Help, I'm cramping . . .

Real quick, don't forget to check out the info on author Brenda Coulter. Her new book, At His Command, should be out now. Read about it here.

Now on to sillier things.

Recently I've gone a little crazy in the head. Not only is my alarm now set to six a.m., but I've gone running twice this week.
If you know me personally, yes, I realize I'm thin. :-) But I'm twenty-five now. My thighs have begun to . . . ahem, you know.
So I'm trying to be somewhat healthy by running. Boy am I sore! Every muscle below my belly button is screaming.
Same thing with my head. With my first finished manuscript I got into a habit of writing a thousand words a day. That was a kid ago. Eventually, I fell out of the habit. Now I'm sore trying to get back into it.
The first few days I was pretty proud of my progress on my current wip, but this morning I stared at the screen.
The bad thing is I knew exactly what I want to happen next, just couldn't get my fingers to move.
Ha. My brain might be cramped from getting my creative muscle into shape, but it feels good. Productive and healthy.

Any special exercises you do to get into writing fitness? Any tricks you want to pass my way?

By the way, one form rejection in the mail . . .


Sarah said…
I like to walk while listening to my I-pod. I dream up music videos in my head to go with whatever song is playing. Next thing I know, I have another book idea!

Music videos in my head, is that wierd? :)
Whatever floats your boat :-)
Actually, I think I'm learning that when it comes to writers, nothing is weird. LOL
Sometimes songs spark story ideas for me too, and I've heard that some authors play certain songs while writing.
Anonymous said…
I walk (not run) with my hubby in the evenings. We've got a nice hilly neighborhood to walk in, and it's nice to get time together to talk when there's no phone or TV to disrupt our conversation. I totally admire you for being disciplined about your daily word count. I've never gotten there.
Anonymous said…
Go Jessie with the word count! And I'm proud of you for taking your physical health as seriously as your muse's health. To stretch my muscled before I start writing for the day, I have to read what I wrote the day before and revise it.

I know some writers say they don't follow that route because it keeps them from moving forward, but for me it makes for a more cohesive continuation, and gets me back in the mindset of my POV character.

And I'm like you. I strive for a thousand word progress on the days I'm home from work; but on the days on work, I try to squeeze out at least 500 words before bedtime.

Granted, I haven't got back into the routine since school started, but I made great strides last night and this a.m., so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Great progress on yours, BTW! That word count just keeps climbing!
Anonymous said…
Wow, you can tell I'm in a hurry to get back to my WIP. Did you see all the typos in my above comment?

I even spelled my name wrong. :-) of course, only a writer would be plagued by the lack of ability to edit something. That's probably going to haunt me all day. *snort*
Hi Laura,
Hmmm, I try to be disciplined. Lol, try is the key word. This has only been going on for less than a week. We'll see how things go.

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