Wackiest, Weirdest Wildest Animals in the World Book Review

I recently received The Wackiest, Weirdest, Wildest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna in the mail. Thanks to Thomas Nelson's book review program, I get all sorts of cool stuff to read and review.

The book is filled with all sorts of cool facts that even an adult might like to read. Big pictures and bubbles of information keep each page interesting and bright. The animal facts range from the ordinary to the really weird. For example, you've heard of a Wallaby? It's like a mini kangaroo. According to the book, a Wallaby can't hop backwards. Very interesting and doesn't make much sense, but there you have it.

I sat down to read this book with my kids but soon realized that they're too young. My five year old enjoyed some of it, but mostly they looked at the pictures then jumped up to play. I do think this book would be ideal for someone in middle school or towards the end of elementary school. A curious child who enjoys reading would probably like this book a lot.

The book also came with a cool DVD of bloopers from Jack Hanna's television show. It didn't come out of the package easily though, so be careful. It was pretty sticky.

This is a cute book and fun to read.


I've heard something about being a Thomas Nelson book reviewer. Do they send you all kinds of books? Not just in certain genres? I would think that might be difficult to give an honest review if you really didn't like a certain genre. Just curious.
Katie Ganshert said…
Would you recommend it for a 5th grade teacher?
Karen Hossink said…
Sounds like one my boys might like - especially Matthew. No birthdays coming soon, though. Maybe I'll look for a "special" reason to give him a book. I do want to encourage him to read more!
Hmmm...Thomas Nelson - Christian book store, or "regular"?
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Sherrinda,
No, you get to choose out of a selection what you want. Then before you can choose a new book you have to review it on Amazon and your blog. :-) It's easy and very much your own pacing and choice. :-)
Jessica Nelson said…
I would think fifth grade would be a good age. Some of the facts may be simplistic, but other stuff's pretty interesting.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hi Karen,
The publisher is Christian but I don't remember any Christian references in the book. Just pics and fun facts. :-) He might like it though, if he's interested in animal stuff.
Terri Tiffany said…
I still have one from them I have to review! This would be a great gift for a child. You picked fun.
Hi Jess -

This is not only a great gift for a child, but also for a children's writer. Think of the story ideas it could spark!

Susan :)
Deb Shucka said…
The reviewing sounds really fun. This book sounds like a fifth grade boy's dream come true.
Jessica: This book sounds like tons of fun; thanks for reading and reviewing it.

I participated in the TN book review program for awhile; it's a great way to get free books. Not all of them are Christian per se, but they are moral and clean. I had to quit due to lack of time...

We even got a dvd of Bible stories for our grandkids and they loved it---watched it twentytenseventy times!!! yikes!
anita said…
Oh, wow! Thanks for reviewing this, Jessie. It sounds like a great book for the middle school library at work at. I'm going to put it on our "to buy" list!

The kids are always wanting to read animal books, and this looks like it's done in a fresh, fun, and vibrant format. Nice. :-)
Kara said…
Sounds like a book my two oldest would like, anything animal!
denise petrovich said…
Jack Hannah is great fun for adults and kids. I am sure I have many grandkids that will enjoy the book. Thanks for the review Jessie. Love Mom

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