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A few different things on my mind.

First, hubby and I spent the last few weeks watching the first season of Ugly Betty. I was so into the story until I realized that Betty and Daniel don't get together. (yes, I cheated and looked up Season 2 recaps on the internet). This is what being a romance writer has done to me. Betty and Henry??? No, Betty and Daniel! Of course, he needs to get his act together but their special friendship and the way he looks at her just makes me want to scream with frustration. Hubby, btw, thinks I'm crazy.

On to less weird things. No more rejections in the mail. :-( So I sent out three more queries/proposals because I'm impatient. Hope it doesn't backfire.

This is a hoot.

Also, thank goodness Hurricane Fay skipped around my city. If you don't believe in prayer, well, I won't try to convince you, but last Sunday my pastor prayed publicly that Fay would miss us. At the time, she was headed our way. Then she shifted. Of course, I hope she just dies and skips everyone. But I am thankful to have my house intact and my children safe. God is so cool.

Ha, I knew I had more to say. Tired of being rejected? So are tons of other people. Check out this interesting website.

Now I'm really done.


Anonymous said…
I agree whole-heartedly about prayer. It's the most incredible tool God could have bestowed upon us peons. :-) How else could we have the power to turn a hurricane on a dime?

I'm so glad you and your loved ones are safe.

Oh, and BTW, great link. That was a hilarious post!
Sarah said…
I remember when I lived in MI, and we used to pray for "snow days." We only did it when we were extra stressed and needed a break, and the Lord even answered us a few times. He'd drop, like, ten inches in one night! Now tell me that's not a God-thing!

Great Links, by the way. They cheered me right up. :)
Catherine West said…
Hi, Jessica,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm interested to know what spiritual takeaway your pastor got out of of the Youtube video! It's funny for sure but I have to wonder how those kids are going to take it when they're teens!!
Mary DeMuth said…
Thanks for the "hoot" link to my blog. I appreciate it!
Hi Tina,
Yep, definitely a great tool. And the fact that He likes us talking to him? Well, He's just awesome.
I'm glad we're safe, too. Had no electricity for six hours but we're good! Ha, at least we went out to eat so I didn't have to clean up the kitchen.
Hi Sarah,
Wow, you lived in Michigan? I have a lot of relatives up north. When I was a kid I used to pray for even a light dusting of snow in NC. That was enough to shut the roads down, LOL.
Thanks for stopping by.
I haven't left a comment on your blog but I read it all the time!

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