The Big 5-Oh by Sandra Bricker

I first heard of Sandie thanks to a huge blog tour for her first Summerside book, Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas. Everyone posted rave reviews about how awesome this book was, and how funny.

Then I met Sandie at an Orlando meeting and she was super nice. Then I met her again on the way to the ACFW conference and I thought, I really need to get her book.

So I did and I laughed the entire trip home (on the plane). After Snowball came out, it seemed like Sandie's career started snowballing too!

I got my hot big hands on her book, The Big 5-Oh. It's just now releasing but I read the ARC, which is kind of awesome! The story is based in Florida and highlights a woman who's in need of a break, especially since her birthday is coming up soon. Often marked by illness or tragedy, birthdays are main character Olivia's nemesis. So she travels down to Florida for some much-needed R&R, but finds instead a second chance at love (not to mention a pool-loving alligator and a farting dog).

Despite some of the more serious issues, this book is a sweet read. I enjoyed it, especially how each chapter starts out with a little story about a donkey. Those tidbits cracked me up.

You can find Sandie at her website, her blog, and she even did a guest post on her agent's blog. Plus, her former agent and current editor commented on the post, which I thought was pretty cool.

The Big 5-Oh is available now. Don't forget to check out Sandie's other titles if you love romantic comedy.


Terri Tiffany said…
Oh it sounds so good like something I would like--especially set in Fl!
Emily Conrad said…
Looks interesting! Thanks for sharing!
Hi Jess -

I find myself looking for humor after I've been engrossed in suspenseful books. This sounds like a good choice.

Susan :)
Angie Muresan said…
I am so bad, Jessica. I have not kept up with new authors or new releases. Last night hubby and I went out to dinner and a bookstore, and I loaded up on books by authors I have read and like. It's horrible of me to be weary of giving new authors a chance, particularly as I'm hoping to be one, someday soon.
ali cross said…
Very nice! Thanks for the review ~ I'm always down for a book that makes me laugh :)
Jessica Nelson said…
Terri, she has another one set in Florida too. They're both Summerside books. Then Debby Mayne also has a Summerside book set in Treasure Island, FL. It's fun reading stuff set in our state. :-)

You're welcome, Emily!

Susan, you'd probably like Sandie's books then. :-)

Angie, I've been bad too. I try to buy debut authors that I know, but it's been a while. Don't feel bad though. Enjoy your books. :-)

You're welcome Ali! I hadn't really read romantic comedy before, but it was fun.
Angie Ledbetter said…
Wonder why that sounds like a book I'd relate to? :D

Jaime Wright said…
OOO! The second new author I've been introduced to today on my tour through my favorite blogs! thanks for the heads up on Sandie's writing :)
anita said…
Sounds like an awesome read! I've always envied authors who can write funny and romantic both. I seem to only be able to write about sad love stories with broken protagonists who find some way to heal one another. Hmmm. Wonder what that says about me? Snort!

Oh well, I guess it takes all kinds! I'm going to have to get this for my MIL. She loves romantic comedies! ;-)

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