New Word and True Heroism

Here's a link to One Very Brave Heroic boy who I think is completely awesome!

Here's a link to the new word on the block (and it cracks me up). Shug.

If you were going to combine two words to make a new one, what would they be? Do you think you could do what that boy did? Why or why not?


Katie Ganshert said…
Wow! Awesome story! And I like the word. If I could put two words together, they would be "impatiating", which means impatiently waiting. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Ahaaaa! That's genius Katie. LOL
Tana said…
What a brave young man! I bet he averted major tragedy that day. I bet God's got amazing things planned for him!

Two words together? Sleepy and Church. 'Slurch.' Guess I should have got more zzz's last night lol!

I do like Katie's word since I have most definitely been 'impatiating' the past few weeks.
anita said…
Great links, Jessie! Although I did get a bit of a sneak preview. Heehee

I like both Katie and T. Anne's words. They're very timely and applicable since most of us are church goers and authors. Heh.

My mom made up a word when me and my bro were little. When we would be pouting about something and would sniffle and rub our noses, she would call it snubbing. Snort! Of course, that word has a whole new connotation in society now, but back then, that's what it meant to us.

Sigh...mommy's are so cute. :-)
Nancy said…
What a brave young man. I don't know if I could do what he did. Who really knows what we're capable of in a crisis?

My word is "snorfle." A newborn makes it and it's sort of between a sniffle and a snort. This is similar, but not matching to Anita's answer. The babies I have known have snorfled a lot so I made up a word which sounds just like what they do.
Deb Shucka said…
Great stories, both. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
I'm a big fan of the word phantasmagoric. There are about three words in there...I think :)
kah said…
Jeesh. I dont know what I would have done. Kudos to him. And I love how humble he is about it.

I have to give some thought to that combined word thing. Hmmm
Keli Gwyn said…
Jessica, what an example of a true hero Eulls is. Thanks for sharing the link.

I read that Romance University post on the shug some time ago, and not long after that I witnessed one. It was exactly as they described, and it was all I could do not to burst out laughing.

I make up words all the time. One I've been using lately is fantabulous, which is a combination of fantastic and fabulous, of course, but it sounds so much better than either one alone, don'tcha think?
Jessica Nelson said…
I love reading all of your words! You guys are so creative. LOL

Yeah, that guy is awesome. I hope I could be that brave.
Awesome bravery, and now I've just got to use shug in my writing. I love that word. Must torment Phil with it now. He's getting tired of my "man date" teasing when he goes out with the guys. Now I'll have to ask him if he's had his shug today.
Jessica Nelson said…
Haahaaa! Eileen, you're so funny! Torment away. Every hubby needs some teasing. LOL
Whoa! I want to stand up and cheer when I read stories like that--thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard this one.

My new word of the day is "whine-free," which I'd like to be. I'm reading Dr. Laura's book, "Stop Whining; Start Living," and my toes are sore!
Linda Kage said…
I think I'd be way too scared to do what the hero boy did. When I hear bumps in the night that wake me up, I just freeze. That's probably what I would've done on the bus.

And I love the "SHUG". Great. And so true. I have no idea what two words I'd mix to create a new one. Hmm. I'll have to think about it.

Thanks for sharing.
The shug, I love it!

And I'm very impressed with that young man. I'd like to think I'd think as clear-headed, but I can only pray it would turn out that way. In fact, I often do.
Diane said…
The shug is too funny and completely accurate! Lovin' it! :O)
Tamika: said…
Jessica, thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I cannot wait to share with my sports fanatic husband.

I love the word of the day! My Pastor often does funny things like make up words and he always tells us that he called them into existence. I am not that much of an equipped wordsmith.

Blessinga to you...
Jessica Nelson said…
Tamika, your pastor sounds like a hoot! Too funny. :-) I have trouble making up words on the spot, though I've done it a bit in my manuscripts. LOL

Jeanette, you're so funny!

Linda, I'm afraid I'd freeze too. :-( But like Janna said, I pray that I'd be courageous and strong despite my fear.
Danyelle L. said…
Wow. That is a wonderful example of what a true hero is. He didn't do it for attention, fame, to protect himself--he did it because he would rather be the one in the line of fire than have any of the other kids be hurt.

I want to be that type of person, although if I'm completely honest, I'd probably be cowering in the back somewhere. The good thing is that it's never too late to learn to be that type of person. :)

Thanks so much for sharing! The world needs more people like him. :D
denise petrovich said…
That young man even surprised himself. It is wonderful how God will give us strength in extreme circumstances. I only hope I can be that brave. My word would be snacholate. Yes ladies, a snack that would include great chocolate. A "snacholate". It even sounds yummy.:) Thanks for the post honey, love Mom
Genny said…
I had to click over and find out what shug was...never heard of it! Now I'm clicking to read about that brave boy...
shug - shake and hug *laugh*

I'll have to go read the heroic boy link next ....

Belle said…
What an impressive story. Very brave.

And I laughed reading about "shug". What a lot of complex things are involved in a man hug. So funny!
Stephanie Faris said…
I like the word "ginormous," personally. Is that an official word or just slang?
What a fine young man! I'm sure the parents of all those kids think he's a hero even if he doesn't.

I've seen the shug, but now I have a label for it. Very entertaining piece.

Susan :)
Jessie Oliveros said…
Great story. And you know when you were little and got cheese all over your fingers after eating cheetos, and licking you fingers was the best part (before you knew about germs)? Chingers.
denise petrovich said…
I love that word, Jessie, chingers. Great!!! Denise
My younger daughter came up with "polidicks" (politics + you know) :).

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