They Buy What You Sell

Ever thought of your blog as you...selling yourself? Elana did an awesome POST about this and it reminded me of a blog I'd just read.

I'd linked over because I saw this blogger's somewhat rude comment on an agent's blog. The blogger had a decent amount of comments so I checked them out. It was a little shocking to read mostly anonymous, troll-like comments.

But it makes sense.

What you sell attracts a certain type of buyer.

This angry guy had tons of angry, mean comments.

Ever known an angry, divisive person? Having an opinion is way different than being rude. As Elana asked, what are you hoping to accomplish with blogging? What kind of You are you selling?


Tabitha Bird said…
Ooh, that is a very good question. I hope I am selling the real me, the soulful me who loves to hear what others think just as much as I love to share the world in my own head. :)
Hey girl, missed ya!

Well, I thought I was selling the transparent hopes of making myself relateable...but I don't know, now maybe I'm thinking I may be coming off as "Poor me."

Terri Tiffany said…
I've seen so many different kinds of blogs. You are so right--each one has its own flavor and set of followers. I'm hoping to sell the idea of encouraging each other in our writing and inspire us to keep going. I think the set of bloggers who visit mine do that with each other.
Trying to lovingly deal with a family member exactly like that right now.

New thoughts. Get your new thoughts over at All in a Day's Thought.

(You're supposed to hear it like you would, "Popcorn, get your popcorn here"). :D

One of those mornings.
~ Wendy
Jody Hedlund said…
Even though our blogs are a way to express ourselves personally, and even though we all blog for different reasons, if we're pursuing publication, then we have to keep our blogs professional. It's just good business sense!
anita said…
Great post, Jessie! And it explains why you have such a wonderful, kind, and encouraging set of bloggers following you. Because YOU'RE wonderful, kind, and encouraging. ;-)

When I used to post on my blog, I mostly talked about my journey into publishing, failings and successes both. But looking back, I wonder if those failure posts came across as too much of a downer.

If / when I start again, I want to be sure I'm upbeat for my readers, so they can keep the faith, too. That's what your blog does for me. You've set a fine example, my friend.
Tamika: said…
I agree with Jody. It makes terrible business practice to be abrasive. This is a venue towards publication, we must not forget that.
Tana said…
Well said! I've often wondered if those types of people set up fake blogs just to vent their steam. I really don't have any steam to vent so I wouldn't know but I hate to think they are really all piss and vinegar and nothing inbetween. Honestly I find the whole thing a little scary.
patti said…
Jessica, you've posed a question that needs to be held in one's hand and turned over and over, like an intriguing rock specimen.

It's hard to see your own "voice," isn't it? That's where agents and critique partners, true soulmates who will gently tell the truth and keep it between you and them, are SOOO important!!

BTW, love your message, your tone, you!!

Patti said…
Great question. I've seen blogs be very negative, or very depressing or even very political.

I think that you need to show who you are on your blog. The best you.
Genny said…
Great point, Jessica. Through blogging, I hope to be able to connect with other bloggers, writers, and moms. :)
Tabitha, I think your posts are very soulful and will attract those who enjoy prose, reflection, etc. :-) Also moms, since we all love to go awww over toddlers and cuties. :-)

Hey Larie! How are you? When I read your posts, I do think "poor Larie" because of the cancer, but I'm also in awe of what you've learned and what you share. It's very encouraging and Godly. :-)

Terri, I do think you do that too. Your posts are always honest and encouraging.
Catherine West said…
That was an interesting exercise in human consumption. I think a lot of us went and checked out that blog, if you're talking about the guy who dissed Rachelle a few weeks back - at first for curiosity and then because we were intrigued by the amount of people commenting. I thought wow, this guy isn't doing himself any favors, but then I thought, wait a minute, he has over 100 comments - this is exactly what he wants! He's making good on being bad. Ugh.
When I first started blogging it was for fun. It still is. I don't really have a platform. I honestly don't take life so seriously. I don't have a professional bone in my body and I'm a pretty much what you get is what you get kind of person. Not saying I'm an uneducated slob who has no idea how to behave in public, but I'm not going to put on a show for anyone. I'm not going to preach at you or tell you how to write or dress or put on make-up, because there are plenty of other blogs out there for that. And I really don't know that much about any of those topics to pretend like I do.
I'll just write whatever strikes me as a good topic and go from there. I'll share at soul level, sometimes I'll be flip and kinda sarcastic, but I will never use my blog to put anyone else down. It's just me, the good the bad and the...well...the whatever.
If you like it, great, if you don't, hey whatever, you can't have everything.
I really try to be aware of that when I comment. I usually don't say anything if I can't find anything positive to say. Cutting people down isn't a good idea anyway. Being rude to an agent just sounds like shooting yourself in the foot.
Hahaaa Wendy! You definitely accomplish that. I love your One Question Friday.

Jody, I absolutely agree. :-)

Anita!!! You mushy friend! LOL Your blog was encouraging too, and very literary. Your style of writing always came through in your posts. Very unique and beautiful. :-) If you blog again, just be you, the professional you. You had a wonderful blog.

Tamika, I know. There have been times when I wrote something I thought was funny, then deleted it because I wasn't sure how it would come across. It's important to stay professional, definitely, while at the same time being relatable.
T. Anne, me too. I almost left a comment and then erased it because I didn't want those people to find my blog. LOL! I wondered if it was a fake blog too. I even wondered if some of the anon comments were posted by the blogger himself. Who knows?

Patti, you're so sweet. :-) Thank you for your encouraging comment. I agree, people like that are precious and valuable.

Patti N,
The best you. Yep, I think that sums it up! ;-) I have strong political views but I keep them out of my blogging because I want this to be a place for readers and writers, not politicians. LOL It's tricky, right? Great comment!
Hi Genny, you do that too. Your blog is geared toward moms and you do an awesome job of setting up cool links, stories, etc. :-)

Catherine, LOL! So, is there a way for me to be professional and still real? That's something for me to think about because I would never want to be someone who puts on a show.
I like your blog. :-) But you're right, everyone has different tastes so we can't please everyone. Now I'm curious about what you've posted today! Heehee. Oh, and it was someone dissing Rachelle. I didn't realize so many others popped over and commented at his place. Interesting...

Kristen, I know, right? It's like mouthing off to the doctor who's going to do your nose job. LOL I should be more careful with my comments. I am with posts, but my comments are more unguarded. Thanks for the reminder!
Kara said…
Jessica this is so true. Early in my blogging I wrote some things that came across as angry or ugly. My husband gently told me that some people might not read the humor I was really poking at in those posts. So I try really hard to make sure what I write is what I want people to "read":)
Elana Johnson said…
Hey, thanks for the link!

I often think about this. I'm a very sarcastic person, and well, that doesn't come across on the Internet as well as it does in person. (Heck, it probably doesn't come across well in person either!) So it's a fine line I'm constantly walking. (Did they think I was serious? No, I put that little wink. They know I'm kidding...)

So yeah. Put your best self out there. It usually comes back to you.
Jessie Oliveros said…
I love the marketing aspect of blogging, but write now I LOVE LOVE the support and lessons I garner from the experience.
Warren Baldwin said…
Anger and divisiveness invites more anger and divisiveness. Proverbs warns us to stay away from such people, as they will draw us into their orbit and they will hurt us. They don't even realize how they hurt themselves. Good post.
Wow, this is a really great point. It is interesting how you noticed that the quality of the comments reflected the content of the blog. All my commenters are awesome... so does that mean I have an awesome blog? Hmmm... ;)
Kara, that's so sweet how your hubby looked out for you! Great story (though it's hard to imagine you coming across that way. LOL)

Elana, I think you do a great job at softening your sarcasm and showing humor. You're right, it's a fine line.

Ditto, Jessie!
Yep, Warren! True.

If the shoe fits... *wink*
Linda Glaz said…
Now that you've asked the million dollar question, I guess I have to hope they'll stop by and laugh, learn, and find a bit of suspense lurking behind the typed word. Anyway, if they have nothing other than a couple laughs, that's good too.
Unknown said…
I hope people get a feel for the real me from my blog. But I guess it's all subjective (like the rest of the writing world).
KellieS said…
Hi Jessica,

This is an important question that we should ask before we every type one single word. My goal is to present my passion for helping, revealing, and informing. If I'm not doing that, then I need to rethink my blog. Thank you, so much for the reminder to stay true to who you are and give your readers that person.
Angie Ledbetter said…
Birds of a feather really do flock together don't they? Even in the Blogosphere. :)

What's on my blog is the real me. I'm too old to have it any other way. LOL
Linda, I'm sure there'll be laughs at your place, plus sound writing tips!

Karen, it is subjective, definitely. Your blog is set up great. I love it. :-)
Hi Kellie,
Wow, it sounds like you've really thought out your blog purpose. Nice! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Angie, your blog is very real. I'd love to meet you in person and hear your Cajunese! LOL
Kathy said…
I understand what you're saying. I try to keep my blog posts positive. At times, I might complain about something in the news or puzzle over some event or people's rudeness, but overall I try to find something interesting/inspiring to write about.

Life is complex; writers have different opinions and personalities. Sometimes I try to go for humor, sometimes I'm feeling very serious or sentimental.
Julie Dao said…
It's all about karma: you get what you give! I feel that if you have a positive online presence, you will draw positive readers to yourself and vice versa. My blog is very "me" and the comments and people I see on it are all really nice and positive. Your blog's one of my favorites and you always have the nicest people too. I think we are doing something right!
Karen Hossink said…
Oh, Jessica, I want to freely give lots and lots of grace and hope. God has given me so much of BOTH, and I want my blog to be all about giving more of it.
Love you!
Karen Lange said…
Good food for thought! I need to take some time to think about this some more. Will hop over to Elana's blog and check that out too.
Thanks and blessings,
Nancy J. Parra said…
Great Post! It is always important to think about others when you post a blog or a comment. You never know who is reading. Cheers~
Wow, I never thought of this before. I'm so glad I read this post of yours today.

I think I'm trying to cheerlead people, so they won't give up on living, or writing their bestseller, or following Jesus. I never thought of it as selling Me before.

Okay, so I sell cheer and encouragement. That must be why I have such lovely people visit every day!

Jessica, you were my first follower and I'll always be grateful to the Lord for sending you my way...
Kathy, true about complexity. I don't think it's bad to have a blog that's real. Sometimes negative or sad things happen.

Julie, I think so. :-) I'm so thankful that everyone I've met so far (pretty much) is sweet and kind. No trolls here, thank goodness!

Karen, you're blog definitely meets a need we mommies have. :-) You give lots of grace and wisdom over there!
Thanks for popping by Karen. :-)


Jeanette, I'm so thankful to know you too! You're such an encouraging, wonderful lady. I'm kind of jealous of your congregation. *wink*
This idea scares me. I'm not sure I want to be sold. Hee hee.

I think of it more as revealing who you are, providing an image of yourself for others to see. I hope the image people get of me is a real person, ups, downs, struggles, and all, and always seeking God in the midst of everything.
Suzette Saxton said…
Good point, my dear. I've never really thought about this, just kind of been myself as thoroughly as I can. You've started my mind a-turning!

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