What Type Are You?

Recently it came to my attention that a hero in one of my manuscripts is flat. He doesn't seem real. The problem?
I think I didn't get a good characterization on him. Some people, like my writer friend Haleigh, use character interviews. Others use charts. Those things are too organized/detailed for me.

Instead, with my first finished manuscript I relied on the Myers-Brigg personalities to formulate my characters. I probably should have done that with this hero.

My favorite website is here. Not only does it give detailed profiles but you can find out what other personalities are the best romantic fit. And then, voila! You have character personalities already mapped out. This is also a great way to make sure your characters stay consistent in their actions.

There's a long test and a short test.

I'm an INFP on both tests. I would love to know what you are!


Sarah said…
I'm an INFP also. I read the book and took the long test a few years ago. The thing that struck me the most is that we're in the minority (according to the book, we make up about 2% of the population). We really are wierdos!
Anonymous said…
Hey Jessie~

Cool post! I took the short test. Fun! I'm an INTP. And I followed the link to the detailed defintion of my personality and it fit me almost to a T.

Here's one sentence that totally describes my writing habits: "INTPs are rigorous with their thoughts and analysis, choosing the exact words that convey precisely what is meant."

I'm anal about that in my writing. To the point I won't write without a thesaurus and a dictionary by my side during each session. That test is very accurate.

Thanks for the link!
Hi Sarah,
That's so neat. I had no clear we were scientifically "rare" :-) but I'm not surprised to be weird. lol
That you have a book on it is fascinating. I love stuff like this.
Hi Anita,
Oooh, so we're close. I actually had mine come up a few times on a test (not sure if it was those ones) as intp. But reading the description told me that it didn't quite fit.
So funny about your dictionary and thesaurus. I noticed you used a lot of great words too! I love my comp. thesaurus but I really want to get a more comprehensive one.
Anonymous said…
Jessie, the BEST "thesaurus" I've ever found is actually called the "FLIP DICTIONARY" and here's a link to it online at Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=the+flip+dictionary.

I most often use my online thesaurus (www.thesaurus.com)when I'm writing at home, simply because I like to have everything accessable by "mouse"(where I don't have to sort through any pages) but the flip dictionary has helped me at times when I can't find what I'm looking for online, and has proven invaluable when I'm writing "on the road" with my lap top or spirals. :-)

BTW, I guess I may as well get used to signing Anita to my comments. I was in such a habit of using Tina, but now that A.G. Howard's going to be the old pen name, I guess I can stop that. Tee-hee.
Kristen, I can't wait to see what you are!!
I'll check that out. I actually don't have anything downloaded on my computer besides what's under the tools button. But it feels limiting so I'd really like something bigger.
Sarah said…

The book is called Please Understand Me Too, by David Keirsey. It's packed full of info on the Myers-Brigg personality types.
Sarah said…
Ha, ha. We keep commenting on each other's blogs at the same time! You just snuck over to mine while I was on yours...

You know what they say about great INFP minds thinking alike!
haleigh said…
I'm an ENFP, and the description is so accurate it's creepy!

This is a great tool for characters, Jessie! I do confess to loving my character sketches, but I know they're not for everyone :) My favorite thing is when characters show up in my head and start doing things I didn't expect, but which fit their personality perfectly.

Oh wait, does that make me crazy? yikes!
LOL Sarah!
And Haleigh, you're basically the extroverted version of me (or vice-versa?) Too funny!!!
Yes, I love the surprises characters bring. Especially in dialogue.
You're not crazy! One good writer though. Get those revisions done girl.
I need to see what happens with Shae.
haleigh said…
I didn't tell you what happened? Shae dies. Chapter 8 - shot in the head.

LOL - I'm just kidding. I actually wrote that, then deleted it (she was pissing me off :)

As soon as I get these revisions done, I'll send it your way, I promise!
Karen Hossink said…
I would be happy to share my publishing journey with you any time. Feel free to email me with any questions!
Hi Jessica -

I tested ENFJ on the long test and INFJ on the short test. I don't know what that means. Split personality? Pick your favorite?

Fun link. Thanks, Jessica.

Susan :)

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