susan. He was wiped out. LOL

So Keli, you have 4 more weeks with your fashionista? I hope you two have fun and it's wonderful.
:-) I would think college will be a little harder since she'll be gone day and night, not just days. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. :-)
yet another award for you this week...on my blog today. :)
Genny said…
The first day of kindergarten! I remember waving to my kids as they headed off to school on their first day, choking back tears behind my sunglasses! Hope yours has a great day!
p.s. Thanks for commenting on my interview at Kristen's! I really appreciate it!
Thanks for the win. I think hubby and I will both enjoy it!

I would never laugh at you, Jessica! THose are tough times to remember even eleven years later. THey grow waaaay too fast!!!

I'll be praying that your little guy loves school, that makes it so much easier on moms and dads.
Robyn Campbell said…
That has GOT to be hard. I remember it from long ago. I did it with our older guys, the two youngest I home-school. Just remember mommy, it's hardest on you. :)
Karen Hossink said…
Been there. Done that!
My eldest will be starting eighth grade in two weeks. And next year? High school! YIKES!!!!!
Oh, Jessica, weep not for the years that have passed, but commit to finding joy in the present!

Love you, girl!
Jessica Nelson said…
You ladies are so wonderful. :-) I'm really thankful that God has hooked me up with so many kind, encouraging women!
Thank you! I survived and Matthew is going again tomorrow and I'll survive that too.
I'll definitely enjoy naptime again. :-)
Susan Berlien said…
Yes! Kindergarten! We take the pluge with Wes' fist day in two weeks!!
Warren Baldwin said…
I've prayed for all the kids starting school. I specifically mention all the blogging friends that I have and their kids. I specifically mentioned yours. God bless.
Kara said…
Oh, you will have such an exciting year of firsts. Enjoy!!
Jessica Nelson said…
Thank you guys! :-)

Susan, I hope your little guy has an awesome time.
Jessica Nelson said…
Wow, thank you so much Warren! I really appreciate that. :-)
* said…
The first day of Kindergarden is huge. I laughed and cried on those "first school" days for my older 3 kids.

My twins entered Kindergarden last year and my greatest joy was that they had each other for comfort. That helped, a little.

Hope things went well!

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