On Being a Writer: Stephanie Meyer

I won't be home most of today so thought I'd post this. I particularly love what she says in minute three of this video!


Tabitha Bird said…
"Real writers write regardless of who will read them." Yep! And that is why there will always be story tellers out there. :)
Diane said…
She is actually more relatable than I thought she'd be. Had only heard bad press on her. She seems very humble an gracious. :O)
I like how she instructs us to forget the audience. I think that's wise.

I also agree that a true writer is someone who writes whether or not anyone else is going to read it.
~ Wendy
I enjoyed her chat. I liked that she expressed her feeling, that writing for yourself is the most important thing. I feel that way.
kathy taylor said…
Thank you for posting this, Jessica. Her approach is quite refreshing.
Jill Kemerer said…
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this!
So what IS it you're doing today? You're gone all day AND it's hope-filled? ;) Thinking good thoughts.

I'm glad you pointed out to listen at minute 3. I liked it, too. And it's timely, because just yesterday and today (after an epiphany I had), I've been thinking of my book this is just like I'd want to read. This is it.

Love that.
Angie Muresan said…
What she says is so true. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
Jessica Nelson said…
I thought she seemed very sweet in this video too. :-)

Janna, I wrote this before my day arrived, and my plans changed. I still had to go out but I got home sooner than expected! :-) The hope-filled part came when I checked my e-mail and had a full request. *grin*
Mary Curry said…
Congrats on the request, Jessica!!!!! I'd say definitely hope-fulfilled.

Good luck with it.

I enjoyed the video.
Julie Dao said…
Thanks for posting this, Jessica! I'm not a Twilight fan but I really respect Stephenie Meyer for telling the story she wanted to tell. Her journey is very inspiring and a good reminder to keep writing.
Wow, thanks for sharing this; I needed to hear about the man who published his first/ninth book, and to just have fun tntertaining yourself. If it stops being fun, there's no point in going on.

Have a great day!
Deb Shucka said…
Hmm. I liked her, and I wasn't expecting to. Thank you for one more reminder that the most important thing is to listen to our hearts, regardless of the outcome.
patti said…
Hmmm. Interesting.

Jolene Perry said…
I keep apologizing to my husband for sitting next to him with my laptop after the kids go to bed and he keeps telling me - if you're enjoying it that much, keep doing it.
Thanks for the post.

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