Ahhh, the bad guys. Most stories have them in one way or another. The important thing to remember is that no one is ALL bad. That's right. The bad guy, or villain, should have a little good in 'em. A certain strength. They need to be real because, in my opinion, reality is scarier than some inhuman monster. For example, Tess Gerritsen's books scare me way more than Dean Koontz's. You want your villain scary? You want him to make the reader fear for your protagonist?
Give the bad guy a mix of good traits and bad. Then let the bad overpower the good.
That's only my opinion, though.

Does anyone think it's strange for an unpubbed writer to give writing advice? Hhhmmm. Maybe I need to do book reviews. lol

I'd love to do an interview with an author. That would be cool.

Next post, I'll talk about heros/heroines.


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