Rolling in the Royalties

In case you don't all ready know...most authors don't roll in much. I'm blessed that my fellow authors established a loop where newbie authors like me can ask questions and get great answers from more veteran writers. Royalties seems to be something that comes up every so often.

It sounds like I'll be paid twice a year, and that the second royalty check will have more in it. But no one really knows for sure. There are bunches of factors involved with how much I'll earn, like what month the book released in relation to when the royalties are calculated, if the book made it into the book club (in my case), and how much the publisher holds back in reserves. It's pretty fascinating and a little scary.

Here are some good links.

Agent Rachelle Gardner gets detailed about royalty rates

Author Rebecca Brandewyne on royalties

Sabrina Jeffries' Money Chart

Brenda Hiatt's amazing list of average advances

How much do you hope you'll make someday when you sell your book? If you're a reader only, were you aware how little authors make? Or how much?


Great link, Jessica! I've always wondered about that stuff too! :)
Linda Kage said…
Ooh, thanks! I've only heard of Brenda Hiatt's lists. I'll have to check out the others!
Millions, but of course. ;-)

So not a money thing w/ me. My husband cringes when he brings up money talk. It's the numbers I fear.
~ Wendy
Katie Ganshert said…
I just really want to earn out my advance. Not so much for the money, but for my publisher!
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Jessica,
Me too. The loop has been helpful and gives me a good dose of realism.

You're welcome, Linda!

Wendy, I don't care for numbers either. lol

Katie, Chip Macgregor had a great post about how not earning out your advance doesn't necessarily mean you've lost your publisher money. :-) I'll send you the link. I'm so excited that your debut is out! I bought it but since I bought it when I bought Keli's, I have to wait until June for it to ship. :-(
Loree Huebner said…
Thanks for the informational links.

I used to dream of making loads of money from my books, but now I just write for the love of the writing.

Funny how mindsets change over a span of years. I finally realized that I just love to's not about the moolah.
Jill Kemerer said…
Oh, baby, I hope it rolls in big time for you Jessica! Let's face it, you need the funds for chocolate. :)
Lindsay Harrel said…
Jill's comment made me LOL. Cuz we all know how much you love chocolate, Jessica! :)

Very interesting info. As much as I'd love to make some money off of writing (more for my husband's sake than my own!), I don't expect much at all. But that's OK with me.
Jessica Nelson said…
Good for you, Loree!! :-)

Hahaaaa, this is SO true, Jill. And you know I don't eat cheap chocolate. *grin*

Lindsay, I know, she made me smile. :-) I would love to make money too, but I'm not sure how possible it is to make more than an average wage. It all depends on the genre too, I think.
Gabrielle Meyer said…
I learned early on that a writer shouldn't expect to be paid much - at least in the first few years. I would love a little supplement to add to the family coffers because my husband works hard to support our family of six, but at this point I just want to see my dream fulfilled and be published - it really isn't about the money. Thanks for the links to check out.
Stacy Henrie said…
Have no idea what to expect! But maybe if I low-ball my expectations, then I'll be pleasantly surprised if it's more. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Gabrielle, I get you. My husband works hard too. I want this to be a career but I'm understanding that it won't be a big moneymaker of a career, probably. At least not at first. *grin*

Stacy, yeah, that's kind of how I'm doing it.
Julie Dao said…
Oh, I'm horrible at numbers, but this is such a major part of the publishing process! I'm reading up as much as I can about every little thing. Thanks for sharing the links!
Traci Kenworth said…
I can't even guess. But then, I'm in it for the writing, so hopefully it will be enough, but it doesn't have to be a large amount to make me happy, just being published would do that for me.
Jessica Nelson said…
You're welcome, Julie. :-)

Traci, alot of writers feel the same way you do!
Karen Lange said…
I've always wondered about this but didn't really want to ask. Thanks for the links! Hope your checks make you happy. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Karen, you know what? Just holding it in my hand makes me happy. :-)
Hi Jess,

I guess we can't quit our day jobs. :)

Janet Smart said…
Well, I don't have a day job to quit and my husband is retired. So, I'd just like to make a little to help out some with the monthly expenses. I would love to get published, then I wouldn't feel so bad about devoting so much time to my writing. It is nice to feel that what you do is worth something, if just a little. :o)
Nancy said…
That doesn't sound too promising from the sound of these experts. I hope you do very well on your book. I have just ordered it and can't wait to read it.
Thanks, Jessica! I always learn so much here. :)
Guess I'm going to learn first-hand about all those royalty things!

Hope your book does amazingly well, Jessica!

Aloha! --Cheryl

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