Contest Alert

Rachelle's having a contest which involves a ten-page critique for the winner!!!!

BTW, I'm almost done with my book.


Sarah said…
Hi Jessica! Thanks for leaving that compliment on my blog.

How long have you been writing? I like to read and write romantic fiction too. I'm a sucker for mushy moments!

Nice job on your blog, by the way. Very informative.
Sarah said…
I've been writing for a little over a year now (knowing the rules, as you say), and have been married for two.

I just checked out Rachelle's blog for the first time this week, and it's already become my favorite. I jumped at the chance to have ten pages critiqued!
Sarah said…
Yeah, hopefully I'll WOW rachel and she'll sign me right away! LOL!
Julie Weathers said…
Well, I have been praying for a sign. Lately it seems like I have really been under spiritual attack. Time to get out the armor.

Anyway, I was putzing around since my computer crashed last night and this laptop won't recognize Word. I decided to catch up on some blog reading since I was without net for two weeks and hopped over here.

Diane, my editor at the magazine I used to work for, was talking about dusting off an inspirational book she had written some time ago. I told her I had come across a couple of agents I thought might be good for her. Then I pop in here and see this contest.

Obviously, it won't do much to help me with my epic fantasy, but I was asking for a sign and this seems like a sign to me.

Now, if I could just get a sign I am not wasting my time trying to write it would be even better.

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