I'd Forgotten about Myself

Last Friday I did my first day of training for a waitress position. It's been eight years since I last waitressed, but on Friday I remembered something about myself.

I like it.

I like serving people their food, getting drinks, writing down orders, bustling around and being busy. It made me think of my characters and of the careers I give them. Remembering also made me think about the different types of personalities and how funny that I, someone who doesn't necessarily seek out social situations, like waitressing.

What kind of job do you have right now? Do you like it? What does your main character do and what does that job say about your MC's personality?


I've never waitressed before, but it looks like a demanding job. Hopefully you will make lots of tips! Yay!

I am an attendance clerk/registrar at an elementary school. It is a demanding job and I would like it a whole lot better if I didn't have to be a receptionist too. I get interrupted so much I can't get my "real" job done. :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Oh man, being interrupted is never fun. Once the school year is over do you get a summer break? Maybe next year they'll hire a receptionist?
I do get a break this summer and I am EXCITED! Alas...there will be no receptionist. No money in the district's budget for such extraneous things.
Jessica Nelson said…
Then maybe you need a little raise? :-) I hope you have a wonderful summer break!
Katie Ganshert said…
I'm a teacher. I enjoy it, but sometimes it drives me a little whacko!

My current characters are:

heroine: fashion model
hero: successful fashion photographer turned construction worker
I'm a mom and writer and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Although with a three-year-old the mom gig is really trying lately.

My MC of my WIP (I swear I'm not rapping) is a realtor, but she'd rather be an artist.
~ Wendy
Jessica Nelson said…
Katie, wow, a fashion model? I love that! I can't remember reading about a heroine in that industry. Very cool. And of course she must meet up with the photographer she once knew? Or something? *grin* Sounds great!

Wendy, I KNOW what you mean. My almost three year old def. has his moments. Heh.
Cool MC! My husband is a realtor too.
Jennifer Shirk said…
How funny. My MC is a waitress but needs to give it up because she's pregnant and too hard on her feet.

I'm not working now, although I've been approached lately to go back to being a pharmacist. Not sure what I'll do.
Jessie: I'm so glad the Lord provided you with a job you like. He's sweet like that.

I waitressed for two months and hated it. Although I'm sociable, the pecking order and drama among the girls I worked with was too much stupidity for the money I made. Sounds like you have a much better working environment.

I love my current job--office manager at a family-owned office supply store. I indulge my addiction to pens and post-it notes, and get a sneak peek at what new supplies are coming out. Yippee Dippee!
Linda Kage said…
I'm working back in the technical service area of a library, but before I was out at the circulation desk. And like you, I'm not much into socializing, but strangely, I liked working at circ more. There's just something about watching a patron smile as you hand them their books to read for the next few weeks.

Maybe you like making people happy. A people pleaser!
Cindy R. Wilson said…
I'm glad you like your job so far! I've never been a waitress but I have a suspicion that I'd be terrible at it. I don't think I'd be able to balance those trays and even if I could, I wouldn't be able to remember people's orders.

I am a homemaker and I love it. Even better, I get to balance it with writing. A good deal all around :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Jennifer, I forgot you were a pharmacist! Smartie. :-)

Jeanette, I agree with you about God. He is sweet. That's so funny you didn't like waitressing! You're right, there's drama. It usually floats right past me though. LOL I ignore it easily. I'm so glad you have a job you like!
Jessica Nelson said…
Linda, so interesting! I think you're right about people pleasing. lol

Cindy, being a homemaker is a wonderful thing. I'll confess that while I love being with my kids, I don't much care for cooking for my family. lol
I can't remember orders either. Thus my handy pad. :-)
Unknown said…
Kudos to you! I tried waitressing and spilled so many drinks on people I had to quit.

Property management is where I ended up and so far I have yet to spill anything on anyone. So it's a much better fit. ;)
Karen Hossink said…
Ahhh! So glad you like your waitressing job. I was a waitress many years ago - and LOVED it.

Just started working as a cashier in a pharmacy, and last night I really enjoyed it. Some, er, MOST days are crazy busy, but last night was relaxed busy. I like having the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people - especially love it when there are kids involved.
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Karen!!! The thought of you spilling drinks is just too funny. :-) You don't seem like a drink spiller, but I bet no one got mad at you. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Karen, that sounds interesting. My husband wanted me to try to get a job like that, but I didn't find any openings. I hope you continue to enjoy it! ;-)
Unknown said…
I've never waitressed. The closest I've come was working in a cafeteria. My husband tells people I was the lunch lady when he met me. :) Now, I work in marketing for a home builder.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hahaa, the lunch lady. That's cute. ;-)
Jessica Bell said…
You like waitressing? LOL I HATED every minute of the 10 years I did it. Ugh. REally? I mean, REALLY? You like it? I had a fake smile on my face for ten years. So glad those years are over. LOL.

Right now I'm a writer/editor for English language teaching materials. 'She' sits at a desk all day writing and editing monotonous material she's seen a hundred times and wishing she was writing her book. :)
Nancy J. Parra said…
"I'd forgotten about myself."

I love this title. It holds so much meaning. I think we become so busy with life we do forget about ourselves and what crazy things we like. I've never waitress-ed, but I think I would like the hustle and bustle and people, too. Cheers~
Good luck with your new job. How many notes about customers have you jotted down for future characters?

I was a waitress from the age of 14 to 18 and loved it. It was a summer job, hard but fun. I loved the banter with the customers. I suppose my nursing career was along those lines too.

My POV is a seamstress. I am fortunate to have the chance to stay at home now. So I write.
Tana said…
I'm so glad you liked it! That's half the battle!!! My MC's often have no employment, lol! What does that say about me? Hmm....
Keli Gwyn said…
Jessie, I'm so glad you're enjoying your new job. Interacting with people can be fun. I'm sure you'll meet many that could easily become characters in your books, which is an added benefit.

How are your feet holding up?
Deb Shucka said…
I love that you're enjoying your job and recognize that. My job right now is to figure out who I am as a writer and teacher and to let go of my old elementary teacher identity. It's hard, but I can't imagine being anywhere else.
Hi Jess -

I'm glad you're enjoying the waitressing job. At this point, I'm unemployed. However, I'm working on my small business and writing so make the best use of my time while I search.

Susan :)
Beth Mann said…
So glad you like the new job. I was a waitress for a while in college and really liked it too. Plenty of fodder for our stories, eh?

Right now I'm a mommy and a writer, and the two do not always play nice!

My MC works for a wine distributor, so she gets paid to drink wine...a job that I would likely enjoy :P
Natalie said…
I like waitressing too. It's a fun job. Right now I'm a stay-at-home mom. It's pretty awesome some days and kind of gross others. My MCs are all little kids so they don't really have jobs, but they do have school and all of them feel differently about that.
Jill Kemerer said…
I used to love waitressing. It was a wonderful job to spread a bit of kindness. The customers were so appreciative of good and friendly service.

Have fun with the new job!
Erin Frost said…
There is something really cathartic about service jobs. Personally, I enjoy tutoring. I hope your waitressing remains fun and fulfilling!
I definitely love my job right now--missions. It's the best! Isn't it a great feeling to love what you do?
Genny said…
Good for you, Jessica! I love being busy too. Best wishes to you on your new venture!

Anonymous said…
I waiteressed myself through college. And I had fun! I'm shy, but because the customers had to focus on me made it easier to chatter somehow. Now I'm a trained dental assistant working in a sales/training position for a large dental supplier. And, like waiteressing, those I'm training have to focus on me! Best wishes with your new job!
Tabitha Bird said…
I don't have a paying job, but I have a job for sure! I am a full time stay at home Mom :) And I love it.
Jessica Nelson said…
Wow, I love hearing all of your jobs, what you love and what you don't! Thanks so much for sharing, ladies. :-)
Terri Tiffany said…
I am so glad you are liking it! Knowing your personality, you will get huge tips!!
You know what I do--and trying to find a job again in the social service field.
TOday I am meeting with some missionaires to possibly volunteer to teach them computer and how to write memoirs --if that's what they need. Have to get out of this house!!LOL
Lynn Cowell said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a wonderful teacher your child had to write a personal note! If only all of our kids could be so blessed!
Nancy said…
My characters are usually children. They don't have jobs unless I give them a paper route. What does that say about me? I make things up.

Can't imagine being a waitress. They work so hard and have so much to do and remember. I'm so glad you found something that you like.
Jessica Nelson said…
Nancy, true about remembering stuff. That is hard and I hope I do it well. :-)

Lynn, it actually wasn't for my son's grade but I heard from other parents how effective it was. :-)

LOL Terri! Huge tips would be awesome. :-) I hope your meeting goes well!
Waitressing sure will give you lots of new characters and story lines! I made more money as a waitress than I ever did with my college degree!
Dara said…
I'm an admin assistant (a fancy term for secretary) for a realty company. I think I would like it better if my company treated me like I actually existed...so I'm currently trying to find another job, which hasn't been easy. But it could be worse. :)

My current MCs don't have careers since the stories often take place in a time before women worked outside the home. My current one did some side work as a seamstress, and she liked the work when all she could focus on was the needle and creating her garments. She didn't like it so much when she had to work with people--she's rather solitary, but that's due to being viewed as an outcast all her life.
Linda Glaz said…
My day job?
Pffbbttt! My real job, writing,
What does that say? I should do more writing...
Sarah Forgrave said…
I'm just now catching up on my friends' blog posts, so I apologize for the super late comment. :-)

I used to be a waitress and decided to make the main character in my current wip a waitress. You meet so many interesting people and have so many funny situations...It made for some great story fodder. :-)

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