RWA's Literacy Night

My sisters and I loaded up and drove down to Orlando for a fun night of rubbing shoulders with other writers. Well, my sisters are readers so they enjoyed meeting authors, I think.
Anyway, I was able to see a bunch of bloggers! Sadly, somehow I missed seeing Amy and author Kristen Painter.

Here are some pics.

The lovely Ruth Logan Herne and sweet Sara Mitchell with me. :-)

Another sweet Seeker, Debby Giusti.

Me and one of my wonderful crit partners, Cheryl!

The experience was amazing and I wanted to see so many other writers!

Have you gone to a signing or literacy event before? Do you like being surrounded by writers?


Tabitha Bird said…
Oh, I wish I could have been there.
I'm counting the days until I can meet fellow writers at ACFW.

Looks like you had a blast. You seem to be one of those people who exudes joy at all times.
~ Wendy
Stephanie Faris said…
I've been to several writer's conferences and one of them, the one in Memphis, had a signing that was obviously modeled after RWA's. They'd lined authors up at tables all around the room. It was cool...especially since there was less competition for each author's attention -- no lines! Susan Elizabeth Phillips was the keynote speaker so I met her, Teresa Medeiros, and numerous others. Looks like lots of fun! I'm almost glad it wasn't in Nashville...if I'd have missed it when it was (literally) just around the corner, I would have hated seeing all these pictures.
What a blast! Wish I'd been there to share! Next time...!
Tabitha and Donna, I hope you get a chance to go!

Stephanie, lol, I was still jealous when I went because I didn't get to attend the conference. But the night was wonderful and I hope they have it in your neighborhood another time.

Wendy...I wouldn't say at all times. LOL But being surrounded by writers and books is almost heaven. *grin*
You are so beautiful. The glory of Jesus shines in your eyes and smile. These photos make a great start to my busy day.

The nearest I've come to this was the WTP conference in Wheaton, IL last summer. I met Chip MacGregor, Marty Nystrom, Mary DeMuth, Rachelle Gardener, and my inimitable agent, Diana Flegal. Glorious!
patti said…
Oh, MYYYYY! Fabulous pictures!
How cool! You look JOYOUS and RADIANT!!!

Diane said…
So glad you were able to go. Great pics! :O)
Linda Kage said…
WOW. I can't wait until Nationals are close enough that I can do that too. Looks like you had fun.
Erica Vetsch said…
How fun! I hope you spent a little time daydreaming about when YOU would be signing books at RWA. :)
Erica, I might've thought about it a little...*grin*

Linda, hope you get to go someday!

Thanks for stopping by, Diane. ;-)
Patti, I was definitely joyous. *grin*

Jeanette, thank you for the sweet comment. :-) Sounds like you've met some real veterans of the industry!
Dara said…
I LOVE being surrounded by other writers. It's awesome to be around that many people who share the same passion, regardless of genre. I'm a litle bit jealous... :)
I have never been surrounded by other writers, but the thought gives me goosebumps!!!!! I want to go to ACFW next year for sure!
Cindy R. Wilson said…
Fun pictures, thanks for posting them. I can't wait for ACFW this year--it's going to be awesome.
Tana said…
Oh how wonderful! It looks like a blast! The RWA has been on my mind all week. How I would have love to gone just to meet the authors. How did you resist buying thousands of books? Or did you? ;)
Sarah Forgrave said…
Great pictures! I've never been surrounded by that many like-minded writers before, which means I'm extra excited about the ACFW conference!
Tall girl, quit squatting! ;) You're so adorable.

It looks like great fun! One of these days, I'm going to do that. (Er... go to a conference, not squat.)
Hi Jess -

Great smile! Thanks for the pics.

Susan :)
Linda Glaz said…
I'm soooooo jealous, but glad you and Cheryl got to meet. yeah!
And congrats, Cheryl. Another,
Jennifer Shirk said…
Oh, you look so cute!!

Yes, I've been to a literacy signing. There is something in the air with them. A lot of excitement and of course BOOKS. :)

Buy anything good?
Katie Ganshert said…
Looks like SO much fun!! Makes me wish you were going to the ACFW conference, Jessica!! We tall gals have to stick together. :)
Natalie said…
That looks totally amazing! I've never even been to an author signing. Someday. Someday.
Deb Shucka said…
You look so happy! I'm glad you had such a great time. I'm just getting ready to leave Iowa City after spending a week with other writers - it's been one of the best weeks of my life.
anita said…
Jessie, what a beautiful smile you have! :-)

I'm so glad you had fun and met lots of other writers! And yes, just like you, I love going to things like that. It rejuvinates my creativity just by being around other writers for a few hours. But my fave thing is having other writers for friends who I actually talk to every day. (Y.O.U.) Heehee

Anyway, glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing those pics! BTW, that outfit you're wearing is so cute! Love the cropped sweater vest. ;-)
Unknown said…
I've never gone to one but how exciting!!!!

You are so pretty and you look like you're having thee most amazing time!!!
Kathy said…
I went to a writer's conference in 2006 and met some writers. It was a great experience!
Fun pictures, Jessica! What an exciting day, huh?

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