Quickie Promo Post!

My book Love On The Range is almost out of print!

Amazon says they have 17 copies left...I don't know what that means for the other booksellers but I think it means my print run is almost up? Hmmm.

Print runs, returns, those are things that makes this writer's brain shudder.

Amazon also has my book on sale, so if you didn't get a copy but are interested in reading it, now might be the time to get it?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Hi Jess -

I hope you have a nice supply of your own. Sometimes Amazon sells used books. People might find a copy in that section.

Unknown said…
And that's the beauty of ebooks. I don't think there's a limit to their availability. :D
Sandra Orchard said…
Congrats, Jessica, that means it's sold well...and now you'll sell the large print supply :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Susan!

Sandra, I would LOVE that! lol

Stina, true dat!
Yay for selling out! Definitely a hit! And with e-books Love on the Range will live on. Woohoo!
Janet Smart said…
Congratulations! That is a good thing. You'll have to print some more.
denise petrovich said…
Yes, I think that is a good thing. Love the book!!

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