It's On: A Competition

As of January 1, 2010, I haven't accomplished much in the way of writing goals.

Furthermore, I've been writing my work in progress for almost a year. That has to stop.

Therefore, I'm proposing a little competition to get myself in gear.

If I don't finish my WIP by February 28th, 2010, I'm buying one lucky commenter some Godiva.

If I do finish, then I'm buying myself some.

Comment if you want to be entered and let me know if you want to race to the finish line. I have around 25k to go.

How's your writing going? Have your resolutions been manageable? Or did they already fall by the wayside


Katie Ganshert said…
Ooo! I'd LOVE Godiva. But I'd also love if you finished your WIP. :)

My writing goals are going much slower than I thought. Revisions are taking a long time. Grrr....
I hope you win the chocolates! They look so yummy!

My writing goals have fallen by the wayside. Jan. has been a month of transition at my house and I have to pop in and write a few words whenever I can. Hopefully that will change soon and I can make better progress!
Jessica Nelson said…
Grrrring with you Katie. Thus the contest. I'm going to enter you anyway because, unfortunately, there's a good chance I'm going to LOSE my competition.
And I don't want to. I really want some Godiva! LOL

Donna, I do hope it changes for you. February is starting off slower for me. I hope it slows for you too. ;-)
Krista Phillips said…
Does this mean I should taunt you to not finish for the chance of chocolate?

Nah.... that would be mean!

GREAT idea by the way! Chocolate is a FUN motivator:-)
Terri Tiffany said…
Oh you can totally do this!! I wrote 10000 words this week! Push yourself and write write write!:)))
anita said…
Oh YEAH! I'm totally in ... bring it, girl!

Heehee. All that vibrato aside, I'm only stepping on board so I'll have the motivation to wrap up mine. I need to get it done so I can send it to my agent. This way, we'll keep each other pointed in the right direction--toward the finish line!

Side note: IF I win the chocolates, I'm totally splitting them with you. ;-)
Oh yes! You can DEFINITELY do this! (says she, who lost her bet to finish her editing last year to KRISTA!) So, I'm trying to finish editing by March 1. ha! I really need to write a synopsis for a contest I want to enter, but I've never done one. YIKES! So maybe I should work on that. Hhhmmmm, decisions, decisions.

No Godiva for you, girl! Get that WIP whipped into submission!
Kristen Painter said…
Awesome idea! I hope you win though.
Jessica Nelson said…
Krista, especially since this one is so expensive. I mean, I'll spend money on regular chocolate, but never Godiva. Thanks for wanting me to win...but this is a competition, girl!!! Taunt me, it'll only make me more determined. *grin*

Terri, EEK! That is awesome!!! Okay, that's what I need to do too. Just sit down and write.
Jessica Nelson said…
Awww, Anita. You don't have to share. ;-) I have a feeling you'll finish ALSOG before me, with or without a competition. LOL

Thanks Sherrinda! I know you lost and I don't want to lose...Heheeee! Thanks for the tough love. *grin*

Thanks Kristen! :-) I hope I do too, or I'm going to be really disappointed in myself.
Faith said…
C'mon, finish that WIP!!! Though... I do love chocolate...

My goals have already fallen behind as well, but like you I have until Feb.28th to catch up. I have several short story markets that I wanted to submit to, and all the deadlines are on the 28th... I'd hoped to get at least 2 done during January, but no dice. So, we can scramble to write 25k together :)
Sarah Forgrave said…
lol...What a fun idea! I'm hoping to finish drafting my wip by end of Feb. and get a little self-editing done by end of March. If I go to Mt. Hermon, my biggest fear is that I'll show up and not know how my story ends, so that gives me good motivation to finish it.
Jill Kemerer said…
Jessica, you HAVE to finish this WIP because Godiva rocks! I love, love, love it!

I have slippery-slope periods where I'll write but won't come close to my goals. It's frustrating. One thing I do is log how long and how many words I've written each day. I'll give myself a weekly goal of words to hit. At the end of the week, I'll review. The proof staring at me helps a ton.

Good luck!
Jessica Nelson said…
Faith, that sounds good to me. :-) I'm in awe of those who write short stories. Talk about challenging!

Sarah, I agree, that's very good motivation. I'm so glad others are wanting to finish around the same time too.

Jill, I bet proof would make me annoyed! LOL Proof I'd slacked off. I think I've read about your weekly word count before. It's a good idea, esp. since some days are busier than others. Also, you're right, Godiva ROCKS!
Linda Kage said…
I feel guilty; if I enter the contest, I'll just be cheering for you not to reach your goal in the hopes of winning chocolate. But, honeslty, who can turn down chocolate? Sign me up.

But good luck with your WIP anyway!
Tamika: said…
You can do it Jessica! I'm rooting for you. I've given myself until my birthday- March 4 to complete my current manuscript. This is just taking way too long.
Karen Lange said…
What a fun idea! As much as I like chocolate though, I'd rather see you meet your goal. I'm cheering for you:)

My writing? Not going as well as I'd like as far as making progress. I keep thinking I'll get to more tomorrow; I think I need to get going and make it happen. Perhaps a chocolate challenge would work...:)

LOVE IT! Wish I could join, but I have about 80k to go on my new WIP! :0) But I'm in for the chocolate. I'm rooting for you, though! YOU CAN DO IT!
Genny said…
Good luck! I'm sure you will do it.

My writing is going well... working feverishly to polish my middle grade novel to get it out. Almost done!
Slamdunk said…
Clever motivational tool. Our little ones need lots of attention so my attempts at improving the way I write are scattered.

Best wishes with your work.
Dara said…
Win those chocolates! You can do it!

And from reading my blog, I'm sure you know I've fallen by the wayside. Though I am hoping to get back into the swing of things Saturday, when there's a write-a-thon scheduled (courtesy of Moonrat).
I'd be happy either way! Good luck, Jessica. You can do it!
Patti said…
Great idea giving yourself a reward. Once my house is painted. I'm off to query land and then finishing my WIP by the end of March.
Jessica Nelson said…
Patti, that sounds like a plan!

Janna, you're entered. *wink*

Dara, I must've missed the write-a-thon thingy. Sounds fun!
Jessica Nelson said…
Linda, LOL, I guess I didn't think it through. I mean, I want people to be excited to get chocolate not feel bad if I lose. LOL You're definitely entered though. :-)

Tamika, my b-day is the 27th. I guess we're both feeling the same frustrations. LOL

Karen, I do the exact same thing with my writing. Put it off. Say I'll do it tomorrow. I really think this chocolate motivation is going to work. *grin* Here's to us!
Jessica Nelson said…
Thanks Kristen! You're entered, girl! :-)

Good for you Genny! I hope you'll post a little about it. Actually, I'll go check out your site. I forgot you write MG.

Slamdunk, that's why I love my kids' naptime. It's my fave time of the day. LOL Well, I love my little guys too, but you probably know what I mean. It's just quiet and so peaceful when they're asleep.
Thanks for stopping by!
Steena Holmes said…
Bring it on girl! I want those chocolates ;0) I say you complete it by March 1st - LOL
Elana Johnson said…
I just know that you're going to be buying this for yourself! You go, girl!!
BK Mattingly said…
I love this idea. I hope you get the chocolate at the end of the month!
Erica Vetsch said…
Wow! Toss me into the mix, but I'm betting you'll be blogging with your mouth full of Godiva Chocolate at the end of the month!
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL Steena! If I finish a day late, I'll buy a commenter Godiva, and maybe myself too! LOL (who said I have to follow my own rules, heeeheee)

Elana, are you sure you weren't a cheerleader in school?? *grin* Thanks for the Rah-Rah!

Thanks Bethany. I can taste it already...

Erica, when I read your comment it made me bust out laughing! What an image!!! But it's so the truth. Godiva and me, mmmmmm, I can totally see my mouth stuffed with it. Heheee
Diane said…
GODIVA!!!! Chocolate dream come true! :O) Praying a productive month for you and your writing. It WILL turn out great. :O)
Me want chocolate!!!!! Actually, I'm hoping you win because you need to get it done, girl.
Ooooo, Godiva! But I still hope you win, for your sake. :-)
Julie Dao said…
I would love to enter! But I am SURE you can reach your goal in time. Keep going at it! A hundred words a day is what I usually strive for when I'm REALLY in a slump.
Unknown said…
What a sweet (literally) thought/motivator. I'm shooting for the end of this month too. We can strive together.

You better finish! But enter me for the yummy chocolates just in case.
Hi Jess -

Please enter me, but I hope you win. :)

susanjreinhardt (at) gmail (dot) com

Jaime Wright said…
see now I know you'll finish by the 28th because you want the chocolate! :)
Karen Hossink said…
Ahhh, chocloate as motivation. I love the way you think! *grin*
But how would a box of chocolates work with my resolution to eat better???
Jessie Oliveros said…
Oh Jessica this is awesome! You are so creative. I do hope you get the chocolate though. My WIP is not going so well. You know, that whole baby thing, but I think it is starting to pick up.
patti said…
Jessica, I LOVE Godiva, but I love you, too and want you to meet your goal. SO...I'm in a catch 22 of the chocolate kind. God, help me be strong!!!!

Is your tendonitis kicking in?????????? In that wrist?????
Nancy J. Parra said…
Good luck!! I say buy yourself the chocolates whether you reach the goal or not- you tried and that is the most important thing! :)
Deb Shucka said…
If chocolate doesn't get you going, I'm not sure what might. Wishing you great energy to get where you're headed.

I've been trying to find a new frame from which to tell my story for a couple of months now. Once I find that, I'm off and running. In the meantime, I write stories trying to find my way in.
Jessica Nelson said…
LOL! You guys are all so awesome. :-) I feel like buying you all chocolate no matter what!
Sorry about the Catch-22. Guess I didn't think this through very well. LOL
Angie Muresan said…
I'm proposing you'll finish, although the imagine the temptation of Godiva! I want the best for you, you know? Yet, I LOVE Godiva!
Oh dear. What kind of decision is this? If I win, it means you didn't make your goal. I know! If you make your goal, I will buy myself some chocolate!

Rooting for you, Jessie.


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