Thanksgiving Blessings

Last year around this time I was involved in a horrible accident in which I walked away unscathed while a young man was severely injured.

I asked for prayer from you all and want to let you know that I recently found out that the young man fully recovered. :-)

So this Thanksgiving, my shoulders feel a little lighter.

Many times we're reminded to be thankful for the little things in our lives. Today I am wondering what big things, what deep worries of the heart, what trials have you survived or been rescued from?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Terri Tiffany said…
You know all about mine so I am very thankful this year:)
I'm thankful for you walking away & for justice being served with a neighbor in prison for long time.
~ Wendy
Keli Gwyn said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Jessie! I'm glad you and the young man are both doing well.
Linda Kage said…
What a wonderful Thanksgiving piece of news to hear!
Lindsay Harrel said…
We had a horrible tragedy in our church this year, but God is good at resolving things justly.
So happy for you! Though I don't know the details, I imagine that must have been hard to go through. Relief is a wonderful feeling.
Jennifer Shirk said…
That is a blessing.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Julie Dao said…
I'm so glad that you were not hurt and that the young man fully recovered. What news to give thanks for! Happy Thanksgiving!
Loree Huebner said…
So thankful that you both have recovered.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Julie Jarnagin said…
That's great news! Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm so happy to hear this, Jessie! Deep into my soul happy. :) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Brandi Boddie said…
I remember praying for you and that young man. I'm so happy that God answered by healing both of you.

I went through a cancer scare this year that required a hospital stay and an extended recovery, but I'm thankful to be healthy today.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Jessica Nelson said…
Brandi, I'm so glad you're okay!! Thank you for your prayers. :-)

Thank you everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well!
Hi Jess -

That's really good news!

I'm thankful that I survived a potentially life-threatening situation several years ago. It gave me a whole new outlook on life.

Susan :)

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