The other day I managed to get all my kids down for naps at the same time. It was wonderful. So I sat down on my couch and began to work on my wip.

Five minutes later the phone rang. It was my mom, who loves to chat. She asked what I was doing and I said, writing.

She said, "I'll let you go so you can get your writing done."

And we hung up.

It was an amazing moment. I've heard others say how difficult it is to carve out a writing time and have people respect it. And yes, there are people in my family who don't understand the need for aloneness.

But my mom totally blew me away. In that moment I felt incredibly blessed to have such a supportive, thoughtful family member.

Anything like this happen to you lately?


Kristen Painter said…
My parents pray for me to get published. I have mixed feelings about that - it seems like asking too much, you know? Like there aren't a million other things a lot more worthy of God's time.
Hey Kristen,
That is interesting and very sweet of them. Yeah, I know there's so many things for God to take care of but it's awesome that they believe He cares about this detail of your life. :-) I think he cares too. :-) Even if there's a ton on His to-do list. LOL
Hi Jessica -

My late husband encouraged my writing, even suggesting I take a full day each week to work on my book. Now, my Mom takes on the burden of cooking and shopping for groceries so I can write.

I'm a blessed woman.

Susan :)
Wow, Susan, that is a very great blessing. :-) Your husbands sounds like he was incredibly supportive. And your mom too.
How is your writing coming along?
Anonymous said…
I have to admit that even from the very beginning, my entire family has been amazingly supportive of my writing. I am so blessed.

Hubbie even let me go to a local bed and breakfast for two summers ago so I could finish up a novel. He watched the kids and took care of the house. Pretty incredible.
Angie Ledbetter said…
Simultaneous nappage AND a quick phone convo? Wow, lucky day. :)
Jennifer Shirk said…
That's so nice! Hoep you got some good writing in. :)
My hubby is my greatest supporter. My eldest daughter is his arch rival! LOL

Seriously, I think deep down she wants me to get published, but hasn't the patience or understanding of how much work and time it takes to learn this craft, let alone get published. She's been in that "It's all about me" teenager stage for quite some time! Anyone know when that stage ends?

Anyhow, I learned very early on in my writing to hide how much time I spend on it from her. If the laundry isn't done, I never divulge that it was a good writing day. I just ignore her rant, and offer to teach her how to use the modern day machines. That usually stops her cold.
Terri Tiffany said…
Wow! I wish my mom would say that to me!! or better yet, my husband now that he is around all day!:)) Enjoy!
Don't make us jealous. *snicker*
That's pretty awesome though. What a great man :-)
Thanks for stopping by, Angie and Jennifer. Yeah, I got my thousand words in. Whether they were any good... LOL
Hi Eileen,
Hilarious. So she wants you all to herself? That is kind of a good thing. :-) Funny about the chores. I had a friend in high school who pretended to be a complete dunce about the stove so her mom wouldn't make her cook.
The things teens do...
My hubby hasn't said anything like that to me. LOL He wants me to be published but forgets how much time writing takes. So I try to write when he's not around. But sounds like your guy's home 24/7. I feel for you. :-) Maybe you can work something out?
Mary Connealy said…
Jessica, just in case you don't come back to my blog and answer me, email me.
maryconnealy [at] hotmail . com
I want to ask you something.
Anonymous said…
Oh, and Jessie, one thousand words is AWESOME, girl! Be they good or bad. They can always be rearranged or polished up if need be. :-)

And that picture of you and your hubbie up there is so good! You make a lovely couple. No wonder your boys are so adorable.
Karen Hossink said…
A blessing, indeed.
How nice that you were able to have that chunk of time!!!
It was verrryyy nice. ;-)

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