Links for the Weekend

Here's some links I found interesting this week.

Agent Chip MacGregor has a fascinating post on how to create page-turning novels.

Check out Camy Tang's helpful post over at LaShaunda's Blog on writing query letters.

I knew it!!!! I know who Miss Snark is! Oh my gosh, I'm so screaming right now. Sorry Snark, you're outed. Check out this blog. Read the comments.

My friend Anita has her amazing website up! Make sure to listen to the music. It's lovely.

Query Counts: One request Thursday, Two rejections yesterday, One rejection today.
Interesting tidbit: Snail mail SASEs come back sooner.

Have a great weekend guys!


Thanks for the links, Jessica. But...who is Miss Snark???

Susan :)
Rita Gerlach said…
When Miss Snark was blogging, she gave the literary world some interesting reading.

Thanks, Jessica, for commenting on my blog, InSpire. I hope you will stop by and visit my website and Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers.


Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers:
Anonymous said…
Hey Jessie! Thanks for the plug! You're awesome.

Congrats on the request! Is that the one you were telling me about? The full?

And thanks for the great links. I'll check them out next week. Back to writing for now...
Sarah said…
Miss Snark? Outed? Was it a secret? Who is she? I'm so confused...
Sarah said…
I just stopped by Miss Snark's blog and loved it...but I'm still confused. Is this a mystery you've solved?

Oh man, now you got me all intrigued...

Who is this Miss Snark person? Are you going to explain this?

I better pop an Ambien so I can sleep tonight...
How can you peeps not know of the great Snark?
I'm answering you on your blogs.
Sarah said…
Oh, now I get it! Thanks for clearing that up for me. I felt so out of the loop, but now I feel like one of the cool kids! :)

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