I Have A Mustache

It's faint, but there. Annoying thing. None of my heroines have one. Why do I?

Genetics, Jessie. Remember great-grandma?

We're told to torture our characters but there are some things that I just won't do to my peeps.

What is the one "flaw" you'll never give your main character?


Melissa said…
Wow. This is an interesting question.

I'd never give my characters asthma or pneumonia or any severe lung condition. I have really severe asthma and it has caused problems and prevented me from doing a lot of things I used to love doing, like running. I've spent over five of my 21 years on this earth with pneumonia (that doesn't include recovery). I'm acutely aware of every breath I take. I would never do that to any of my characters. Ever.
Tabitha Bird said…
Hmmmm... maybe I am too mean then? My character in the new book I am writing is getting everything thrown at her. Maybe I am a bit pissed off lately and she is paying for it...
Tabitha Bird said…
Jess you are a winner over at that new editors site. I forget her name now. I was just at her blog and you won a phone call with her. She needs you to email her to arrange the time (she says that on her blog) Congrats GIRL! Let me know how it goes! Get over to that blog and email that editor!!!
Eeeke! Woohooo! Thanks SO much Tabitha!!!!
And wow, you're really throwing everything at her! Is this fiction then?

Melissa, that's horrible! I would've never guessed by your cute pic that you've suffered like that. Kudos to you for the great attitude. :-)
Hmmm. I'm a never say never on this one. I'll try anything as far as my characters go. I just wait to see what comes.
~ Wendy
I love to give my characters some quirk that they have to deal with along with their other problems...like a big, black mole with a wiry hair sticking out next to their bottom lip. How romantic! LOL!
Linda Kage said…
I won't let my characters be weak and give in way-too easily like I usually do. But I'm with you on the mustache thing too. I don't think I could do that to my heroin either!
kathy taylor said…
I believe in never saying never, but this is a good question. I wouldn't want to give a character trigeminal neuralgia. I wrote about it non-fiction and still blog about it to help others. It's one place I don't want to mix fact and fantasy. Great question, Jessica.
Terri Tiffany said…
LOL Ok--I've seen you in person and NEVER noticed one!!! Now don't look too closely at me!!:))
I see you won the call!! Yay!!! I tried too but you beat me!
Faith said…
You know, I'm not sure what I wouldn't give my main character... honestly, I think I need to give them MORE flaws. The ones I do give them aren't severe enough, so I need to learn to ramp up the stakes.
Rita Gerlach said…
I'll never give my heroine a mustache (sorry Jess) or a wart, or hairy toes, or acne, a rash somewhere unspeakable, or a huge pimple on her face about ready to burst.

My hero? None of the above.
Rita Gerlach said…
Hey, Jess! Congratulations on being one of the winners on Barbara Scott's new blog, 'The Roving Editor'. You get a 15-minute phone mentoring session with her, you lucky girl. Barbara is my editor and you are going to love her.

Be prepared when you call her so you get all you can out of the 15 minutes. Have paper and pen ready.
Dara said…
I'm not really sure what flaw or problem I wouldn't give a character...I'll really have to think about that one!

And congrats about your contest win! You'll have to let us know how that goes!
Lisa Jordan said…
I don't think I'd ever give a character a disgusting habit that would gross out a reader, like nose picking.

I have a faint mustache too, but it doesn't bother me as much as the chinners I had to start plucking. Sheesh...when did I become middle aged????
anita said…
What a great post! So inventive!

I'm a BIG believer in flaws in my characters. Inward or outward. But I don't think I'd be cool with giving them something gross (a moustache doesn't rate on the gross scale, heehee--you can always tweeze or bleach that sucker).

I mean something like chronic halitosis or big hairy moles on their faces. Anything that would turn off the prospective significant other. Because you don't want to turn off your readers either, right? Heh.
I would never give my character a neighbor or relative who talks ALL the TIME, and she can't get away from them. Groan...
Drooping bust. I could never give them saggy boobs. :)
Lydia Kang said…
I won't give her a mustache. Or bad acne. Or lactose intolerance.
This is such a funny post!
Elana Johnson said…
I'd have to think about this one. I think there are flaws I deal with personally, but I've never given those to my character, because everyone would know it was me!
Danyelle L. said…
*grin* I shall spare them from the unibrow!
Cindy R. Wilson said…
Great question. I think I'm too nice to my characters. Physically, that is. I don't seem to give them a lot of flaws. As far as conflict and traumatic events...yeah, those come in abundance.
Hi Jess -

I don't think I'd ever give my character a facial disfiguration. When I fractured my cheekbone, I turned all sorts of nasty colors. Fortunately, it was temporary, but I remember the stares and how self-conscious I felt.

Susan :)
Diane said…
Maybe cankles......?
Cassandra Frear said…
I'm generous. They can have all they want.
Tana said…
LOL! I share your pain about the girl-stache!!! ANd no I would never torture my MC that way. *sigh* Also she would never smell. Like ever.
Amy DeTrempe said…
I've never thought of that. Hmmmm, feet that need a pedicure and crooked teeth.
Angie Muresan said…
Ha! You crack me up!
I would stay away from bad breath.
Oh my goodness!!! LOL Y'all are CRACKING me up! I wish I had time to respond to every comment. Too funny!
Karen Lange said…
Oh, this is a good question! I don't know, and I need to consider this. Thanks for the food for thought:)
Nancy said…
I probably wouldn't give my character a natural facial unpleasantness, but I think a scar of some type might be interesting.
Kara said…
Hmm, probably never give my character an earache or ruptured eardrum. I've had so many in my life, I don't want to have to relive them by writing about it!!
Kara, I just had an ear ache and it really was horrible!

Nancy, I'd do a scar too, maybe.

Thanks for stopping by, Karen!
Jennifer Shirk said…
No mole with a hair sticking out it.
No lazy eye.
No gas problems.
No foot odor problems.
No bad breath or stained teeth.
No yellow toenails.
I could probably think of a few more. LOL!
Deb Shucka said…
Laughing at your invisible-to-everyone-but-you mustache.

Since I am my main character, I'm stuck with every single wart and extra pound. :-)

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