A Review: Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks by Warren Baldwin

A while back I received fellow blogger Warren Baldwin's book Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks and Other Gems from Proverbs.

I really enjoy Warren's Family Fountain blog so I looked forward to reading his book. I'm not sure whether it's a devotional or not because I don't usually read devotionals, but it is interesting and it is practical. I like that each essay has a theme taken from a proverb and that the essays are arranged according to subject matter, such as Responsibility and Spiritual Living. Warren also uses real-life examples, which I think strengthens his points.

You can learn more about Warren on his website or his blogs. You can buy his book HERE.

Do you read devotionals? Have you ever written any? What's your favorite book of the Bible?


Karen Lange said…
Thanks for the info on this, Jessica. I recently started following Warren's blog and wondered about the book.
Have a great weekend:)
Hi Jess -

Thanks for the review. I follow Warren's blog as well.

I occasionally read devotionals, and have had quite a few published. They're actually difficult to write because the word count ranges from 100-250 words.

Susan :)
Thank YOU Warren. :-)

Karen, I think his blog is great. I hope you enjoy it. :-)

Susan, I don't know how you guys do it. I'm pretty sure I couldn't even write a halfway decent devotional, let alone one that would sell. LOL
anita said…
I'll have to check out Warren's blog now. Interesting. I do read devotionals, but not on a daily basis. I have written them in the past. Back when I was in a youth group at my church, we had to take turns bringing devotionals. And my fave book of the bible is Psalms, because it's so lush and lyrically written. Big surprise there, right? ;-)
Diane said…
I wonder if devotions would be good for me to write. I do love short and sweet! Happy MOther's Day :O)
Nancy said…
I have written quite a few devotionals. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms. I have a lot of second and third choices, but Psalms is so rich, I have to chose it. Hope you have a great Mother's Day.
Linda Glaz said…
The Story of Ruth
Kara said…
I really enjoyed and am still enjoying Warren's book!

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