Tag- I'm it.

Hey, I got my first tag ever by Susan of the Christian Writer-Reader Connection.

Here goes seven things you might not know about me.

1. An extra bone in each foot
2. Love to learn foreign languages
3. Got married two days after high school, and I wasn't pregnant :-)
4. I love to dance but got no groove
5. I'm 5'10
6. Though it's not my normal style, I love the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Stop groaning everyone. Sheesh.
7. Hhhmm, can't think of anything else.

I tag Haleigh, Candi, Karen (a very sweet irritable mother), Anita and Chatty Kelly. I'd like to tag more but either you already got it or I'm tired of copying and pasting my blog list. So if you're not on here, I still want to know!!! Leave it in my comments or tell me where I can go to find out about you :-)


Sarah said…
Dancing without rhythm is the best kind! But you know who had major groove?

Napolean Dynamite. We could both learn a thing or two from him.
Thanks for the plug. I can't imagine why anyone hasn't tagged you sooner.

Who's Napolean Dynamite? Is this another generational thing? LOL.

What languages have you studied? Are you fluent in any of them?

Questions, questions. I have so many questions today.

Susan :)
No, I wish I was fluent! Was working on Spanish and French for awhile, but now that I'm a stay-at-home mom it's really dropped by the wayside.
Napoleon Dynamite is a movie that some would say is very stupid. But for some reason, I see in it an innocence so I like it.
Anonymous said…
Hey Jessie! Thanks for tagging me. I posted it on my blog. Oh, and as for Napoleon Dynamite, I loved it, too! :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh, and I forgot to add how interesting you are. ;) An extra bone in each foot, aye? How does one come to know about that? X-rays?

And the word count's looking great! Keep it up...

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