I've Been a Bad Girl

I missed my Wednesday posting! Of course, that's not the end of the world for anyone but I still felt guilty.

Not only that, but I also need to confirm what the writers who read my book all ready know: I head hop.

I head hop, and the editors were okay with it. How is this possible? Well...it's been my experience so far (and subject to change) that editors don't care about all the same "rules" writers do. Head hopping seems to be something writers obsess about but in reality, when it's done well, neither readers or editors notice. When it's not done well, then a scene may be confusing, etc. (disclaimer: I am not claiming to be a good head hopper, just that I do it).

In a few weeks, I'm going to hold a Godiva contest. *grin* That's right, Godiva to the person who can find a certain spot in my book...I'll post the rules later. If you haven't read Love On The Range, I'm doing a GoodReads giveaway this week (did I mention I adore GoodReads?) or else you can always buy it here. :)

Also in the news, Amazon bought Avalon Books! Verrrry interesting.

Summer is starting. Any interesting news in your neighborhood? Do you notice head hopping in books?


Julie Dao said…
I think head hopping is fine if it's done well and in a logical way :) Like any other writing taboo (i.e. adverbs, prologues/epilogues). Godiva contest?! *drool* Hope you had a great week and enjoy your weekend!
Jill Kemerer said…
My favorite author, Stephanie Laurens, head hops, but she's sooooo good at it, I don't care!! It never distracts. :)

I. Love. Godiva. :)

Enjoy your weekend!
Unknown said…
I definitely notice head-hopping in books...but if the story and characters are awesome, I'll get sucked in enough to not notice it anymore! :)

Godiva Godiva Godiva...mmmm!!
Linda Kage said…
I probably never would've had a problem with head-hopping if every critique partner I've ever had hadn't slapped me on the hand for doing it. But they did. So, now whenever I see it in a book, it really stands out. I feel like that kid in school who hears someone cuss. I cover my mouth with my hands, my eyes go all big, and I'm like, "Umm! Teacher, teacher! SHE head-hopped."

I bet most un-writer readers don't notice it though.
LOL Writing taboo...I like that! Thanks Julie. I hope your weekend is wonderful too. :-)

Jill, I've read some of her books and never noticed, so she must do it well!
Good point, Melissa!

Hahaaaa, great image, Linda! Too funny...
Lindsay Harrel said…
Teehee, you bad girl, you! But at least you're offering Godiva...

Not much going on here...just working. But soooo looking forward to my cruise in three weeks! Ah!!! I need a vacation so bad.
Patti said…
I think any rule can be broken as long as its done well. And you had me at chocolate.
Loree Huebner said…
I love Godiva!

Me too!

Rules can be broken. As long as it's done well and not sloppy, it can be all good.

Who says? I disagree. You know you got your hands slapped with a ruler about that rule.

Okay, whose head was that talking?

We're hopping.

I think we have two different heads talking here, Jessica. haha

I think as long as you know whose head your in when your reading, it's okay.

Pshaw. You know that can get confusing.

Don't listen to her.

No! Don't listen to her.
Loree Huebner said…
I just love typos.

Me too.

Hahaaa, Loree, is that head hopping or multiple personalities? LOL

Lindsay...I'm Jealous!!! Absolutely LOVE cruises. I hope you have a fab time. :-)

LOL Patti, thanks for the chuckle.
Krista Phillips said…
Must admit, I'm a hand slapper for head hopping, although I'm a black&white kinda girl and those are one of those things that is easy for me NOT to do, HA.

I've read it in many books though. While I prefer not to see it (mostly because of my black and white nature so the writer in me cringes, HA!) it would definitely not make a book bad for me. It's all about the story, mon! <>

Godiva... YUM!!!!!
Stacy Henrie said…
That Godiva contest sounds heavenly! :)
It is a relief to know there is some wiggle room in the head hopping area. There are so many rules for us beginners to catch on to, it can be discouraging at times.
Katie Ganshert said…
Jessica!! This is SO true. Editors do NOT care about all the rules writers obsess about! This is a BIG thing I've learned as I've worked with my editor.

One thing in particular? I was so obsessed with Donald Maass's tension, tension, tension! My editor was like, "This is too much."

And so many other things I have learned along the way as well.
Jennifer Shirk said…
I know, it's true editors look for different things they're not concerned with head hopping and style things.
I have your book on my Ipad, but haven't read it yet!
Yes, since I'm an Avalon author, it will be pretty interesting to see what happens...
Nancy said…
I'm very glad to hear that editors are not as finicky about head hopping as writers are. That helps me when I want to try it.
Caryn Caldwell said…
I think writers are definitely the pickiest readers around! And, hey, I'm sure a lot of them didn't notice it either.
It's good to know that editors are a little more lax on the rules than writers. As usual, I learn so much here. :)

And a Godiva contest! How exciting. :)
Karen Lange said…
I've wondered about some of these so called writing "rules", for I see evidence in books that they have relaxed some. Appreciate the info! :)
Hi ladies!! Thanks for your lovely comments. Publishing has definitely been interesting and a learning experience. :-)
You are a masterful headhopper, little grasshopper. Hee. And what a FAB idea for a contest! SMartie.
I notice it, but if it doesn't slow me down, I don't care.

When an author produces an amazing story, readers will overlook any writing faux pas.
Connie Keller said…
As for head hopping, I've never done it, mostly because I've only ever written in first person or close third. But it doesn't bother me in books if it's well done.

And Godiva...you're a woman after my own heart. (Have you tried Lindt dark chocolate with black currents? yum.)
Linda Glaz said…
When did you sneak in the head hopping? When we weren't looking?

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