The Joy of Writing

Last night I forced myself to sit down and do my words, even though I really wanted to watch a movie.

It didn't take long to get in the groove of things, and then suddenly, my hero was throwing the heroine over his shoulder! She shrieked, and then bit him, of course. As I wrote I heard myself chuckling. It felt so good. Even though this scene, or at least movement, will probably need to be cut later, I loved writing it.

Writing to be published often means we tailor certain aspects of our stories to fit a publisher's needs. But sometimes we should let loose and go wild. I think Rita mentioned that in yesterday's comments. Just writing to write. No worries, no stress.

My scene is pertinent to the book but if I have to cut the hero's action later on, it'll be okay.

Writing it made me laugh. And at this moment (rough draft stage) that's all that counts to me.

Have you ever done this? Loved what you were writing so much that you kept going, even though you might have to hit the delete key later on?


Anonymous said…
Oh, I've absolutely done the same thing. I'm a firm believer in spontaneity in writing, letting your characters have the reins from time to time, even though I plot. I believe there's always a reason to write through scenes like that, even if you know they might be snipped later. If nothing else, it takes you deeper into the psyche of your characters and what makes them tick. Which in the long run, will end up in richer characterization, because you will understand your characters on a deeper level.

Sounds like a great scene, Jessie! Personally, I hope you get to keep it. Heh.
All the time!!! Hence the never ending editing I go through.

I figure all writing is practice. And I need lots of practice!!
Sarah said…
Yup, I do it. Sometimes it feels like I'm only writing for my own amusement. But hey, if one person is amused, then I've done my job. :)
Sarah and Eileen,
You both made me laugh! I need practice too, and I love to laugh at my own writing.
I've asked hubby if it's sad that I like my stories so much. LOL
But then again, sometimes I hate them.
It's a rollercoaster for sure.
Anita, I like your take on this. Deepening characterization, huh? I LIKE it. :-)
Angie Ledbetter said…
Yep, do it often. Nothing's ever thrown away, though! I've got sniplets and snigglets piled up in a fodder file. Never know when that writing will be recycled. It's also excellent for poem writing.
I'm the same way. I just cut and paste onto my extra document. It works great. :-)
Debby Mayne said…
If we expect to be able to entertain others, I think it's good to entertain ourselves first. There have been scenes that have me so stumped, I just get a little crazy with them, knowing I'll have to cut later. But it makes me feel good to have characters do things that I know will never see the printed page.
Danica Favorite said…
All the time! But that's the joy of it, so why kill it? Write on!
Terri Tiffany said…
That's what my problem is now--I'm NOT letting go enough!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Oh, yes! And it DOES feel good. :)
Hey Debby,
True, true. With my historical I began to get bored so I switched directions and ended up with a really interesting premise. (lol, according to me)
Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks Danica! Write on you are. Hahaa.
Thanks for popping in. :-)
thanks for stopping by. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who chuckles at my own writing. LOL
Hi Jessica -

This happens to me all the time. It sure messes up the word count when you have to delete chunks. LOL!

Susan :)

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