I've been watching my inbox for weeks now, waiting for agents' replies. I have about eight queries out. Yesterday one came back.


At first there was the sinking of my hopes, but then it was followed by relief. An answer at last. Time to target my next unsuspecting agent. Hehehehe, I actually like this part of the game. The thrill of the hunt, I guess.

The rejection letter confused me. I'm pretty sure it's a form one because I addressed a particular agent and received a Sincerely, The Agency reply. But then the letter said the plot didn't resound with them. I like to do Thank Yous on personalized rejections but can't figure out if this is one or not.

Oh, well. Time to send out another query.


Anonymous said…
You've got a great attitude, Jessica! Keep sending them out. I actually used to send "thank yous" even if the rejections weren't personalized. It made me feel like I had the last word, like winning my power back.

Funny, the sneaky things we do as writers to keep ourselves sane and positive. :-)
Anonymous said…
You've got to love closure even when it comes in the form a a rejection. It just screams 'Finally!'

Watching the e-mail inbox day in and day out is enough to drive you crazy! Funny thing is, when I see a reply or e-mail from an agent/editor, it takes me ten minutes before I can even click on it.

I usually clean up my other e-mails then close my eyes after I click. LOL.

Keep that positive outlook, Jessie!
Thanks Candi! Yeah, sometimes it takes me a few minutes to open the e-mail. There's always this beginning rush before logic steps in and tempers the hope. But I think you're right in that it's definitely about closure. It's just nice to know I can cross that agent off my list and move on.
Keep up the good work! I once heard a great tip that writers should set their writing goals based on the number of rejection notices that they want to get in a month or year -- that way at least you feel a sense of accomplishment when you hit your numbers! :)

I'm excited to run into the blog of another writer mom of little ones. I saw your post on Rachelle's site and just had to leave a comment. I also have three kids under four and am an aspiring writer. I just had to drop by to say hello!

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