Interesting Marketing Survey

Verso Digital did a really interesting survey on Book-Buying habits. It's fascinating and helpful.

Don't forget! Monday I'll be participating in Diane Estrella's Cupid Shot Me. Hope you'll join in.

Have a wonderful day!


Diane said…
Thanks for the shout out! Hope your Valentine's day is great and chocolatey. :O)
Thanks Diane. I hope it is too. *grin*
Unknown said…
Just heard about the Cupid Shot Me day. But Cupid didn't shoot me. I think he lost my address years ago. :(
Happy Valentine's Day, Jessica!

Looking forward to your Cupid Shot Me post. Sounds like romance in the works!
Linda Glaz said…
Sounds interesting Jess. Hope you had a great day.
Karen, no worries. God is a lot more reliable than Cupid. Sometimes getting shot hurts and sometimes the arrows gets pulled out and leaves a gaping wound. :-)
Your love will come when you least expect him.

Hey Linda, I did. Busy, but great.

Eileen, you've got the part about work right. LOL! It's a romance that's always in progress. :-)

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