Author Rachel Hauck on Agent/Author Relationships, Last Part

Here's the last part of Rachel's post! I hope you all find it helpful. You can find Rachel at her website, blog or at My Book Therapy.
Here she is:

Already have an agent?

1. Pray. Seriously, pray for your agent, the agency and the other clients.

2. Ask for a call once in awhile to keep communication open. If you’re not working on a project, or needing help, schedule a short call just to touch base. But make it brief.

3. When going into a contract negotiations, schedule a call with your agent to set expectations. Talk through all the possible ramifications of your deal. Ask for a marketing plan as part of the contract.

4. Ask for advice on marketing and promotions outside the publishers plan.

5. Ask your agent to be in the loop with your publisher on book covers, promotional plans, editorial ideas and issues.

6. If there are issues you believe your agent should’ve handled and did not, schedule a call. Don’t fester over it. And pray! Have an honest talk about your needs and expectations. Listen to your agent’s response. Sometimes expectations are not clear. Make sure they are.

Finding an agent is fun and interesting, frustrating and hard. But hang in there. It’s better to have no agent than a bad agent, or one who is wrong for you.
If you have an agent, be professional, pray for him or her, keep communication lines open.

Thank you so much Rachel! I really appreciate your advice.

Have any of you ever thought about praying for your agent? Do you find the agent search fun or grueling?


If I ever get an agent, then yes, I'd certainly pray for them.

Merry Christmas, Jessica!
Sarah Forgrave said…
I'd never thought about praying for an agent, but after reading it, it seems like such an obvious thing to do. :-)

I haven't officially started my agent search yet, so I have no idea how I'll react to the frustrations and celebrations that will surely come.
Unknown said…
If and when my agent and I find each other, I'm sure there will be many years of praying. :)
Click for my holiday message!
anita said…
What wonderful advice! I personally had never considered praying for my agent, except when she was having issues with her child a while back. Now, she's going on my list of regulars.

Speaking of lists, I'm printing off this one and hanging it in my office. Such helpful and inspiring words!

Thanks once again, Rachel and Jessie. Hope you both have a lovely and blessed holiday. :-)
Prayer makes perfect sense! Thanks for all this sound advice.

Merry Christmas! May you and yours be blessed, Jessica.
I'm going to start now! Do you think praying for your agent when you still don't have one is like carrying an umbrella when you've prayed for rain?

Just kidding!!!

Have a merry Christmas, friend!
Jennifer Shirk said…
We SHOULD pray for our agents! That's great advice!

Merry Christmas!
Jill Kemerer said…
What a great idea, especially in this Christmas season. We should pray for those we work with. Thanks!
Tamika: said…
Best advice Rachel, thanks! We should be praying for one another and the people that we come in contact with. I want every facet of my journey covered by the blood of Jesus!

Merry Christmas Ladies!
Patti said…
Sounds like communication is the key whether it's verbal, written, or divine.

Merry Christmas.
Nancy J. Parra said…
Such good advice. Open communication is key and prayer always helps. Thanks for sharing!
Angie Muresan said…
Prayer is what I need to do more of. Thank you Jessica and Rachel! Have a blessed Christmas!
Rachel Hauck said…
Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for coming by.
Katie Salidas said…
Sounds like a great list of advice! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Jess & Rachel -

I prayed for a husband. Why not an agent? God's concerned about every detail of our lives.

While I haven't had any success finding an agent yet, I'd rather get the right fit the first time. Like any relationship, I want to start out on a solid footing.

Susan :)
Deb Shucka said…
Thank you for this great and helpful series. Right now I'm praying for an agent, and when I have one, I'll certainly pray for her.
Kara said…
Love the idea of praying for your agent! First I'm praying to find my agent:) Merry Christmas!
John Roundtree said…
Great post, Jessica!

I could always use a little spiritual help.

Happy Holidays!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL John! I think we all do. ;-)

I'm sorry I've been absent everyone! I'm heading to your places now. Christmas came early here but now the kiddos are playing. Woohoo!

The prayer thing is so obvious, and yet something I forget to do.

Kristen, your comment made me laugh. I don't know if it's like that, but it did remind me of how Hubby always used to pray for his future wife (moi). :-)
Natalie said…
I don't think I've ever prayed for my agent, but I should start!
Terri Tiffany said…
I knowI'm behind in reading blogs--but wanted to stop by and say Merry CHristmas!! Looks like a warm one here!
Jessica Nelson said…
Terri, you just take care of your family and have a wonderful Christmas. :-) It's def. warm here. Are you back already?
Warren Baldwin said…
You can pray for your agent as you work with him/her.

Or, you can pray for your agent - as in getting one!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Karen Lange said…
Thanks for the info; I know it will come in handy someday. Blessings to you and your readers:)
Pen Pen said…
GREAT post! SOOO helpful!! :)
I've been praying for my future agent since I was 17. :)
ANd- I honestly find it grueling. The whole query thing is frustrating to me cuz I feel like it constricts the writing into a small hole. Like colors- you can say something is purple, but the best way to get across what ur trying to illustrate is to say "light lavender" or something...I get the process, but it has just always felt restricting.

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