The Beholder's Eye

For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. (NASB Psalm 139:13)

As I was putting away laundry the other day, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. No make-up, hair pulled away from my face...I looked ugly. I felt ugly.

Then I remembered how God made me, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made.

After that, I looked at myself and knew that I'd been crafted with love.

This made me think of our stories. Perhaps they're considered ugly (rejected). Maybe they're not perfect (don't follow writing "rules") But think about how you wrote that manuscript. Think about the love and the wonder and the awe of creating a story from your heart. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

What is one part of your body that you think is beautiful? What about your first manuscript?


Melissa said…
I love that I only have one dimple when I smile. It's a staple on my mom's side of the family and we all have it. It always makes me feel apart of something. (This is especially important because every generation before mine is 100% Swedish and I took after my dad's mixed blood so lack the height, the blonde hair, and the blue eyes. It makes me feel connected)

I'm still working on my first manuscript and to be honest, I think my characters are the beautiful part. All of them, flaws included. And yeah, my villain counts too.
Melissa said…
PS. I love the bible quote.

And you ARE a beautiful person.
Jessica Bell said…
I have those moments all the time. You have to think though, what you think is ugly, someone else might think is beautiful, and your inner beauty will always shine through your eyes no matter what.
Tabitha Bird said…
I have 'ugly moments with both myself and my writing all the time. I chose to believe God sees the beauty in me, and I am believing someone will see the beauty in my words :)
Kelly Freestone said…
I think my lips are pretty.
They're full and can look really eye-catching with the right lipstick/gloss.

My first manuscript?
Probably the fact it's sitting there with a period at the end of the last sentance. :D
Katie Ganshert said…
What a great post! And such a good reminder - about ourselves and our manuscripts. One thing I love about my current manuscript is the rawness of my heroine. One feature I like about myself....I like that I'm left handed.
Jennifer Shirk said… true.
I have an old manuscript which I really adore. (There are motivation problems).
BUT I love the hero and I love the comedy in it. I see its beauty. :)
Jennifer, I feel the same about my first finished one. I'm trying to fix the motivation problems, but even if it never sells, I'll still love the characters. :-)

Oooh, a raw heroine? That sounds intriguing. I bet she's fun to write! I didn't know you were left-handed. :-)
Melissa, that's so cool! I love when people have one dimple! I actually have an inherited dimple in my chin from my dad, and all three of my boys got it. I totally get what you mean about it linking you because I look at my kids and it just feels awesome to see that dimple there. ;-)
Thanks for your sweet comment about beauty.
Jessica, EXACTLY. It's all in perspective. I'm sorry you have those moments all the time. I hope today and as life goes on, you have more, Wow, I'm beautiful moments. *grin*

Tabitha, good for you! I already find your words beautiful, so that's one person. I know there's more. ;-)
Kelly, lucky you with the great lips!! :-) And that period at the last sentence...yup, great example!
I like that my hair usually looks better when I don't wash it. ;)

And it always comes back to my characters. Oh, I love my characters from each novel I've written.

~ Wendy
Melissa said…
To answer your question about Pig freeze: Pig freeze is when you eat ice cream, a slushy, or basically anything really cold and get a pain in your head (you can get it in other places too). I would try to describe it better except I've never had the feeling myself. I do know that I'm the only person I've ever met who's never experienced pig freeze. I guess pig freeze is a Canadian term or something....

Also, that's so sweet you notice that about your kids. Whenever I whine about looking nothing like my family my mom always brings up my dimple. You saying that reminds me of her.
Jessica Bell said…
That's called brain freeze where I come from :o)
Terri Tiffany said…
I like my eyes:)
What I liked about the first book I ever wrote was I knew the topic and wrote from totally my heart despite any rules!
Diane said…
I am generally content with my looks, but see the potential for improvement... kinda like my writing. :O)
patti said…
Oh, dear. Struggling here. I guess my mother's smile, even though I have tetracycline-stained teeth (but at least I survived that life-threatening childhood pneumonia)! LOL.

Hmmm. The descriptions of Ireland, gifted to me by a visit back in 2005. Seems so long ago...

You think of the coolest things to rattle my gray matter!!!
LOL Wendy! Washing hair is a pain! You're lucky it looks better, mine just gets greasy. Heh.

Melissa, being a mom is cool. It really can change your perspective. Thanks for sharing about your mom. :-) Very cool.
Also, I don't think I've had pig freeze either! I've heard it called brain freeze...Thanks for answering my question!
Jessica, yep! ;-)

Terri, writing from the heart is wonderful! You'll always have that connection to your story, I think. :-) You do have pretty eyes!

LOL Diane! Contentment is something we all could use. I'm glad that you have it, girl. :-)

Patti, why do you have to think hard? I can look at your profile pic and see several beautiful things! You're right about your smile, I noticed that right away. It's pretty radiant, at least in the pic on your blog. :-)
Jess! How could you think you're ugly? You're an attractive young woman.

My eyes are probably my best feature. They're hazel (fancy name for greenish/brown).

I think the most beautiful part of my manuscript is the relationship between my main characters.

Susan :)
Aw, Jessica, what a sweet post! And what a great and clear reminder, too.

I love my eyes. And from my first manuscript? I loved its inspiration, and the spirit with which it was crafted.
anita said…
Jessie, not only are you beautiful as a person, but you have a beautiful way with words. You touch us emotionally with every post. That is such a gift. God knew exactly what he was doing when he crafted you. :-)

What do I like best about my appearance? I've always liked my lips. And as for what I liked most in my first MS? The characters and their interactions. I think that's what I like most about all of my MSS. Watching their relationships grow and flourish is beautiful to me.

What a wonderful post! Thank you for writing it. Oh, and BTW, you have a lovely smile. So there.
Erica Vetsch said…
What a fun post, and fun answers too!

For me, I like my nails. Ridiculously strong and they grow crazy fast.

My first manuscript. I loved the storyline. So redemptive.
Erica, I'm jealous of your nails! LOL Mine are not that strong. Redemptive storylines are awesome!

Anita, awww, thanks. :-) Now I need to go look at your lips on facebook. Snirt!

Janna, great answers! You do have really beautiful eyes!
It happens Susan. *grin* Thank you for your sweetness though. I have hazel eyes too. I like how they change colors. Fun stuff! :-)
I like my blue eyes.

You are not ugly and I am certain your heart is beautiful.

Happy Scribbling.
Dara said…
I have to say I like my eyes. They're a lovely shade of green and it makes me feel special because I don't see very many people with my color eyes. At least not the shade.

My husband and like everyone else would tell me it's my smile but I can't stand it :P Maybe because I've always seen it as "pre-braces" when they weren't nice.

My first manuscript--the one from when I was 11--probably I like the characters and the setting. It was my first novel and attempt at historical fiction and I think I did a decent job for an eleven year old.
Karen Lange said…
I think you are beautiful, and you are a sweet blogging friend.
Karen :)
Faith Pray said…
I hadn't thought of my work this way. I really love your reminder that there is beauty in creation.
Faith Pray said…
I hadn't thought of my work this way. I really love your reminder that there is beauty in creation.
Glynis, lol, I'm pretty sure my heart is not always beautiful, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alwasy ugly. Thanks for your defense! Sounded pretty determined there. *grin* I'm glad you like your eyes. Blue ones can look amazing, esp. in certain types of light.

Dara, your eyes sound gorgeous! You must have a great smile if people have commented on it. :-) I can't believe you wrote your first manuscript when you were eleven!!! Wow. :-)
Karen, you're beautiful and sweet too! :-)

Faith, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.
Jessie Oliveros said…
I like my poochy tummy. Just kidding...I like my eyes, and my kids even have them. My ms? Still working on those parts, beautiful and ugly.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this reminder that we've been crafted with love. It's so easy to forget.

- Corra

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