Uber Excited

I picked up the Book Thief from the library yesterday. I've heard so much about the prose and the story, though I didn't actually know the plot line.

When I read the back, I got so excited. The Holocaust has always been a fascinating/dreadful era to me. Ever since I read The Devil's Arithmetic in sixth grade, I've been hooked by the amazing heroism displayed by so many during that time.

Needless to say, I can't wait to start The Book Thief!

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised by something unexpected? What was the last book you read that you couldn't put down?


Caryn Caldwell said…
I read The Book Thief a few years ago for my readers' group and it was pretty good. I loved the premise. As for books I can't put down, lately I've mainly been reading books about and for babies. Not a lot of plot in those. I did just bring home a whole stack of YA books from the library, though, because I need stories! Enjoy The Book Thief!
Lyn South said…
I loved The Book Thief. It is poignant, gripping, funny in the right places, and so beautifully, lyrically written. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it when you're finished...you will post when you're done, right? :)
Deb Shucka said…
I loved The Book Thief, also! The last book I was truly crazy about was A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick.
Hi Jess -

I've never heard of this book. Thanks for the tip.

Susan :)
patti said…
I LOVED the book thief for the daring Omniscient POV, death as the narrator, and for a decade or more, the WWII era has fascinated me.

Very much literary, dear Jessica!!! Yahoo!!

Probably "The Passion of Mary Margaret" by Samson though I am very much hepped up by the debut novel of my friend Carla Stewart.DO NOT miss Chasing Lilacs. I had the wonderful honor of getting to endorse it.
Karen Lange said…
I'd not heard of this either. Will have to check it out, thanks:)
Danyelle L. said…
This book blew me away. It was amazing!
Danyelle, I'm hoping it blows me away too!

Karen, you're welcome. *grin*

Patti, did you say death? Wah!! Okay, I'll probably still like it. I guess it's better to know right off that she dies...:-( Like you said, this is literary, not romance.
Congrats to Carla!!! I've heard her name before but didn't realize she'd gotten pubbed. Good for her!
Susan, it's so funny but I've been hearing about it all over the blogosphere, which is why I checked it out.

Oooh, Deb. I love that title!! Sounds interesting...

Lynn, if I love it that much I'll probably review it. :-) Sounds like you should too. Your comments alone make me want to read it. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

Yay for stacks of books! Caryn, I hope you get to inhale those YAs and find a jewel in them. :-)
Patti said…
I have that book on my TBR, I haven't been reading much lately. I really need to pick one up.
Hope you get a chance, Patti. :-)
Tana said…
I gobbled up the Book Thief in a couple days. Right now my boys are reading it for school.
Angie Muresan said…
The Book Thief is an amazing book.
Jaime Wright said…
I was pleasantly surprised by Sarah Sundin's new book A Distant Melody. I really didn't expect it to be so good - I'm not sure why I had lower expectations but it captivated me and totally sucked me in! :)

Holocaust... sigh. I visited Dachau 2 years ago and you're never the same after walking the in the steps of the victims.
Jill Kemerer said…
Oh, sounds good! I was surprised last week. I read The Solitude of Prime Numbers and couldn't put it down. Not something I'd normally read, but I enjoyed it.
I loved the book, it was a present from my son in law. We had a joke about me being a book thief, when I found a book from my old library in the UK amongst my boxes.

The book is descriptive, I hope you enjoy it.
Warren Baldwin said…
I've never heard of The Book Thief, either, but I want to get it.

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