Post-Publication: The LowDown

So it's over.

My book (that huge cover on the right sidebar) is officially off the shelves. There's so much to share that I think it might take a couple of blog posts.

First thing: Love On The Range is a category romance, published by Harlequin, who puts out different sets of book every month. It's a book club thing. That's why mine is off the shelves. Its month was April.

Secondly: Now that the book is off the shelves, it feels like a dream that happened. I feel like I'm starting over.

Thirdly: Reviews are both nail-biting and exhilarating, especially when they're from someone you don't know.

Fourth: AuthorCentral is a cool Amazon site that logs your sales. It shares all sorts of info, like where your book has been selling in the US (with a map and everything).

So whew. April was awesome and tiring. How was your April? Do you read category romances? Did you know about AuthorCentral?


Erin MacPherson said…
YAY! I'm so excited for you! I'm going to have to check it out!
Jessica Bell said…
does this mean it's not for sale anywhere or just in the book stores? If the former, wow, that's really sad :(
Unknown said…
My question is the same as Jessica. That would be sad if it's shelf life is so short.

I don't read category romances. The only adult romances I occasionally read are romantic suspense. I used to read historical romances because they're high on suspense and danger too. Yes, I love danger with my romance--except in real life.
April? That's right, we're in May now. Huh, that went fast.

This is educational, to read where you're at the aftermath.

Always learning. Thanks to all you who have gone before.
~ Wendy
Hi Erin, thanks! :-)

Stina and Jessica, NO worries, it's still for sale on the book sites for a few more months. But yes, that's how category works on the shelves. There's a huge built-in fan base though through the club so sales are pretty good.
LOL Wendy, it def. feels like aftermath.
Diane Estrella said…
I guess it's like your five minutes of fame, that being April. So proud of you and all that you've accomplished. I know there's more to come!!! :O)
You need to get another book out there so we can all enjoy it like Love On The Range. Is there one in the works? I hope so :)
Lindsay Harrel said…
I wasn't really aware of how the system worked for category romances. Interesting!

And no, I hadn't heard of AuthorCentral, but I'll tuck it away for when it applies to me! ;)

And April was a whirlwind for me. I don't remember much about it except I threw two birthday parties (one family, one friends) for my husband.
Terri Tiffany said…
I didn't know they put a new one out each month. So are you writing the next one?? hope so!
LOL Diane, my 30 days of fame. You're so right!

Hi Tammy, yes, there's one in the works...if I'd get on it. lol Poor thing is languishing a bit.

Lindsay, yikes!! You were busy. Def. tuck away AuthorCentral. It's pretty cool. :-)

I am, Terri. :-)
Wow, I didn't realize they moved that quickly. I mean, I knew category was released for a certain month, but I figured it would still be available longer. So, can people still order the book on Amazon? Will Harlequin continue to print if they run out?

I'm with everyone else---that seems so SHORT a lifespan.

Keep going, regardless! I'm sure it's a little deflating, but we'll look forward to the next one!
Unknown said…
Oh dear, is it really May? I had an awesome April and May is looking to be the same. But I won't be sad when I get to rest in June. :)

Glad your book release month was wonderful!!
Emily, it's not deflating because I knew how it worked. ;-) And yep, it's still available to order. I will keep going, girl! Thanks. ;-)

Melissa, I do hope you get to rest in June. We all need rest. In the meantime, best wishes with your busy months! lol
Katie Ganshert said…
That must have been such a whirlwind, Jessica! I haven't checked out the sales stuff on Author Central yet. I'm afraid I'll become addicted!
Indie Newbie said…
So when can we expect your next book?

I knew about author central, however, it doesn't map the kindle sales :-(.
Julie Dao said…
Oh wow, I had no idea that's how category romances were sold! I'm glad to hear your book will still be selling though and not taken away forever and ever! Glad April went well for you and I can't wait to hear you announce more of your books going on the bookshelves :) :)
LOL Katie! I WAS addicted...until things started slowing. Then I didn't want to look anymore. lol

Not for a while, Tori. :-) AuthorCentral also doesn't count Walmart sales, so it's more of an idea rather than a full-scope of sales.

Julie, nope, not forever and ever. ;-)
Stacy Henrie said…
Congrats again, Jessica! Sounds like it was a great month - and it's certainly a great boook. Thanks for sharing about AuthorCentral - I'll have to check it out.
Patti said…
I didn't know about category romance. Does that mean your book is unavailable or just on Amazon now. It was a great book. I loved it.
Loree Huebner said…
Thanks for sharing that info with us. Interesting...

I ordered it from Amazon, and enjoyed it!

I will get around to writing some reviews for you. I just have been busy with kids graduations.
I loved your book, and your voice. I hope there is more to come from your pen, ahem, keyboard.

I like and hate Author Central. Because they only count the sales they know about--not the ton I've done myself--it doesn't look that grand. But I enjoy having somewhere for people to go and see my books.
Keli Gwyn said…
I'm glad your release month was such a huge success. I have a hunch it felt like it was over almost before it began, due to the whirlwind of activity. At least now you can catch up on housework, email, sleep. =)

I've signed up for Author Central. It has some helpful features. I'm sure I'll learn about even more of them once my book is released.
Anonymous said…
Just want to come by to say you are wonderful and don't read reviews *laughing* -- but, that's what wonderful advice my editor gave me (and she is a NYT best selling author, as well) and it's the best advice ever!
Beth K. Vogt said…
Author Central: interesting place to visit, but I don't plan on staying too long. Just like I don't plan on reading reviews much. I need to focus on the next thing: writing the next book. And celebrating others' success.
You have a book out -- that's huge. And you wrote a good book -- that's even better!! Celebrating you!
Mary Curry said…
Ah but you'll live on in Kindle and Nook sales! That's my favorite part of ereaders, being able to get books once t heir shelf life is over.

Traci Kenworth said…
I hope it did well. I enjoyed the read and posted a review at
Linda Kage said…
Congrats on your adventure! Sounds like a rush!

I love checking my sales on Amazon, except I usually go to NovelRank to do it, not Amazon Central...don't know why. Oh, wait, I do know why! Amazon Central can't keep track of its ebook sales the way they can print books. Yeah, that's why I go to, though NR isn't the most accurate thing in the world, at least it gives you a rough estimate!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Don't stop now! LOL! Keep on writing, girlfriend. :)
I love category romances.
Hi Jess,

Does that mean people can't get your book now?

I never heard of AuthorCentral. I'll have to keep that in mind for that day when my book is published.

Susan :)
Nancy said…
I never heard of Author Central and I didn't know about category romances having such a short shelf life. April was a whirlwind for me. Hope I can still get your book on Amazon. I'll try.

It is fantastic that you got your book on the shelves. I wish more libraries stocked this type of book. What a wonderful accomplishment.
Thanks for the comments ladies! I'll expound on the shelf life in a different post. You can still get the book on booksites. :-)
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Congrats on your book. As Wendy said, it's always nice to find someone farther along in the writing journey. I learn from you. :) I didn't know about AuthorCentral, so I'll have to check that out.
Karen Lange said…
Wow, I didn't realize the shelf life was so short! I'll have to pay better attention to this kind of thing. I had been meaning to pick up your book. Thankfully, I won a copy on Sarah Forgrave's blog. Whew! So glad to get in under the wire. :) Looking forward to reading it! It does sound like you had a whirlwind month. Praying May and beyond will be productive for you!

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