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Sorry I'm late posting but yesterday we went to Homossassa to see Nana and Grandaddy. Daddy went fishing with Grandaddy and we all went swimming. Matthew (four) practiced swimming with only one floatie, my brave boy. :-)
Nate (2) had a very sturdy floatie on but stubbornly clung to the edge of the pool. :-)
And Sean (1) ? Boy, he kept me running. The kid had no fear of the water. Kept trying to dive in.
But it was wonderful fun and I'm so thankful to God for my children.

So-Those are my boys!

Sorry, no writing post today but tomorrow . . . something happened on the trip that made me think of writing.

Hope you all have a great Monday!
Okay, okay. Here's a link on episodic writing. Every author needs to beware this plot trap.


Anonymous said…
Your kiddos are adorable. :-) And I agree wholeheartedly. Children are a blessing.

Thanks for the great link. I read the article, very insightful and great tips to watch for.

Have fun on your trip!
Anonymous said…
Hi Mom!
Bethanne said…
What a beautiful family. I have a Matt, 8 and a Sean, 3[almost] two more a virginia and thomas. LOL :D

In answer to your question. I had a freewebs page that I upgraded. One upgrade did not include the domain, but the next two levels did. On the other hand, freewebs offers the domain stuff for $20 a, if you know what to do with a domain once you have it, you could probably go that way. I already had the webpage all set up by using the freeweb templates, of which there are many. So I bought the upgrade, added the domain, extra services, no advertising and 5 email addresses. LOL Not that I know what to do with all that, but I'll figure it out eventually.
Kristen Painter said…
Thanks for the link, that was interesting reading. I've heard the term, but never knew exactly what it meant.
Hi Jessica -

Oooh, they're so cute! I'm sure they'd hate that description, but I'm a girl. What do you expect?

Thanks for the link. My list of favorites is getting so long I can hardly keep up with the reading.

Susan :)
Hey guys,
I thought the link was helpful. I actually picked it up at Camy Tang's Story Sensei blog. She has TONS of amazing info on her site.
Thanks for stopping by everyone.
And thanks for the help, Bethanne! :-)
Sarah said…
What a lovely family you make! Three boys? No wonder you stay so thin!
Anonymous said…
cute kids. :)
Awww, thanks Xavier and Sarah! I wish I could say they look like me ...
Missy Tippens said…
Jessica, that article is the exact one my editor sent me a link to last week! It's a great article.

What precious photos! :)


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