What do agents do?

Find out from superstar agent, Molly Friedrich, in her long, but fascinating interview.

Then a short and sweet post about giving the reader some air.

Wish I had some other news, but right now my head is fogged.
Remember how I began waking up at six? So have my kids. They're bouncing around in their dark bedroom as I write. They used to wake up at seven.

Somehow I think this is my fault.

Labor Day we'll be going to the Lowry Zoo. What are you guys doing for the day?


Anonymous said…
Writing. :-) But I think we'll try to fit in a family bike ride at the park around the pond. Maybe even a picnic. You inspired me.

Oh, and I tried not to laugh about your kiddos waking up earlier since you are. I tried. But it's so funny!

Good news is, it sounds like they're happily playing without your intervention, so maybe you can still get some writing in before the daily tasks begin. ;-P

Have a nice holiday!
Sarah said…
My husband and I have an exciting Labor Day planned...we'll be sleeping. I can't wait!

Okay, okay...we'll be eating, too...
Amy Clipston said…
Hi Jessica!

I hope your kids let you sleep in later. It's miserable when they get you up so early!

Unfortunately, I'll be spending my Labor Day visiting my hubby in the hospital. He's fighting pneumonia, high BP, and low hemoglobin. However, he MAY be coming home today (it's after midnight). I hope he does, but, of course, I hope he's well enough to come home.

Have a great holiday!
Anonymous said…
I loved that article about Molly Friedrich--I read it a few days ago.

Sorry about the kiddos waking up so early! It's taken me all summer to get mine to sleep in a little, but I'm about to have to start waking them up for school every day.

Enjoy your Labor Day! The zoo sounds like fun.
Whew, the zoo was great, but boy does it get hot here in Florida.
Anita, a bike ride sounds wonderful. I've already daydreamed about when my kids get older. We have a really cool bike park (in the woods) filled with trails of different difficulty levels. The place is a blast to ride.
Hey Sarah,
That sounds exciting to me, considering it's been years since I've had a day like that.
Well, actually. . . (grinning) hubby and I went on a cruise without the kids, so technically I've slept and ate as much as I wanted to since the kiddos.
But it sounds like you have a wonderful day planned.
Hope you guys have a sweet time.

And you made me laugh with the eating thing :-)
If he's able to come home, that will be a wonderful day for you!
I'll definitely be praying for him. And you :-) You do have two little guys running around, right?
Laura, thanks for stopping by. I'm about to read your blog. Anyone else reading this might want to stop by Laura's AKA writeinthelight blog because the title looks VERY interesting!
Anonymous said…
Jessica--thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog. I will definitely make another post about it soon--I'm still trying to decide what to do. This one may, indeed, end up being my "under the bed" manuscript. :)

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