Conversation With an Editor

As some you may know, I won a conversation with editor Barbara Scott of Abingdon Press. She's started a new blog called The Roving Editor and although she's a CBA editor, she has a deep knowledge of the industry and I'd recommend following her.

Not only is she smart, but she's a really funny, sweet lady. I often feel nervous on the phone, not sure what to say to people I don't know, but she put me at ease.

One of the main things she felt was important for writers is encouragement. Encouragement and perseverance.

Who and what encourages you in your writing? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how would you rate your Encouraged level? Why is it high or low?


Tabitha Bird said…
So cool Jessica. Congrats on winning that. I saw that you did and was so excited for you.

Encouragement is so important. he person who encourages me the most is my husband and my beta readers. And a woman called Esther. She knows who she is :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Awwww, you always have such sweet things to say about your man. ;-) I think it's awesome!
I'm starting to get a gut feel in this business and she was one editor I wrote I'd like to have an appointment w/ at ACFW. I love finding out that my gut is right on.

As far as encouragement I'm somewhere in the middle. This is probably good. Keeps me humble. I don't want to bank on uplifting comments to much b/c they come and go.

Great link.
~ Wendy
Katie Ganshert said…
Congrats Jessica! That's awesome! I just found her blog and already love it.

I feel like God brings me encouragement exactly when I need it. Maybe I'll get frustrated with waiting, or hear some not-so-great news, and then hear something encouraging from my agent, or fellow writers, or beta readers. :)
Diane said…
How awesome that you talked with her and got some great feedback. I have a few besties that are great encouragers for me. :O)
Jessica Nelson said…
Diane, me too!

Katie, you're right about God. He's cool like that. :-)

Wendy, it's smart not to bank on our ego and others' opinions. I'd highly recommend meeting with her. She seems like an awesome lady. ;-)
Whoa, Jessie! I am so happy for your big prize!!!

My #1 source of encouragement comes from God's word. It never fails to lift my spirits when I'm lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut.

Number 2 are my blogging friends. Really. You help keep me focused and energize in this crazy quest.

Rignt now my enocuragement level is about a 9 out of 10. When my agent calls to say a publisher wants a contract, it will soar to a 20!

Jill Kemerer said…
Wow! What a prize!

Who encourages me? Well, God, first and foremost. There have been times I've wondered if I should continue, but He always pushes me (kicking and screaming sometimes) forward. Also, my critique partners, and a close group of friends in my local writers group.

I'm at about a 7 right now.

Have a great weekend!
Linda Glaz said…
I guess my critters, because not only do they encourage, they "have the courage" to say when things are wrong and know it will be accepted kindly.
kathy taylor said…
Jessica, I'm so happy for your win. I would have to say my encouragement is very low. Only my family has read my ms, but another writer has offered to read it soon and that helps. I am going to study with an established author soon, and that will help too.
Terri Tiffany said…
My husband of course picks me off the floor about once a week. You encouraged me this am by offering to read my work!
So happy you won the prize!
patti said…
Congrats, Jessica!

So many encouragers goad me along! LOL.

Natasha, my agent, ranks as TOPS!!
With her genius, she pushes me to levels I never dreamed I could reach.

I am so grateful she takes the time to instruct as well as hustle!

Warren Baldwin said…
Encouragement and perseverance ... that is good to hear. I feel pretty encouraged about writing based on the responses to Roaring Lions. Only one negative comment, and that was mixed with other positive comments from the same person. And the negative comment was vague, nothing specific to it. So, that is encouraging. Perseverance is another matter. My schedule varies through the year and I'm in a period now (traveling and speaking) where I have written only one chapter for a book over the last 5 or 6 weeks.
anita said…
Yay Jessie! I'm so proud of you! :-) It takes guts to talk to one of the "emperials" of the pub world. Heh.

She sounds like a very nice and savvy lady. No wonder you got along so well.

What encourages me most are my crit partners and email readers (YOU).

My encouraged level right now is about a six. It should be higher, since I'm working on something as fun as my YA, but I've failed to wow my agent with my last two projects so I'm really feeling the tension with this one. Heh. Six isn't too bad, though, all things considered. ;-P
Sarah Forgrave said…
Congratulations on the win, Jessica! What an awesome opportunity!

I recently got some great encouragement from the freelance editor I hired. Even though she nitpicked my m/s apart and gave me a lot of work to do, she had plenty of encouraging words sprinkled in and urged me to infuse those things into the trouble spots. So helpful and inspiring at the same time! :-)
Cindy R. Wilson said…
Jessica, I saw that you won--that's so exciting! Barbara Scott is one of the editors I picked for the ACFW conference, and since I saw her new blog, I'm feeling more encouraged.

I get encouragement from my husband and his family. Also, from critique partners, which is a different (and much needed) kind of support. And, of course, God encourages me by inspiring me with a new story. By pushing me to reach out to others with my words. By standing by me when it's hard to persevere.

Congrats again!
Jessica Nelson said…
Woohoo Jeanette! A nine? Awesome. :-)

Jill, yeah, it was an incredible experience. A 7's not too shabby either. *grin*

Linda, I love that you're my critter! I know I can always trust you to be honest about my work.
Jessica Nelson said…
Kathy, I think a reader and studying with an author will be a huge help for you. Other writers are a major source of encouragement for me too.

Woot Terri! What a man. *grin*

Patti, I've heard wonderful things about Kern. She seems knowledgeable and very hands-on.
Jessica Nelson said…
That's great, Warren!

Awww, Anita, you encourage me too! :) I'm sorry about your morale but let's keep hoping that this WIP is THE book. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Sarah. :-) Great news about your editor!

Cindy, she's really wonderful and I think you'll love your appt with her. :-)
Congratulations again on the chat win, Jessica.

I have great support. I am encouraged by all my Cyberfriends such as yourself, friends and family. DH does all the cooking so I will eat. He knows once I get stuck into writing I will skip food that is good for me. I will snack on junk if not. I am lucky. :)
Tamika: said…
Congratulations Jessica! Wow~ what a gift to remember. I love the books that Abingdon is putting out right. They have some great authors.

Each day I try and remind myself that this is God's special plan for my life. I couldn't feel more special to know that He loves me enough to call me to a work.
Hi Jess -

How exciting for you! I'm hoping to meet Barbara at Philly.

At the moment, my encouragement level is about a five. Guess it's time to tank up again. :)

Rita Gerlach said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rita Gerlach said…
I am so blessed to have Barbara as my editor. And if you should be so blessed, my advice is to trust her implicitly. When 'Surrender the Wind' was going through the first rounds of edits, Barbara was so encouraging, and she pointed out things I had not seen before. Was it a bit painful leaving out an entire scene I had written into the story? A bit yes. But she was right. It stalled the story.

My encouragement? My husband. My agent Diana Flegal. My editor Barbara Scott. My circle of author friends that keep me motivated.
Kelly Freestone said…
Hmm...that's a tough one.

I feel encouraged becuase God has let me possess this talent, and willingness to follow it.

Each morning, I ask Him to take my fingers and write His words.

I'm allowed to share this time with Him, and I'm encouraged when there's words on the page, and they don't sound as silly as I think they do.
Anonymous said…
I feel I'm blessed so therefore I move forward and write and promote. My family gives me support and inspiration too.

Stephen Tremp
I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd
Karen Lange said…
Thanks for the links. I think that encouragement and perseverance are big factors; writing is such a solitary life at times and these things really help.
I hope I encourage writers - I want to. Writers can be such a great source of support for each other.

I do try to buy other author's novels - I mean, the "less well known or unknown" authors - so they will feel supported and read . . . and I do that whether they buy my books or not.

Going to check out that blog!
Deb Shucka said…
Thanks for the new link. It's great to hear someone who believes encouragement is important.

My sweet husband is my best encourager - to the point that he's made it possible for me to write full time. I also have a couple of close friends who believe in me and for me completely. I'm very blessed.
Nancy said…
My encouragement level fluctuates greatly. It goes from a 5 to a nine or 10, depending on many things. God is my first and best encourager. So glad you had a great intervies.
Jolene Perry said…
High today, low tomorrow, high next week, low the week after. When I need affirmation, I force my husband into a chair to listen to something I've read. He's a good guy.
Unknown said…
Jumping over now, I'm always looking for some great knowledge!
Tana said…
Gosh you hit me on a low number day, but usually it's at least a 9. I've sunk today but I blame the heat. ;)
How exciting! I have a few who encourage me and push me to keep writing. <3
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks for all the comments! I love reading your answers. :-)
Angie Muresan said…
I'm so happy for you, Jessica!

My husband is my biggest support, as is my son. Both read my work, encourage me, and give helpful hints.

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