Staying in Character

I know I recently wrote about this, but I want to do it again because it came up when I was writing last night.
My heroine wanted the hero to give her a good reason why he should go on a date with her. So I'm thinking, hmmm, maybe they share a favorite movie? You know, similar taste and all. I've got it. Last of the Mohicans!
Immediately I realized that movie wouldn't work. Firstly, it's MY favorite, not Rachel's. Secondly, I'm totally different than my heroine. She's bold and adventurous. I'm adventurous too, but not to the point of breaking rules. But she loves to bend the rules.
Anyways, so I was stuck. What kind of movie would she like? He'd have to like it, too.
The dilemma proved to be too much for me. I went with music instead.


It's passionate and classy, just like my heroine.

How do you characterize your peeps when their tastes are totally different from yours?


Anonymous said…
Hey Jessie! Jazz, what a great solution. :-)

I think sometimes, when I flesh out characters that are really different from me, I like it even more because it gives me the chance to "pursue" things I might not otherwise have the courage to try. Even if it is vicariously, it's still a form of branching out into new venues.

I was looking at your word counter and realized that although I'm a couple thousand words ahead of you countwise, percentage-wise you're closer to being done with yours.

Your goal is fifty thousand where mine is ninety. So, there's no doubt you'll finish first!

So, how are those early mornings working for you? ;-P
Unknown said…
Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.
Your comment was so funny.

Are you published yet, or are you working on your first novel for publication?

I'll be back to visit again!
Ronel said…
Do you have books published? I love inspirational romances.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Anonymous said…
I stumbled upon your blog from somewhere else today--I don't even remember where now!

Anyway, when I'm writing characters who are different from me, I tend to use a mashup of other people I know, and draw on their tastes and characteristics.

Anyway, I like your blog!
Hi Tina,
What a great idea to pursue new things! Never crossed this narrow-minded, loners mind :-) I don't even know too much about jazz, but now you've inspired me to learn.

Great idea. Sometimes I do that, too. It's amazing how unique and different everyone is.
Rick said…
When my "peeps" have different taste then me I characterized them as crazy. What kind of insane person wouldn't like what I like?
Hi Jessica -

I just started reading James Scott Bell's book, "Revision and Editing." Characterization is one of the areas he covers. I know I'm going to learn a lot.

See you again soon.

Susan J. Reinhardt

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