That Time I Walked into the Boy's Bathroom

Let me preface my post with this: It's happened more than once.

That's right.

I, Jessica Nelson, have unwittingly walked into the men's bathroom. Worse. I've used it without realizing until too late where I was. (That was a mad scramble out, actually, it was very strategic, involving much peering beneath the stall for a clear coast).

But in this particular time, daydreaming or rushing was not my reason for pushing the wrong door. And I was in the worst place possible to make this mistake.

Middle school.

I have this little habit that I do quite well. It's called Ralking (I just made a word for it up *grin*). As you might have guessed, the definition of this word is reading while walking.

There was a book in front of my nose when I pushed the wrong door.

What is the funniest, weirdest or stupidest thing you've ever done or said while reading a book? Have you seen any crazy stuff happen while someone was reading?


I. Me! Drew a blank. Although, I can think of all kinds of stupid things I did while not reading! LOL

Hilarious post!
Sarah Faulkner said…
I can't think of anything I've done while reading, but my sister has ruined two pots of mac and cheese because she had her book in the kitchen. Love this post!
~Sarah F.
Lindsay Harrel said…
Wow, that's hilarious!

I can't think of anything. But when I read, I get annoyed at anyone who interrupts me. So I probably don't act too nice. I used to get so mad at my parents when I wanted to read at the table but it was "family time." :P
Oh, you're Belle! You're Belle! :D

I don't need a book as a cover. I'll walk straight into someone w/out a book as an excuse. ;)

~ Wendy
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Jessica! Well...I just think Ralking is a good reason for doing stupid things. I don't want to think about the stupid things I did for NO reason. LOL

Sarah, that's hilarious and sounds exactly like something I'd do!!!

Oh Lindsay, me too. I ALWAYS read when I'm eating. So, I have a hilarious video to share with you. I'll send it to you on Facebook. :-)

hahaa, Wendy! I can see that about you. *grin* I am Belle, but without the beauty and without two men vying for my amazing attentions. LOL
Unknown said…
Oh, I love this. And I totally did the same thing...also in middle school! But I realized it quickly enough to duck out before being spotted. :)

Dumbest thing I ever did while reading...burn the peanut brittle simmering on the stove I was supposed to be watching. My mom walked into a kitchen filled with smoke. I was a kid, totally engrossed in Nancy Drew...yeah, the brittle was black!
Tamika Eason said…
Funny- ralking!

This reminds of a series I read in middle school- Megan the Klutz. She was always humilating herself, but I loved the way she learned to hold her head up!

Look at you now:)
Jessica Nelson said…
Oh no Melissa!!! LOL I bet your mom was very annoyed. I don't know if anyone saw me...I didn't use it so I guess I saw the urinals in time. lol

Tamika, I never heard of that series but it sounds super cute. ;-)
Stacy Henrie said…
LOL! That is hilarious - well, probably more so now. :) I'm sure it wasn't so funny at the time, especially being in middle school.
Linda Kage said…
OMG, I love it!! Ralking is a great work. The only thing I've done when ralking is run into walls or stub my toes!
Jessica Nelson said…
Stacy, I don't know if anyone noticed and I didn't try to find out! lol

Ouch, Linda! You might not be so good at Ralking. :-)
Sarah Forgrave said…
Haha! That is too funny, Jessica. I can't think of anything too crazy, other than letting something boil over on the stove. :)
Loree Huebner said…
Oh yes, I've walked into the men's bathroom at a pizza place one time, and used it before I realized it wasn't the ladies room. (This was about 15 years ago, but I never forgot it) Thank God, no men came in.

I only realized it when I came out and saw the sign. Where was my mind at when I walked in? lol
Sandra Orchard said…
Too funny! For some reason this reminds me of watching a dog, who turned to look at me coming up on the other side of the street and then it walked straight into a telephone pole. Neither of us were reading :)
Totally funny, Jessica!

Nope, I've never walked while reading--usually sitting in front of the TV. I also write a lot in front of the TV. Once in a while I've read or written a word that was just spoken--makes for funny sentences!
Erica Vetsch said…
Yikes!!! In Middle School? Glad you made it out okay. :)

Ralking is a great word. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Sarah, that happens to me all the time without a book. lol

Loree!!! Me too, that's what I did once at a bowling alley. *cringe*

Oh Sandra, I think I'd be laughing so hard if I saw a dog walk into a pole!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Cheryl! It does.

Me too, Erica, me too. *wiping brow*
Jill Kemerer said…
My very first RWA meeting (Virginia Romane Writers), I was so nervous, I walked right into the men's bathroom. And there was a man in it. He looked mad. I was mortified!!
Beth K. Vogt said…
Ralking. Love the word. May I quote you?
And I can think of way-too many missed conversations while I was Ralking or just sitting and reading -- is that Ritting?
And, the thing is, my family doesn't find this funny at all.
Hi Jess -

How embarrassing for you!

My moments usually involve forgetting people's names. I'm sure there are other things, but...I forget. LOL!

Susan :)
Karen Lange said…
Oh my goodness, if that experience doesn't make your heart pound... Surely there's a story scene idea here somewhere!
Anonymous said…
More than once??? OK, once or even twice but after that I think I'd double or triple check where I was going. LOL That said, I always love to snack while I eat and also more than once I have spilled a cup of coffee or other drink because I just reached for it without looking at it and of course missed it and knocked it over. I also have almost eaten a napkin instead of taking a bite of a sandwich or a cookie that I was eating. I haven't been able to come up with a word for that yet. You gave me a good laugh for the day though...thanks. :)
Traci Kenworth said…
I drew a blank as well. I like to snuggle in a chair or on the couch when reading, don't usually get up to walk. Love the new word though!!
Julie Dao said…
HAHAHA!! I've done this, too, but I never went in far enough to actually use the bathroom! I wandered in one time and saw a man standing in front of the mirror (not the urinal, thank GOODNESS) and we just looked at each other, and I turned and silently walked out. That is very "Belle" of you to walk around with a book :) :)
Unknown said…
I gasped out loud and then fell into a silly fit of giggles at the image of you walking into the boy's room at a middle school!

I can't think of anything too crazy that I've done. While I was reading once my husband said, "I love you." Not thinking about it I replied with, "I love you today." I'm fairly certain that "today" was supposed to be "too". I've yet to live that one down!
I'm just glad to hear you specified "unwittingly walked into the men's bathroom." It's when you wittingly do it that you have to start worrying.


Fun post Jessie! Though I used to try to sneak in glimpses of my book while sitting at stop lights or traffic jams, I finally learned it was wiser to be sitting or lying down at home to read.

Probably had something to do with the way I drove through that haystack. It went a little something like this:

Jessica Nelson said…
Oh no, Anita!! I'm going to check out your link when I get home tonight. LOL

Caitlin, that is really too cute. :-) Thanks for sharing it!

Oh no, Julie!!! LOL You were caught. I'm glad he was just standing in front of the mirror. lol
Jessica Nelson said…
Hahahaaa, Jill!!! I'm sorry he was mad but how funny was that? lol

Sure Beth, quote away. I don't know if I'm the first to make it up and really, all I did was substitute a letter. :-)

Susan, forgetfulness can be bliss. lol
Jessica Nelson said…
Traci, I love to snuggle while reading too. Nothing better!!

Karen, you're right. This def. needs to be worked into a book. :-)

Anon, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad my weirdness made you smile. :-) You made me laugh too because I've never almost ate a napkin!! lol Too funny.
Brandi Boddie said…
That's funny, Jessica! I've inavdertently wandered into the men's room on more occasions than I should say. One time in San Francisco, I was out with family. We were on the peer at night and I saw a sign that said RESTROOMS. I walked into the first door. Wouldn't you know, four men all turned to stare at me in horror! LOL! Whoops...

Have a great weekend!
Jennifer Shirk said…
That is too funny!!
I haven't done anything too crazy although I did bust up laughing (REALLY LOUD, mind you)at a book I was reading in the public library once. I was so embarrassed!
Nancy said…
Cute idea. All sorts of things might happen. I usually do my reading sitting down, so I don't have any funny stories. So glad your experience wasn't more embarrassing.
Ashlyn said…
Omg. I actuallt just walked into the boys bathroom today in middle school. The worst thing is I walked in asking if someone could hand me my shirt. Im in the musical and we were changing. I realised I forgot my regular shirt and walked in. any help 4 living it down?
Jessica Nelson said…
Oh no, Ashlyn! lol I don't know if you can live it down. I'd roll with it and just laugh it off.
I've done it more than once and eventually it's just got to be funny, you know?

Nancy, reading while sitting down does seem the safter route. lol

Hahaaa! No shame, Jennifer! I've done the same thing. :-)
Oh, noooo! That's a riot! Ralking--you've put a word to what so many of us do. But nope, it never landed me in the men's room. HAHA!!!
Katy Lee said…
Oh, good. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has done this. :)
Janet Smart said…
Ralking - what a great word. I read while walking all the time, it helps to pass the time. I haven't had any major catastrophes, but I have strayed a little off the path from time to time.

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