I've Got Momentum, Baby

In my mad rush to avoid buying Godiva for someone besides myself, I've discovered momentum in my writing.
This song kind of sums it up. (warning: Christian rock/hip-hop) plus, this isn't an official video but I thought it was kind of funny

Are there any areas of your life where you're gaining momentum? What song could sum up your day so far?


Jody Hedlund said…
Glad you're gaining momentum in your writing!! I don't know that I'm in the momentum phase at the moment. Mine's more like the slow and steady pushing forward feeling.
Jessica Nelson said…
Hey Jody, well, that's progress, which is just as good, right? :-)
I'm getting some editing momentum and gearing up for some Bible study momentum in a few hours. Hard core song.

Mine this morning would be Mary Poppins, "Just a teaspoon of sugar" b/c I've already put 4-6 of those in my tea. :D
~ Wendy
anita said…
Woohoo! That's an inspiring song! You know how much I like to listen to music when I'm writing. :-)

But this early in the morning, there's only one song that can cover how I feel: I Don't Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters.

Here's a link to the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdpFgmmtZPk


Maybe after a cup of coffee, I'll be in the mood to jitterbug. Heh.

Have a great day, Jessie! Stay motivated and get that story done! You deserve some Godiva, dear friend. ;-)
Jessica Nelson said…
Oooh, bible study momentum! Now that's something I can use. LOL Enjoy your sugar, Wendy. :-)

Anita, I'll go check that out. Scissor Sisters, huh? Never, ever heard of them. LOL
I had my coffee already. Love it. *happy smile*
Linda Kage said…
Go, get that godiva, Jessica! Congrats. I've slowed way down on writing in the past few weeks, but I'm starting to gain momentum on this baby-raising thing.
I feel like some classical piece of music where it starts off so slow you could take a nap, Then suddenly every instrument joins in and builds to a crescendo followed by music that continues to fill my head even when the orchestra has left.

My life and writing are like that. Right now I'm editing away a short story that I've revised at least a hundred times. I'm waiting for all the instruments (characters and story lines) to come together and become satisfying and pleasant music in my ears and the readers.
Jessica Nelson said…
Good for you Linda! You kind of have to slow down on writing though. You have that precious little girl to take care of. :-) They grow fast, so enjoy!

Donna, that's a great analogy. You should use that in a post. :-) I hope you get your story perfect!
Karen Lange said…
I'm gaining a little momentum with my writing, but b/c of other commitments it's been slow going. But I'm getting there. Thanks for sharing this! :)
Debra E. Marvin said…
Happy Birthday (Early) to Jessica on the 27th!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Jessica Nelson said…
Debra!!!! *grinning* Thank you.
:-) You're too sweet.

Karen, it's hard when there are other commitments. I think slow-going is better than no-going though. :-) I hope your schedule clears up a little so you can have more time to write!
Patti said…
Forward momentum is a great feeling. Right now I get little spurts of it, nothing lasting though.
Elana Johnson said…
You go, Jessica! I'm waiting. Painfully waiting. No songs come to mind right now.
Glad you've got momentum going! I love this song--I run to it. Not sure where I have momentum in my life, and I really don't want to say laundry, but there you have it.
Karen Hossink said…
Ah, most days the song that sums up my life is Help Me, God - by Kathy Troccoli.
Yep. Always need His help. Even if the day is "good." *grin*
Unknown said…
Gaining momentum as I've finished 2posts this week and a literal mountain of laundry, completed my final writing assignment for a course I'm taking, and am gearing up to teach a ladies' Bible study next week!! Song? I Need Thee Every Hour!! God Bless!
Unknown said…
No!!! I really wanted that Godiva chocolate. lol.
I don't know what my song would be this week. I'm nearing the end of my first draft so there has to be some great song out there for this monumental moment but I can't think of it right now.
Anonymous said…
Trying to gain some health momentum with all of my walking. It hasn't paid off yet, since I'm still huffing and puffing from shoveling the driveway. Oh well... :O)
Hi Jess -

It's more like slogging through snowbanks here.

After computer problems, my writing isn't much better.

Susan :)
Emily Conrad said…
Glad you're gaining momentum! :)

Ha, the only song that comes to mind for me is Ring Around the Rosy or London Bridges... both involve falling down, which I seem to be doing a lot lately (thanks to the ice) - though not today. So maybe things are looking up for me too? :D
patti said…
Jessica, Oh. my. As a Christian, a runner, a music lover, I LOVED this video. Big Mo's always a good alibi in the war to get the message out.

Hmmm. Need a little Mo over here to push through the Revision Memo for The Rhythm of Secrets.

LOVE this blog and this post. Thank you. Maybe God will play this in my mind tomorrow as I work. LOL

Kara said…
I'm on an exercising kick which is gaining momentum and I hope doesn't fizzle out!!
Stephanie Faris said…
"Roller Coaster." Isn't that a song, from the 70s? That sums it up!
I saw (on fb) where your B'day is tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY -but I'll say it again tomorrow *laugh*

Yeah, I laughed at the "freak in the sheets" thing on that image - huhn....that was kind of strange *laugh*
Nancy said…
Today, I did something original. I think that's momentum in the right direction. I guess the song for me today is "Islands in the Stream."
Angie Muresan said…
Jessica, you are so funny. It's Friday, woman. The only thing I'm gaining momentum for is sleeping in tomorrow morning.
Tamika: said…
I feel the juices flowing, and that's a good sign. I got a lead out on a scene- yay!

Happy writing Jessica!
Warren Baldwin said…
Gaining momentum on another book that is about 1/2 through. Sorry, but I could only listen to a few moments of the video!
Robyn Campbell said…
Jess, I just need to look at a few more agent blogs. Need mm momentum. Growing tired. Eyes hurt from reading agent blogs.

Have any music to help me?

And hey thanks for trying the other day. I guess they had gotten the $5000.00. I really appreciate it.

Have a SWEET weekend. =)
Deb Shucka said…
I LOVE the first sentence of this post! It would be a great first sentence of a story or a book. So glad you're on a roll.

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